Chapter 3081: Stone Beasts

“Boom!” The barriers faltered and the entire gate became exposed before the expedition ship.

“It’s right in there.” The bull salivated with greed and told Li Qiye: “Haha, Sir, let’s just keep observing and take advantage of the situation later.”

Li Qiye shook his head at this wretched bull before staring at the horizon, noticing something: “Someone’s coming.”

The rest looked over and saw a ship riding the fiery ocean. It looked slow but was actually crossing numerous dimensions.

Everyone had either left or killed by the ocean yet a ship was coming without fear?

Once it got close enough, the people on deck became recognizable. The leader was Five Element Goddess with her maid always with her, Jing’er.

There were other big shots as well. Supreme Emperor from High Sun Pavilion, Tai Xinyi’s son, Tai Xuanfeng, and some other old men that Li Qiye didn’t know.

They were all Everlastings, clearly extremely powerful ancestors.

Once the ship got close enough, Hui Qingxuan jumped off and greeted Li Qiye: “You’re really here, Dao Brother. I no longer need to worry then.”

“Little girl, don’t think about competing with us for that treasure.” The bull wasn’t happy to see her and shouted: “We saw it first so I will have none of this.”

Qingxuan let out a pleasant chuckle and said: “Senior, I would be glad if Brother Li were to want to take the treasure here. I’m more afraid of him not taking it.”

She then gestured to her maid. Jing’er walked forward, carrying a chest. It was the thing that Li Qiye took out from the boulder back in Sky Pass.

“Dao Brother, you can use this thing to take the treasures here.” Qingxuan smiled and said.

“Hahaha, now that’s better. Leave it to me.” The bull’s eyes lit up.

Of course, it was only saying that and didn’t dare to accept the chest without permission.

Li Qiye glanced at it and said: “Looks like you have figured out its mysteries, not bad.”

“It is thanks to your guidance or it would take me more than a lifetime.” Qingxuan’s manner of speech was always pleasant and comforting.

So it turned out that Tai Yinxi didn’t dare to monopolize it back then and invited others to take a look. Hui Qingxuan learned of its uses and brought it here.

Supreme Emperor and the others walked up to greet Li Qiye.

He was world-famous now, especially after killing the seven masters. People officially considered him to be the third progenitor of this generation.

Therefore, these prestigious characters viewed Li Qiye with both respect and fear, more so the former.

“Rumble!” The expedition ship slowly headed for the gate.

Li Qiye glanced over and said: “We’re entering too to watch this show.”

“We’ll follow all your orders.” The beautiful and wise Qingxuan smiled.

An extremely refreshing air met them after they entered the gate. There was another world here - a blue sky full of life. People would suddenly feel several thousand years younger.

Below was a massive plain with green grass everywhere, tempting people to sit down and relax.

“The air is great.” The bull praised before starting to chew on the grass.

This took people by surprise because it was their first time watching the bull eat grass. 

Supreme and his group knew that the bull was exceedingly strong, a bull demon that had reached the dao. That’s why they never viewed it as a bull. 

The bull ignored them and ate the grass as if it was a delicacy, seemingly hasn’t eaten for ten thousand years.

“Master, is the grass here really that good?” Liu Yanbai felt the same way as others. The bull was enjoying it too much.

“Mmm…” The bull was too busy eating to answer properly.

“A unique power.” Qingxuan crouched down and touched the earth. She grabbed a handful of soil and ran it through her fingers: “I’ve never seen anything like this before.”

“It’s a pure primordial force, it’s not strange that you haven’t seen it before.” Li Qiye said.

The rest could sense something fluctuating. Alas, this feeling was very faint which made it tough to decipher the actual source and affinity.

“A taste of home.” The bull still had grass in its mouth while looking up towards the horizon with a profound gaze, seemingly longing for something.

This sentimental expression was coming from the trouble-making bull? People couldn’t believe it.

“Where are you from again, Senior?” Holyfrost had asked this before but got no answer.

She was very curious about its background. It has always been staying at Sacred Mountain as far as people could remember.

However, it wasn’t an ancestor of the academy. Its status there was unique and strange. That’s why when it brought up “home”, she couldn’t help but ask once more.

“I forgot, it’s been too long.” The bull shook its head and fell into silence.

Li Qiye smiled and didn’t say anything despite knowing a thing or two out of respect for the bull. It chose to not remember.

The atmosphere became strange. No one wanted to break the bull’s moment of reflection.

“Rumble!” Unfortunately, something else disrupted the peace.

“Boom!” Mud splashed everywhere, attracting their attention.

They saw something underground drilling and leaping out - multiple gigantic beasts of varying appearance - evil ape, ferocious tiger, massive serpent…

The area became filled with their bestial aura. However, they weren’t divine beasts or anything since they were made of stone.

“Raa!” The stone tiger’s roar echoed across the plain.

The evil ape’s head looked like a large block of crystal. It started beating its chest with enough intensity to cause an earthquake.

“Boom!” The massive serpent slammed its tail on the ground, leaving a deep gash.

The group hasn’t seen anything like this before. These creatures were made from stone, mud, and ores.

They noticed something else upon closer inspection. The beasts had a faint glow - runes brimming with progenitorial power.

“They aren’t created by nature and have no life force. Someone is controlling them.” Supreme Emperor stated.

“This makes me think of a progenitor full of legends.” Qingxuan smiled.

“Phenom Progenitor!” Holyfrost revealed the title while thinking of the same person. [1]

“Indeed.” Qingxuan agreed.

“Rumble!” The beasts began attacking the expedition ship. They treated boulders like cannonballs and threw them up there.

The heavy damages made it imperative for a legion to come down.

Holyfrost and the others recognized them right away. This legion was there during the soul summoning ceremony. They had evil flames in their eye sockets.

A battle quickly ensued between the stone beasts and the dead soldiers.

“Clank!” The soldiers unsheathed their weapons and braced the incoming horde. They didn’t shout or let out battle cries at all, preferring to let their weapons speak.

“Rumble!” The entire plain started trembling violently.

“These things just won’t die.” The bull murmured.

“Well, someone died with their eyes still open. Their grudge and obsession are still here today.” Tai Xuanfeng took a deep breath.

1. The word for phenom is difficult to translate. (Communication/connecting) and (God/spirit/soul) are the two characters. However, it is usually used to describe someone skillful and incredible, so just another adjective for amazing. Phenom fits here and hasn’t been used before in the novel. I can’t think of a nice way to translate it literally because there’s a chance that it might be inaccurate. Given his power to move the beasts, Soulcall is another possibility

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