Chapter 3080: Bronze Army

“Rumble!” The rotation of the fiery maelstrom intensified, eventually involving the entire sea.

It had a terrible force capable of sucking the stars above and began ravaging the ground.

“Ah!” Even powerful ancestors fell victims and turned to ashes.

Everyone who has yet to leave the ocean couldn’t escape this fate outside of Li Qiye’s group.

He stood there calmly, completely untouched by this maelstrom despite its great power.

The flames completely ignored his spot - akin to an entity with a gaping wound.

“Rumble!” The meteor quaked violently beneath this continuous onslaught.

As the maelstrom grew larger, so did its pressure. It began attacking a particular position of this meteor.

The entire meteor might be penetrated if this kept on.

“What is it doing?” Holyfrost Emperor wondered as the maelstrom slammed into the ground.

“The damned thing wants to steal our treasures. It should be over there!” The bull panicked.

“Boom!” A gate eventually exploded on the impact point.

“Boom!” A boundless force rushed out like a spring, filled with progenitorial aura and laws.

They turned into multiple pillars that pierced the center of the maelstrom.

“A progenitor is defending that place.” Holyfrost said.

“Yes, a battle between progenitors.” The bull laughed and said: “The contest back then is still continuing with neither sides relenting.”

“Clank!” Within the stately aura came a sword capable of piercing through all the dao in this world.

A massive sword floated out of the gate and unleashed a slash separating the world into two halves. This attack could easily decapitate a True Emperor.

“Boom!” The ocean of fire was split into two; the maelstrom burst apart. Nevertheless, the fiery affinity remained ferocious.

“Rumble!” The evil flame continued attacking the gate, shaking it harder than ever before.

The gate lit up with runes containing progenitorial auras. Judging by the various runes, people could instantly tell that several progenitors have blessed this place.

Alas, the barriers of the gate started flickering under the constant barrages of the sea. It wouldn’t take long before it collapses.

“Clank! Clank! Clank!” Thousands and thousands of swords started flying out of the gate and began attacking the ocean of lava in waves. They looked like the jaw of a ferocious beast. This sword formation contained several layers that continued to bite at the maelstrom.

The evil flame’s offense on the gate weakened as a result. The barriers there recovered considerably with this break.

“Rumble!” Loud marching came from the expedition ship. This was a great legion lining up on the deck.

“Isn’t that the ones that jumped into the cauldron?” Liu Yanbai sitting on the bull shouted after seeing them.

This was indeed the case. This dead army lined up and jumped into the cauldron filled with a bronze liquid.

Right now, they had a golden luster after turning into bronze soldiers made from the toughest material.

“So that’s why they jumped in, to craft this form.” Holyfrost murmured.

Groups of five started moving out and jumped down the ship. Each five formed a powerful formation when working together.

This was indeed a magnificent scene - so many troops jumping down from the ship almost like a cook throwing dumplings into a boiling pot.

“Splash!” Fire splashed everywhere.

They began attacking the divine sword array. Remember, this formation looked like the jaw of a beast, so these soldiers resembled lambs entering the tiger’s den.

“Boom! Boom! Boom!” Another assault began.

The swords cut the soldiers, causing embers and sparks to splash everywhere. Meanwhile, the groups of five attacked the swords with their spear.

The sword formation became filled with bright sparks almost like the magnificent fireworks during a holiday.

Many soldiers were dismembered or even decapitated. However, whenever they went down, one would hear a poof.

Evil flames oozed out of them and the severed pieces instantly came back together. Not even a cut could be seen on their frame.

These creatures were impossible to kill and continued attacking the sword formation.

Many swords fell down; some broke in the process. The weakening of the formation meant that the fiery ocean was free again to attack the gate.

“Rumble!” The barriers of the gate started flickering once more, unable to handle the onslaught.

“Not bad at all, it’s a good move using this bronze legion to stop the sword formation.” The bull couldn’t help but praise.

“It’s just another manifestation of the evil flame.” Li Qiye said.

Both the ocean and the army were fueled by the evil flame. They didn’t have their own consciousness and power.

“Crack!” Cracks finally appeared on the barriers around the gate.

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