Chapter 308: Portal From The Legends

Chapter 308: Portal From The Legends

As more days passed, not only did the earth split more violently at the academy, but the ground emitted bright and brilliant lights. At nighttime, the night sky was illuminated with extremely spectacular divine beams.

Seeing this miraculous scene, the students staying back at the academy excitedly exclaimed: “The portal is opening, right?” They had forgotten about the sundering of the academy.

At this time, countless eyes were gazing at the changes within from the far distance. In a far away place, at an ancestral ground inside the Eastern Hundred Cities, a profound gaze observed the academy. In the even further Grand Middle Territory, a terrifying pair of eyes gazed at it. The same unfathomable glare could be found in the unreachable location of the Western Desolate Wasteland.

Not only were the undyings and ancestors inside the Eastern Hundred Cities alarmed, but those in the far directions also woke up from their sealed slumber. In addition to this, many legendary experts woke up from their countless years of hibernation. Numerous gazes in the darkness preyed on the academy like poisonous serpents watching their victim!

Sects and lineages began to rally troops in the towns right outside of the academy and they even secretly sneaked their experts into the academy.

At this time, these great powers did not only come for the portal, but also for the academy itself along with its ancestral vein that was desired by all.

In just a short moment, the weaker sects in the Eastern Hundred Cities recognized the strange occurrence so they had their own thoughts. Some wanted to take advantage of the situation while others isolated themselves far away from this turmoil.

“The mythical portal of our academy will soon open, and we wish to share this portal with all the sects in this world. No matter the origin or background, anyone will be able to enter the portal!” Amidst countless strategies and schemes, the academy announced this message that spread throughout the entire Eastern Hundred Cities in but a single night.

This sudden declaration sent many people into a daze. Many of these great powers already planned to rob the academy once the disaster arrived. It didn’t matter what their intentions were or whether or not they sent any geniuses to the academy, they were excited nonetheless and hid their strength in the closest territories around the academy.

However, announcing that the academy would share the portal took these sects by surprise, and a few old undyings were caught off guard. They already came up with many excuses in order to enter the academy or a reason to attack it while still maintaining a moral high ground.

However, this sudden invitation to everyone in this world broke the schemes of a few old undyings.

A few sects and countless cultivators who didn’t know the inside information quickly came to the academy almost overnight.

“The ancient portal in the legends of the Heavenly Dao Academy is about to open. Hurry, the academy has spoken, everyone will have a piece of the pie!” In a short period of time, many people flocked towards the academy.

“What is this ancient portal?” A few of them didn’t know what the portal was and was lost, but after seeing so many people going to the academy, they also followed to join in the fun. Suddenly, the paths to the academy were completely flooded.

“You don’t even know of the ancient portal?” An elder cultivator explained: “Rumor has it that it is a place connected to a divine kingdom or some immortal scenery. Do you know Immortal Emperor Hao Hai? In the past, he obtained a fortune from the portal and became an invincible existence that created the most miraculous and frightening sect since the start of time till now.”

Another sect master exclaimed with utmost excitement: “I heard that there are amazing techniques left behind from the Legendary Era; only by cultivating one would it allow for someone to become unbeatable and shoulder the Heaven’s Will to become an Immortal Emperor. Immortal Emperor Hao Hai is the prime example!”

“I heard that there were many ancient royal herbs inside the portal, even more than wild weeds — bushes after bushes, you won’t ever be able to pick them all! Cultivating inside the portal for one hour is better than cultivating for one hundred years outside.”

“Not only that, I heard that there were even divine weapons from the legends. One could sweep through the eight desolaces by just wielding them!”

Many rumors quickly flew around and they became increasingly more outrageous. The most ridiculous one stated that one would immediately become an Immortal Emperor once they entered the portal!

In just one night, the earth shook with excitement inside the Eastern Hundred Cities as countless cultivators headed for the academy. Some people travelled with their flying swords while others rode divine boats. Others controlled their flying beasts while those with shallow cultivations had to walk.

Everyone wanted a piece of the pie as they crazily rushed towards the academy as if they were possessed.

Very few sects and cultivators managed to stay calm. There would occasionally be those who chose to close their entrances and cultivate in isolation for they were reluctant to become involved in this affair.

“The great sects in this world are watching the opening of the portal like tigers stalking their prey. How could they share such a fat piece of meat with us? I’m afraid that we would be inviting disaster before being able to take a single bite.”

“Boom! Boom! Boom!”

Cavalries started to block out the sky. Overnight, the Tiger’s Howl School, the Thousand Mountains Sacred Ground, the Furious Immortal Saint Country, and other powerful heritages utilized their dao platforms to open a dao gate to teleport their great armies to the academy.

As for the already congregated armies in the towns near the academy, they prepared their banners and boldly appeared right outside the academy’s territory.

The perimeter of the academy became completely packed with a sea of people in such a short amount of time. Countless experts’ blood energy was as violent as the sea. Ancient Saints arrived and looked down upon everyone. There were even rumors that Heavenly Sovereigns and Heavenly Kings also came, but they didn’t show their faces!

Having witnessed the arrival of so many sects, the students in the academy became apprehensive and nervous. They came from humble beginnings and only wished for a new opportunity inside the portal, but sharing the portal with the rest of the world meant that there were more enemies and a greater risk.

Even before the portal’s appearance, there was already a rain of blood at the Eastern Hundred Cities. Many sects traveling to the academy had conflicts and some of them were already annihilated!

For now, the sects and countries of the Eastern Hundred Cities were still the most numerous. In the end, the Grand Middle Territory and the other locations were too far away from the Eastern Hundred Cities. It took them quite a long time just to get the information. As for those monstrous existences who obtained the news early, they would have kept quiet about it as well.

“My royal father brought some disciples here and are waiting right outside the gate.” As Li Qiye was leisurely cultivating, Chi Xiaodie suddenly came with a message.

Li Qiye frowned and said: “Why is your Lion’s Roar Gate participating in this mess? Your little power is not enough as an appetizer for others.” He was sitting at ease on a fishing boat despite the storm, waiting for the large fish to bite.

Chi Xiaodie shook her head and said: “I don’t know, I only got the message just now.” In fact, she was very worried. Everyone could clearly see that the turmoil had begun. With just a single misstep, a calamity might fall upon one’s head. Because she was staying around Li Qiye, she was not tempted by the so-called divine weapon and immortal treasures.

Li Qiye shook his head and said: “Let me meet your father.”

Li Qiye didn’t want to mind other people’s business, but he didn’t want to see the annihilation of the Chi Clan. Out of feelings for the Hundred Battles Godking, Li Qiye had no choice but to take action.

Chi Xiaodie immediately arranged it for Li Qiye. She also didn’t want to see her royal father and the Lion’s Roar Gate joining in on this chaos because they couldn’t compare to the other behemoths.

The Lion’s Roar Gate could be said to have brought everything. The elders and high elders all personally came and were camping in a valley five hundred miles away from the academy.

Under her instructions, Li Qiye very quickly met with the Lion’s Roar Royal Lord — Chi Xiaodie’s father.

“Thank you for taking care of my daughter in the recent times.” The royal lord did not put on airs or act arrogant in front of Li Qiye; he quickly bowed as a greeting.

In fact, he — as her father — was always worried that his daughter would suffer while following Li Qiye. At this moment, after seeing her expression, he — as her father — was finally at ease.

Chi Xiaodie also reminded her father of a few matters. Of course, she was not willing to disclose certain secretive matters because she didn’t want Li Qiye to become unhappy. At the same time, she also secretly told him that Li Qiye was more trustworthy than anyone else.

This was the reason why the royal lord maintained a very humble attitude when he met with Li Qiye.

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