Chapter 307: Like A Tiger Stalking Its Prey

Chapter 307: Like A Tiger Stalking Its Prey

There is no wall that could block the wind completely and no paper that could wrap up a fire entirely. When many students with a humble upbringing from the Grand Era Hall and Idle Era Hall wanted to leave, a few of them heard some rumors. [1. Both wind and fire are metaphors for rumors/secrets here.]

A few excellent students from the Zenith Era Hall didn’t know what was going on before, but after finding out, they decided to stay at the academy.

Some Grand Era and Idle Era disciples also decided to stay after being updated with more news.

The portal in the legends had been entered by many people since the start of time, and the most famous amongst them was Immortal Emperor Hao Hai of the Thousand Emperors Gate. Legend has it that he was also a student of the academy, and he had entered the portal. Another rumor stated that he had one of the nine mythical Heavenly Scriptures.

Afterward, a praised tale that everyone came to know about throughout the generations circulated about. Immortal Emperor Hao Hai became an invincible emperor and shouldered the Heaven’s Will to rule the universe! The more frightening part was that he established the Thousand Emperors Gate; four Immortal Emperors all originated from this place — an unprecedented miracle throughout the ages.

Rumor has it that these achievements had a lot to do with his adventure inside the portal.

With the opening of the portal, how could the students not become excited while their hearts started to beat faster? Who in this world didn’t want to become the second Immortal Emperor Hao Hai?

Some of the Grand Era and Idle Era students chose to stay behind for the fortune inside the portal. The majority of the Zenith Era students also did the same.

It was harder to tell why the devilish geniuses from the Zenith Era Hall chose to stay. They came from the great powers and lineages so they knew more inside information.

“Boom! Boom! Boom!” Day after day passed by, and the upheaval inside the academy became more violent. The chasms in the ground started to spread. If it wasn’t for the emperor foundation beneath the academy’s ground, then this part of the world would have been torn asunder. Nevertheless, the situation deteriorated towards an inevitable doom.

“Could this be the sign before the opening of the portal?” Those who weren’t privy to certain information were extremely aghast. Such a power capable of tearing everything apart... If this energy existed inside the portal, could they actually gain anything out of it? Perhaps, inside, only death awaited them.

However, for the more informed students, they became excited even though it did not show on their faces.

“The academy will disappear in this generation, and this ancestral heaven and earth vein will finally change owners!” A Sacred Era disciple couldn’t contain his excitement and exclaimed in the darkness.

The average students craved for fortune and adventures; if they could obtain the same thing Immortal Emperor Hao Hai did, then they could rise to the heavens with just one step and reach the apex.

However, as for those who came from great lineages, it was a different matter. They already had great resources with Emperor Laws and endless treasures and weapons; they even had Immortal Emperor True Treasures or divine items. To them, the adventures inside the portal were only sewing flowers on fine silk. To them and their sects, the peerless ancestral heaven and earth vein beneath the academy was the thing that made their hearts beat faster.

Certain devilish geniuses came to the academy for this reason. The portal was only secondary to winning the heavenly vein for their sects. Not to mention, after millions of years of accumulation, the academy must possess an unimaginable amount of divine treasure, enough to cause all the sects in this world to salivate.

“Final warning! The academy is facing a great disaster. Students, please quickly depart!” The splitting of the heaven and earth became more severe and the academy gave a stern warning for the last time.

At this moment, a person stepped out and pledged to stay at the academy: “The Heavenly Dao Academy is facing a difficult time; as its students, we must band together to surpass this arduous ordeal. Even though our cultivations are shallow, but dear elders, please trust that even we can contribute a bit of help!” A young man descended from the sky as the grand dao began to sing praises for his magnificent aura as if he was the sole ruler of this world.

Seeing this majestic young man, a Sacred Era disciple’s expression became discolored: “Deity Jikong Wudi! He finally left the Emperor Era Hall!”

Deity Jikong Wudi, with his triple Saint talents, was matchless; he was number one amongst the younger generation. However, if there was someone to be mentioned, it would only be Goddess Mei Suyao with her Immortal Soulbone.

After his declaration, countless devilish geniuses also followed suit: “That’s right, Brother Jikong is correct. We came from the academy; as its students, we must work together to surpass this tribulation!”

Other students began to cry out: “We want to live and die together with the Heavenly Dao Academy!” In a short period of time, many disciples who didn’t know the real intricacies behind the act started to chant. They really possessed such hot-blooded heroism while there were those who wanted to take advantage of the muddy waters.

“Elders should open the academy’s territory so that we and our uncles can fight together to turn the tides!” A Sacred Era student used this opportunity to make this request.

The academy did not answer the student's request and the territory remained closed. Although there were still great experts from the academy presiding within the five halls, the other masters did not show up as if they were too busy in dealing with the disaster.

Despite the lack of response, Deity Jikong Wudi still didn’t leave and swore to suffer these arduous times with the academy. “No matter what, all students have a responsibility when the academy is facing trouble!”

His initiative was quite well received. It could be said that this time, his words were the students’ decree; he was a king without a crown amongst the younger generation.

“This bunch is really good at acting.” Bing Yuxia smiled while holding her paper fan: “Only god knows what they are really thinking.”

Sikong Toutian also chuckled and added: “The Grand Era disciples are inexperienced; however, they are enthusiastic and hot-blooded. As for the Idle Era Hall disciples… It is harder to tell. But as for the Sacred Era Hall and those geniuses with great origins, they all know it inside their hearts.”

Li Qiye grinned and said: “Those who really want to help the academy through this difficult time will be apparent very soon. As for the loyal and treacherous ones... A few more days and it will all come to light.”

Sikong Toutian smiled and spoke: “Ignore these nonsensical matters. After the portal opens, we should enter right away at your order.”

“We are not in a hurry.” The calm Li Qiye slowly said: “We will watch the play, first.”

“Whether we enter or not, I will listen to all your orders at that time no matter what, even if you tell me to enter a sea of fire.” Sikong Toutian patted his chest to show his allegiance.

Little Autumn glanced at him and said: “Yo, isn’t it too late to suck up now? Heh, my Young Noble does not lack henchmen.”

Sikong Toutian ignored it completely and continued to chuckle.

“You guys can keep doing your show.” Bing Yuxia closed her fan and said with unparalleled finesse: “I have a date with a miss to gaze at the moon together. I am going now, so let me know when you guys want to enter.” Bing Yuxia was a girl, yet she still wanted to flirt with other ladies. The group of Sikong Toutian didn’t dare to comment on it because they knew her outburst would not be easily appeased.

“Little Girl, can you not change your ways?” Li Qiye looked at her with one eye and asked: “A girl dressing as a boy all day, are you not tired of it? Start dressing like a nice lady again and find someone to marry.”

Bing Yuxia didn’t care for it and cooly said: “Oh? Are you jealous? Jealous that I am loved by women? Or jealous that I have three thousand beauties in my harem?”

Li Qiye leisurely stared at her and said: “The girls by your side are indeed not bad, and a few of them could be considered national beauties. However, I have never lacked women, so why do I need to be jealous of you?”

“Such a big tone!” Bing Yuxia glanced at him and asked: “Do you need me to introduce you to a nice girl? Maybe she could even enchant you. How about the princess from the Pure Lotus School? She is smart and elegant — as gentle as water. If you meet her, maybe you will be lost in the gentle scent of a beauty with no escape to be found.”

Bing Yuxia played the matchmaker role and encouraged him to go on a date.

Li Qiye lazily looked at her and replied: “Even the goddess from the nine heavens would have a hard time enchanting me. You don’t need to waste your time. In my opinion, you should stay behind to be my servant girl. Then, maybe I will even tell you the true mysteries of the Sky Cutting Tablet.”

Since time immemorial, Li Qiye had met countless women. In the past, the supreme sword goddess by his side brilliantly shone for millions of years; her beauty, gentleness, and talents were all exceptional.

“Pfft, forget it. I will take my time to unravel the tablet’s mysteries.” With a swish sound, Bing Yuxia opened her fan and walked away.

“Hmph! This girl just forfeited a great opportunity. I’ve been wanting to be Young Noble’s servant from the ancient times till now…” Little Autumn scowled and said.

Li Qiye glared at it, resulting in an abrupt silence. It almost forgot that Chi Xiaodie and SIkong Toutian were also around.

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