Chapter 306: Great Disaster Begins

Chapter 306: Great Disaster Begins

Chi Xiaodie didn’t know whether to laugh or cry. Her heart secretly sighed, and she shook her head before answering: “No such thing.”

After hearing this response, the princess couldn’t help but whisper: “Next time you visit my country, could you help me by bringing him along as a guest, please?” Having said that, this princess blushed quite a bit.

There was no question that this forthright princess was a bit interested towards Li Qiye.

Chi Xiaodie looked at the princess’ appearance and secretly sighed. She didn’t want to ruin her mood. Chi Xiaodie didn’t dare to say that she didn’t really understand Li Qiye, but she had some knowledge about him, and she knew that the princess’ desire would never be fulfilled. How great was Bing Yuxia? Regarding talents, background, and beauty, she far exceeded them, but Li Qiye didn’t even place her in his mind, let alone them.

Chi Xiaodie couldn’t bear to cruelly shatter the princess’ dream so she gently nodded her head and said: “The next chance I get to visit your country, I will surely ask him.”

After sending all the girls off, Xiaodie came back to the room and found that Li Qiye was resting with his eyes closed. She sat silently next to him without saying anything.

A while later, he opened his eyes and slowly asked: “The chaos will soon begin, and a scene of carnage is unavoidable. Will you go back to the Lion’s Roar Country, or will you stay?”

Chi Xiaodie took a deep breath, then she gazed at Li Qiye and said: “I am staying.” She was determined with a firm resolve.

Li Qiye nodded his head and said: “The storm is coming so mentally prepare for it. This bloody battle will pierce the heavens!”

Chi Xiaodie silently nodded. Although she did not know anything about this ensuing bloody battle, but seeing Li Qiye’s solemn visage, she knew that this battle will absolutely be extraordinary.

“So tired!” Little Autumn suddenly appeared out of nowhere as if it had just come out from another dimension like a god.

He came out and saw Li Qiye and Chi Xiaodie sitting together. He then looked at Li Qiye a bit, then Chi Xiaodie, then it chuckled and said: “Am I bothering you two? Hehe, if that is the case, then go on, go on, just act like I never appeared.”

Li Qiye gave him a look and said: “Is your skin itchy for a beating? Hurry up and tell me about our business.”

Chi Xiaodie — on the other hand — couldn’t help but blush. She quickly stood up and said: “I will go make you some snacks.” She quickly left after saying this.

After she left, Little Autumn quickly sat on the big chair in a comfortable and unruly manner as it smilingly said: “Young Noble, this young miss is not bad. I see that she is becoming more virtuous after your teachings. She now understands propriety, so it should be fine to keep her around.”

Li Qiye glanced at him and leisurely said: “Since when do you decide my business?”

Little Autumn forced a smile and quickly said: “Haha, it is just a suggestion, just a suggestion. Dear Young Noble, I have a major discovery!”

Li Qiye became spirited and asked: “What kind of discovery?”

Little Autumn took out an item and showed Li Qiye: “Look and see if you know what this is. I can guarantee that this thing has never appeared in the previous openings of the portal before.”

Li Qiye took the item. It was something like a black strand of light, something as thin as a pin and it emitted a black glimmer. It was capable of eating time — extremely frightening.

“Time-space Chaos Glint!” Li Qiye looked at the item in his hand and slowly asked: “Could there be an issue with the portal connecting to the heavenly realm this time?”

Little Autumn shook its head and replied: “I don’t know, I have never seen this thing before. However, one can imagine that when the portal opens, there will be many spatial gates leading to different worlds. The appearance of this thing means that before the portal is open, space itself will be in disorder; it might even shatter. Just how much power does this require?”

“I’ve seen this thing before.” Li Qiye narrowed his eyes and slowly said: “It had appeared once before at the Heavenly Dao Academy a very long time ago. That was during the birth of the Realm God and when the World Tree appeared!”

“The World Tree!” Little Autumn exclaimed in astonishment: “Isn’t the World Tree only a legend?”

Li Qiye shook his head and said: “It is not a legend, but I couldn’t climb it last time due to the lack of preparation!”

Little Autumn sat there and suddenly became unable to speak. After a while, he calmed down and asked: “The portal will be opening very soon, what are we going to do?”

Li Qiye squinted his eyes that flashed out a terrifying gleam: “It doesn’t matter whether the Void Gate will appear or not. If the World Tree appears, then it will be fine if there is no Void Gate. I will absolutely not miss it this time!”

Little Autumn couldn’t help but murmur: “What is behind the Void Gate? What does the World Tree represent?”

Li Qiye smiled and said: “Very few people know this since time immemorial. Unless you are able to pass through the Void Gate or climb to the top of the World Tree, you wouldn’t be able to learn the secrets behind them!”

“Damn, these Nine Grand Heavenly Treasures, they really are mysterious. No wonder why Immortal Emperors and True Gods had always wanted to understand the secrets behind them.” Little Autumn emotionally stated.

Li Qiye took out a treasure and threw it at Little Autumn: “Wear this thing and use it with your big cannon.”

“Fragmented Realm Spatial Disk!” Seeing the thing in his possession, Little Autumn was startled and said: “Isn’t this a treasure that Immortal Emperor Fei Yang swindled to obtain? After Immortal Emperor Fei Yang disappeared, this also disappeared. Old Master tried to find it for a long time but to no avail.”

“There are other uses for this thing, but it can temporarily act as your weapon.” Li Qiye narrowed his eyes and proclaimed: “It is time for us to go on a massacre!”

Little Autumn couldn’t contain his excitement and eagerly said: “Massacre? Hahahaha! I like this word the most! It has been a long time since I’ve done something huge. At that time, just tell me the commands, Young Noble!”

“Just wait, some old undyings are becoming impatient.” Li Qiye closed his eyes and nonchalantly said.

Several days passed and there were strange phenomena in the academy with nonstop quakes. In its utmost severity, chasms started to form everywhere. This heaven and earth suddenly became very fragile.

People were very panicked, especially the students from the two bottom halls. This sudden disaster worried a lot of them since they didn’t know what was going on. The academy remained tight-lipped about this matter, and even the hall masters were unwilling to divulge anything to the students.

Seeing the cracked mountains and shattered pavilions left the students in fear as if the end of time was approaching.

However, regarding this sudden change, the students from the Zenith Era Hall and Sacred Era Hall were different.

They came from the great powers and were privy to a few things that the two bottom halls’ students didn’t know about. This was a chance for them, a chance that was hard to come by even after ten thousand years.

The fissures formed even more violently, and finally, the academy shed some light for the students: “A catastrophe has befallen on our academy and our territories are at risk. For safety, students in the school should go back to your home and shouldn’t return until the disaster is over.”

Although the academy sent the notice, it didn’t force the students to leave. They were happy to open dao gates for the students to leave, but they also accepted students who wanted to stay.

Many students were in a daze after the announcement, especially those who came from average backgrounds. They worked hard to enter the academy and hoped to graduate one day, but this disaster caught them off-guard.

Within a day, the academy opened many dao gates to send away their disciples that had lower cultivations.

“I heard that all disciples below Royal Noble were sent away!” This sudden news spread quickly throughout the academy.

The disciples were the cornerstone of the Heavenly Dao Academy; they were different from its students. At this moment, when the academy sent away their low cultivation disciples, many students from the five halls felt the gravity of this situation, that the academy was really in trouble — this was not a joking matter.

Another shocking piece of news sent waves across the academy: “I heard First Disciple Le Yi also had to leave.”

Overnight, a storm approached. The initially scared people became even more frightened. Le Yi was the academy’s most promising disciple. Now, even Le Yi was sent away, so everyone realized that the academy’s disaster was even more serious than expected.

“We should also leave and come back after the disaster is over.” Many disciples who didn’t want to leave were shaken, and they gathered their belongings to leave. The academy then opened more gates so that they could leave.

In a short amount of time, many students from the five halls took their departure. However, most of the students were from the Grand Era Hall and Idle Era Hall. Not too many people from the Sacred and Zenith Halls left.

“It ought to be coming.” A few Sacred Era disciples murmured since they knew the inside story.

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