Chapter 306: Great Disaster Begins (Teaser)

Chapter 306: Great Disaster Begins

Chi Xiaodie didn’t know whether to laugh or cry. Her heart secretly sighed, and she shook her head before answering: “No such thing.”

After hearing this response, the princess couldn’t help but whisper: “Next time you visit my country, could you help me by bringing him along as a guest, please?” Having said that, this princess blushed quite a bit.

There was no question that this forthright princess was a bit interested towards Li Qiye.

Chi Xiaodie looked at the princess’ appearance and secretly sighed. She didn’t want to ruin her mood. Chi Xiaodie didn’t dare to say that she didn’t really understand Li Qiye, but she had some knowledge about him, and she knew that the princess’ desire would never be fulfilled. How great was Bing Yuxia? Regarding talents, background, and beauty, she far exceeded them, but Li Qiye didn’t even place her in his mind, let alone them.

Chi Xiaodie couldn’t bear to cruelly...

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