Chapter 305: Working Together (Teaser)

Chapter 305: Working Together

With a dignified expression, Old Daoist Peng explained: “The Realm God seems to be entering a crazed state. Earlier, it suddenly became furious and my brothers had to join forces to barely appease it!”

Earlier, the cataclysm in the Heavenly Dao Academy was caused by the Realm God. If it actually went crazy, then would it have destroyed the academy or even the entire Eastern Hundred Cities?

Li Qiye spoke with a serious demeanor: “Your portal is going to open soon so the Realm God is sensing the Void Gate.”

Little Autumn originating from the Void Gate was merely a speculation of the Myriad Images True God, but the Realm God definitely came from the Void Gate. Unfortunately, it left the Void Gate when it was very little. Outside of knowing that it was carried out of the Void Gate by the academy’s ancestor, it didn’t know its relationship with the Void Gate.

Old Daoist Peng then said: “Right. The Realm God also guessed that the portal wants to open for sure, but during the previous times the portal opened, it never sent the...

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