Chapter 305: Working Together

Chapter 305: Working Together

With a dignified expression, Old Daoist Peng explained: “The Realm God seems to be entering a crazed state. Earlier, it suddenly became furious and my brothers had to join forces to barely appease it!”

Earlier, the cataclysm in the Heavenly Dao Academy was caused by the Realm God. If it actually went crazy, then would it have destroyed the academy or even the entire Eastern Hundred Cities?

Li Qiye spoke with a serious demeanor: “Your portal is going to open soon so the Realm God is sensing the Void Gate.”

Little Autumn originating from the Void Gate was merely a speculation of the Myriad Images True God, but the Realm God definitely came from the Void Gate. Unfortunately, it left the Void Gate when it was very little. Outside of knowing that it was carried out of the Void Gate by the academy’s ancestor, it didn’t know its relationship with the Void Gate.

Old Daoist Peng then said: “Right. The Realm God also guessed that the portal wants to open for sure, but during the previous times the portal opened, it never sent the Realm God into such a frenzy. It cannot control itself so it can only seal itself in order to avoid entering an enraged state and destroying the academy.”

“Your academy... Its success is due to the Realm God, but its failure will also be due to the Realm God.” Li Qiye gently shook his head and pondered for a bit before saying: “It seems like this time is different from normal circumstances. Maybe this will be a chance to understand your academy’s portal.”

Old Daoist Peng also sighed and said: “My little brothers have discussed it; we will welcome everyone once the portal is open and allow everyone to go in.”

Li Qiye laughed then said: “Oh? You guys also got some news?” The academy standing strong for so long was not without reasons!

Old Daoist Peng smirked and replied: “In this world, there is no wall that can block all wind. A few people want to scheme against my academy, and this is no secret. If they come, then we will open our door to welcome them.”

Li Qiye touched his chin and asked: “Your academy won’t start the killing with their juniors, right?”

“That’s hard to say.” Old Daoist Peng smiled with narrowed eyes: “Opening the doors of our academy to this world is already enough; if some people still remain unsatisfied, then they can’t blame us for raising the butcher’s blade!”

The academy was definitely not an overly moralistic existence. It had experienced many bloody battles after lasting for so long. Normally, it considered itself an academy and accepted students from all over the world to dispel their questions. However, when necessary, the academy would wash the eight directions in blood!

“Some people have already gathered a few Emperor Weapons and even invited True Weapons.” Old Daoist Peng chuckled and continued: “Heh, a few people actually thought that our calamity is approaching. At the end of one’s road, many people will want to take a bite out of such a fat piece of meat! However, when that time comes, coming will be easy, but leaving will not be as simple.”

“What is your plan?” Li Qiye had faintly guessed it. A few old men sensed a strange atmosphere and thought that the academy was awaiting its death while the inevitable disaster approaches.

“In my opinion, I don’t want you to enter the portal. For those who desire the academy and crave for the portal without any mediation, inside the portal will be their hell!” Old Daoist Peng’s eyes turned cold as he warned Li Qiye.

Do not be fooled by his cynical and carefree appearance, Old Daoist Peng had experienced countless waves and storms. During the moment of action, he would be absolutely decisive and ruthless with cold blood.

“You guys want to start the mass killing inside the portal?” Li Qiye understood the academy’s intention — this was locking one’s door to beat the dogs.

Li Qiye pondered for a bit before shaking his head and said: “In order to untie the knot, one must find the knot-tier. Your Realm God’s restlessness must be directly resolved inside the portal.”

“Locking our doors to beat the dogs is what we have been forced to do due to the circumstances.” Old Daoist Peng shook his head and said: “What you said is not unreasonable, but the Realm God’s lifespan is also nearing its end; leaving the Blood Era Stone is not good for it. If it enters the portal, it will suffer an even greater effect and will enter a state of complete madness. Then, no one will be able to help it. However, inside our ancestral ground, our ancestors left behind supreme divine mantras to suppress the Realm God’s inner demon.”

Li Qiye shook his head and said: “This is why you should have let the Realm God return to the earth earlier. Constantly prolonging its lifespan until now is not necessarily a good thing.”

Eventually, Old Daoist Peng wryly smiled and reminded Li Qiye: “Be ready, a bloody battle is inevitable. Being involved in this affair... No matter who they are, they will not be able to get out unscathed.”

Li Qiye burst out in laughter before calmly saying: “Those who cannot escape unscathed will not include me. But you are right, this bloody battle is unavoidable. Your academy wants to catch everything with one net, massacre all your enemies, and trample ten thousand countries.”

These words caused Old Daoist Peng’s eyes to squint as he said: “Massacre all the enemies and trample ten thousand countries!” He then stared at Li Qiye and continued on: “You are funny, my academy has always been peace-loving, so how could we do such a thing?” [1. Ten thousand here is just a poetic way to say many/a lot. Very common in ED.]

“Old man, don’t play innocent with me. I understand your academy’s strength and past more clearly than you. If it really loved peace, then it wouldn’t have existed until this day.” Li Qiye glanced at the old daoist and said: “I won’t chat with you any longer. You can either attempt this difficult task once or wait for the Realm God to destroy the academy in a frenzy. After that, the academy will have to face those enemies with bad intentions…”

“I know the academy has several old undyings like you, but do you think that you all can withstand several offensives? Especially when the Realm God succumbs to its inner demon? At that time, even Magu would not necessarily be able to calm the Realm God. Mull over it carefully!”

Li Qiye’s words struck the old man’s heart. With an unfathomable cultivation, he was an old undying that had lived for a long time despite his unkempt appearance. He was an ancestor of the academy! Other people would ignore Li Qiye’s caution, but Old Daoist Peng seemed to realize something.

He took a deep breath, then he gazed at Li Qiye for a while before saying: “This is not a laughing matter. Once we massacre ten thousand enemies, the academy will face the entire world.”

Li Qiye deliberately spoke: “Since when is the academy afraid of facing the entire world? This is the current situation. Even if you don’t want to, the world will be against you! Everyone craves this land that has been occupied by the academy, and everyone wants a piece of the pie when it is about to meet a disaster. Who wouldn’t want to take a bite? Rather than wait for the disaster before slaying your enemies, it is better to preemptively annihilate your foes and then think about it more after.”

Old Daoist Peng slowly added: “A few Immortal Emperor lineages and Ancient Kingdoms are not so easy to mess with, especially existences like Heavenly Protectors.” There was no doubt that he was tempted by this advice.

Li Qiye smiled freely and said: “Have you ever seen these Heavenly Protectors travel around the world? And even then, so what if they are Heavenly Protectors? I know that, at this moment, the Realm God cannot enter battle, but after killing your enemies and dealing with the Realm God’s issue, I do not need to say more about the ensuing events?”

Old Daoist Peng remained silent, thus Li Qiye went on with a smile: “I can help the academy with regards to this. First, I want to borrow a few things of the academy to use, and second, I want payment. However, the problem is whether you have the authority to make the decision in the academy or not? And do you trust my abilities or not? If you cannot personally make the decision, then forget it.”

“What will you do?” Old Daoist Peng's tone sank and said: “As long as your requests are reasonable, then everything is negotiable!”

Old Daoist Peng agreed with Li Qiye’s scheme; it was better to make the first move.

“This is more like it. All I ask of you is to perform a play with me.” Li Qiye narrowed his eyes and revealed an especially cheerful smile that was as bright as the morning sunshine with his white teeth.

Old Daoist Peng stared at Li Qiye’s white teeth and bright smile, and he didn’t understand why he, a being that had lived for so long, felt a creepy sensation as if he had just seen a fierce beast opening its mouth to devour humans.

After returning to the Grand Era Hall, Chi Xiaodie’s sisters were still hanging around. Dozens of girls in one place created quite a festive mood with pleasant words and soft coquetry. These pretty girls were beautiful and had different styles — this was quite a scene to behold.

All the girls who were smiling and joking around suddenly became silent after his arrival. While staring at him, all of them were frozen and no one spoke for some time.

Previously, these sisters were teasing Li Qiye for they felt that he was only a cute little demon with a talkative mouth. They thought that he was Chi Xiaodie’s little cousin so they couldn’t help but gather together to make fun of him.

At this time, their view of him had changed. This boy that was seemingly younger than them was a lot more terrifying than even their imaginations. Killing Gui Fushu and provoking Zu Huangwu — how dominating and arrogant were these feats? They couldn’t see how this young man had such a frightening power.

They felt fear and didn’t dare to tease Li Qiye like before. Some of them asked Chi Xiaodie about his background earlier, but she maintained secrecy about this matter.

Eventually, the neighboring princess said towards Chi Xiaodie: “Xiaodie, we’ll be going first.”

Li Qiye did not ask them to stay and said with a smile: “Take care, Big Sisters. If you have time, then come here and play.”

This time, the girls couldn’t banter with Li Qiye anymore; they said their goodbyes and took their leave while Chi Xiaodie sent them away.

After they left, only the neighboring princess stayed behind. She was Chi Xiaodie’s closest sister and she asked: “Xiaodie, tell me the truth, is he really not your fiancee?”

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