Chapter 3049: Great Tea

The fiery ocean also consisted of regular expanses of water - verdant green and full of sea spray and wind containing a salty taste.

This was rather refreshing and made some smack their lips to savor. 

One in particular was an external entity, not part of the fiery ocean. No one could see without prior permission, not even the powerful emperors.

Li Qiye walked on top of its water with a simple smile on his face, delving deeper into its territory. He eventually came across a little island, green and peaceful like a pearl.

He went to a beach there with delicate white sands. Walking barefooted here felt like walking on cotton.

The sun above sent down bright rays to bathe this wonderful beach and seafront. This place was as beautiful as could be - a true paradise.

Relaxing in a soft chair beneath a coconut tree and drinking ice tea felt as relaxing as can be.

In the next second, Li Qiye was already doing so, sipping on a teacup.

The ice was an 8,000-year-old crystal found on an immortal peak. The tea leaves were found on a phoenix-roost tree, and only the best type with a violet color. It took 30,000 years for one leaf to form.

The process had eight refinement stages. The first used black dragon dao flame. The second used mythical turtle true flame. The third required nether yin flame…

Not to mention mortals, even an emperor couldn’t make this tea. Only a progenitor could do so.

The water consisted of the finest grade of chillwater infused with frost dragon’s dao, then finally topped off with the ice crystals from the immortal peak mentioned prior.

Only Li Qiye had the privilege of drinking this tea. Of course, the tea brewer could enjoy it as well.

“The finest type of tea.” Li Qiye sighed and said. This tea actually made him sigh with pleasure.

Meanwhile, a youth nearby was very busy. He looked relaxed wearing loose pants suitable for the beach. However, he still emitted an aura akin to the flow of the stars.

“The finest tea requires someone of your level to appreciate it, Teacher.” The youth smiled and said.

“I suppose this is worthy of my sparing the old men from your clan.” Li Qiye smiled and took another sip.

“I already told him that his path of revenge is suicidal.” The youth smiled wryly and shook his head: “Unfortunately, he didn't listen. He didn’t have a son until his old age so hatred blinded his eyes.”

“Well, this tea is worth it.” Li Qiye said.

“Teacher, do as you please. I won’t interfere because the grand dao is long. There will always be problems popping up. If progenitors care about every little thing, they will die from fatigue.” The youth sighed and said.

“True.” Li Qiye smiled: “That’s why a few brilliant men chose not to establish their dao system and preferred to be alone. They know that descendants can be unfilial and disappointing.” 

“Everyone has their fortune, just leave it to fate. Plus, progenitors aren’t omnipotent anyway.” The youth said.

“Right again.” Li Qiye nodded: “Difficulties exist in all situations. For cultivators, being from a prestigious clan is good but their burden is heavier as well. An eagle carrying a mountain on its back will eventually fall.”

“Alas, no one can truly be worry-free.” The youth sighed.

“Carrying a mountain is not easy for regular birds, but a golden peng has no problem doing so. You’re this golden peng.” Li Qiye chuckled. 

“I’m forever honored to receive this praise.” The youth said.

“So why don’t you create your own system?” Li Qiye asked.

“I’ve thought about it.” The youth carefully responded: “Everyone has a personal agenda, wanting to prolong their legacy. The first death isn’t the end, only when they’re forgotten by all. The ones to remember you the most will probably be your descendants and members of your system.”

“It’s a shame that not all descendants will grow up well.” Li Qiye laughed.

“Yes.” The youth said: “No one can predict what will happen. The descendants have their own fortune. For example, our meeting is a stroke of fate as well.”

“A coincidence is not fate.” Li Qiye shook his head.

“Sure, people play a big part, but the fact that you’re giving me some face right now is also a type of fate.” The youth leisurely said.

“I suppose.” Li Qiye nodded and stared at the youth: “It’s a waste that you’re using your peerless talents on food all day long. The world will think less of you.”

“Because they don’t know that I’m actually saving them by doing so.” The youth freely said.

If a third person were to hear this, they would not buy the youth’s argument.

“You certainly have a special way of saving the world.” Li Qiye said.

“There are many methods and paths. My cultivation is too weak so I have to use a roundabout route. There’s nothing wrong with that.” The youth said.

“So humble. If you’re weak, there are no experts in Three Immortals then.” Li Qiye shook his head.

“I can’t compare myself strictly to the contemporary.” The youth admitted: “A monkey reigns supreme on a mountain without a tiger. Even the greatest progenitors eventually falter. My cultivation probably can’t last that long.”

He sighed after saying this.

Li Qiye put down his cup and said: “The heart and mind have so much potential. A single thought can determine their fate along with their world’s.” 

He paused for a bit and continued: “Being too brilliant might not be a good thing. The highest trees will face the strongest gales. The ones chosen were picked for a reason.”

“You’re right, Teacher. I hope that everything will be fine in Three Immortals since I can’t do much for its inhabitants.” The youth smiled wryly.

“You put on a carefree act yet your mind is still worrying about others. Whether it be fishing in the ocean or cutting wood in a perilous land, your ears are still listening to the motions back in Three Immortals.” Li Qiye shook his head.

“I don’t want to. People are selfish so if I had a choice, I would rather be by myself. Alas, I was born with too many restraints. As you have mentioned earlier, great power comes with heavier responsibility.”

Li Qiye nodded and didn’t say anything else. A brief silence ensued.

“War is coming, are you ready?” He asked a while later.

The youth stopped working and pondered quietly before answering: “Teacher, what kind of enemies are coming?”

“Progenitors. The vanguards will have some weaklings but the real fighting forces will be at the progenitorial level.” Li Qiye looked at him.

“Well, then all I can do is fight.” The youth shook his head: “I can’t run anyway even if I have the desire to do so. Behind me is my home, you would do the same, Teacher.”

“There will be time as long as the sky moat is there. It has its uses.” Li Qiye said.

“I’m afraid the inevitable will come.” The youth looked worried.

“Hard to say at this level.” Li Qiye replied: “It might come or not then everything will be good. In that case, burn an incense stick and celebrate.”

“I understand. But if Three Immortals won’t be the battlefield…” The youth had a serious expression.

“I will take action regardless.” Li Qiye said: “But just know that I will only participate in one sky-rending battle. I guarantee nothing else.”

“Three Immortals is lucky to have you here.” The youth nodded, albeit still nervous.

A “sky-rending battle” from Li Qiye must be a terrifying event. Maybe Three Immortals would be blown to pieces.

Unfortunately, no one could change the current momentum. He didn’t have the strength to stop it.

“I’m more excited about Uncrossable Expanse. That’s a better battlefield, far more interesting and stimulating.” Li Qiye’s eyes became profound; his lips curled into a smirk.

The youth smiled wryly, knowing that “stimulating” probably meant destruction. Everyone would probably be scared out of their mind at that stage.

“I hope not, Three Immortals might not be able to withstand the impact.” The youth helplessly said.

“Don’t worry, when it escalates to that point, the old geezers will make sure that the battlefield is restricted to the expanse. They have been protecting your world for so many years and don’t wish to see it become the next battlefield, broken.” Li Qiye calmly said.

“I hope you’re right.” The youth could only pray.

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