Chapter 3048: Can’t Teach This Kid (Teaser)

“Better wash your neck!” Guan Yunshen declared. His murderous intent swept through the area, causing people to shudder.

“That’s my line. I’ll be using your skulls as wine jars. You all have ten days to arrange your funerals.” Li Qiye laughed and turned to leave.

“Haha, did you hear that? Sir is merciful enough to not kill you dogs right now. Make use of these ten days.” The mischievous bull mocked them before leaving.

Three-eyed Prodigy’s group also tagged along with Li Qiye.

Though Li Qiye’s words were awfully antagonizing, Brightking Buddha and the rest needed to stay calm. Why? Because they haven’t prepared well enough to fight against this foe.

At the same time, the spectators didn’t dare to carelessly comment on this situation....

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