Chapter 3048: Can’t Teach This Kid

“Better wash your neck!” Guan Yunshen declared. His murderous intent swept through the area, causing people to shudder.

“That’s my line. I’ll be using your skulls as wine jars. You all have ten days to arrange your funerals.” Li Qiye laughed and turned to leave.

“Haha, did you hear that? Sir is merciful enough to not kill you dogs right now. Make use of these ten days.” The mischievous bull mocked them before leaving.

Three-eyed Prodigy’s group also tagged along with Li Qiye.

Though Li Qiye’s words were awfully antagonizing, Brightking Buddha and the rest needed to stay calm. Why? Because they haven’t prepared well enough to fight against this foe.

At the same time, the spectators didn’t dare to carelessly comment on this situation. Both sides were extremely strong, especially Li Qiye. He killed emperors and gods like ants. It was too early to discuss the incoming battle.

Most could appreciate the superlative -est in his title now. He wasn’t only fierce but also definitely the number one in this regard. No one among the young generation was fiercer or more brutal than him right now.

“Wait a minute. The heavenly change heralds a monster. The character for monster and fierce is the same. Can, can it be? He’ll be a source of calamity?” An expert suddenly thought of a famous prophecy recently.

“Not necessarily, the successor of Heaven Calculating Pavilion has a different interpretation.” An ancestor who took part in the banquet shook his head: “He might actually be the savior, who knows. Remember, this line came from Jade-zenith Progenitor so the interpretation from the successor of her pavilion should be the authoritative source.”

“It’s too early to say.” Another chose a conservative view.


As the group moved on, Li Qiye looked back at Spiritheart Emperor and the prodigy with a smirk and said: “When’s the celebration date?”

“N-no such thing!” The prodigy vehemently denied, blushed, afraid of the emperor becoming embarrassed.

She, on the other hand, remained calm and smiled. Her cheeks also turned slightly rosy.

“Pop!” The bull didn’t hold back from stomping the poor prodigy’s head.

He saw stars all over and nearly fainted. A circular welt formed on top, indicating the bull’s mercilessness.

“Why did you hit me?!” He yelled in response.

“Idiot! There’s no cure for you! How many people in the world are lucky enough to have Sir himself preside over their marriage ceremony? This is the best opportunity in your life since you’re under his protection. Nothing will be able to stop your marriage, your future will soar exponentially. Many years from now looking back, you will realize that his presence at your ceremony is the greatest glory, the luckiest day in your life! Not just Three Immortals but in all the realms and worlds, I don’t think anyone else is so lucky.” The bull loudly reprimanded without holding back while feeling disappointed.

“I…” The prodigy just stood there and took it, unable to respond.

He occasionally stole glances at Spiritheart Emperor. Meanwhile, she looked a bit embarrassed and didn’t say anything either.

“How the hell did an idiot like you become the number one genius? More like number zero.” The bull said with disdain.

“It’s okay, stop bullying them.” Li Qiye chuckled and shook his head.

Ultimately, the prodigy was still too young and didn’t have thick skin like the experienced bull who didn’t care for others’ opinions.

“People will get together as long as the love is there.” Li Qiye looked at the two and smiled: “The two of you are a good match. The path towards the dao is long and arduous, so treasure your time together.”

“I, I understand.” The prodigy said and looked over at the emperor right when she was staring at him. They quickly averted their gaze due to the embarrassment.

On one hand, they were top experts looming above many others. But at the same time, this was their first love and they certainly looked the part.

Holyfrost Emperor found this amusing. The prodigy used to be a student at Northern Academy as well, always acting haughty and imperious. Now, he looked more like a bashful teenager than an invincible cultivator.

The bull was still very unhappy with the prodigy and shot more glances of disappointment at him.

On one hand, the prodigy’s reservation was understandable. He was inexperienced with love and Spiritheart Emperor still had a fiance.

Of course, the bull certainly didn’t think so. He considered Metalkin War God to be a dead man.

Other powers and backings no longer mattered because the prodigy had Li Qiye on his side. It’s just that the two young lovers themselves didn’t realize this.

“Ten days is still a while away, you two can go hang out.” Li Qiye smiled and disappeared from sight.

The prodigy and Spiritheart didn’t expect this at all.

“Get used to it.” The bull said: “A master’s action is impossible to predict. You’ll have many things to learn.”

This undependable and black-heart bull could still act like a senior at times. It would occasionally help out the juniors that it likes.

“Let’s go take a look since there are many magical places in this ocean of fire.” Spiritheart suggested.

“Okay.” The prodigy agreed right away.

However, the bull suddenly pulled it to the side and stared at him strangely: “Brat, you better make use of these ten days.”

“What do you mean?” The youth was confused.

“Idiot!” The bull smacked his head again so the stars returned. It continued: “Gotta win her over, stop being so foolish!”

“Isn’t ten… ten days too early. That’s not good…” He glanced over at Spiritheart.

“What’s not good about it? Do you not want to? I can see you acting like a tail, always tagging along with her and wanting nothing more than to take her home.” The bull said with a disdainful gaze.

“But, but she’s still Metalkin War God’s fiancee…” The youth said helplessly.

“I can’t believe this.” The bull said: “That guy will be a corpse in ten days, and that’s the best-case scenario. If it goes bad, Metalkin Divine Court or maybe that entire race will turn to ashes. Stop worrying about that crap, everything is fine since you have Sir as your backer.”

“Right… right… but it looks bad if we get together right away after his death.” The prodigy remained worried about morality.

“God!” The bull continued: “Cultivators go against heaven itself. Who cares about customs and conventions, they’re meaningless.”

“Ten days, that’s all you got. Do you think Sir has time to wait for you? You better do it as fast as possible and have a ceremony ready then invite Sir to preside over it. That’s the best way.” The bull said seriously, having a better plan than most people.

“Ten days…” He felt a headache coming on since he didn’t have the ability to move so fast with Spiritheart Emperor.

“There’s really no saving you. I thought that you would be a decent talent due to your innate gifts, sigh, you’re just not clever enough.” The bull shook its head.

The prodigy didn’t know what to say.

The two returned and the emperor smiled: “What topic was so interesting that you two talked nonstop over there?”

She was clever enough to guess the content of their conversation and decided to give the prodigy an opening.

“No-nothing.” He didn’t dare to reveal it.

“Haha, I was asking the brat when he will marry this beautiful bride.” The bull laughed.

“No-....” The youth instantly refused, frightened.

“...” The bull was at a loss for words and shook its head. Teaching this kid proved to be impossible.

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