Chapter 3047: A Flock Of Chicken

“Boom!” The swing could break anything as if they were dried branches.

The saber energy was reduced to nothing despite being Metalkin War God’s treasure.

The palm strike didn’t stop there and aimed straight at the Buddhist seal above.

“Boom!” The resulting explosion from the impact resonated for a while across the area.

The seal instantly crumbled in a magnificent manner with cracking noises everywhere. The great Buddha avatar started cracking as well.

“Boom!” The entire thing collapsed into scattering golden pieces.

Metalkin War God and Brightking Buddha’s spatial attacks weren’t shabby at all but Li Qiye’s casual strike easily dealt with them.

“Ah!” Miserable screams resounded as Semi-Sword God and Shen Guzhan were utterly annihilated by the palm strike. Only remnant bloody mists remained of them.

“Ugh…” A while later, a spectator couldn’t help vomiting.

Two top Everlastings have been taken down. The unbearable stench of blood was awfully nauseating.

This battle ended in the blink of an eye - three dead and one barely escaping with half of her life. Brightking Buddha and Metalkin War God tried but failed to save the victims.

It seemed that if Li Qiye wanted to kill someone, no one else would be able to do a thing about it.

He stood there as nonchalant as ever, akin to having just stomped a few ants. On the contrary, the spectators became white; their legs trembling with fear.

Those who have never seen him in action didn’t buy his title at first. “Fiercest” seemed like an exaggeration.

Now, their frightened heart realized that he was even more terrifying than their imagination.

Some had nothing but respect in their eyes while staring at him. Others tried to avoid looking straight at him. Just one casual glance from him was enough to make them tremble.

The weaker cultivators were already on the ground, unable to stand up. 

Three-eyed Prodigy and Spiritheart Emperor felt the same as the rest after seeing Li Qiye in action. They knew that he was terrifyingly strong but didn’t have a good grasp of his actual strength until now.

“I’m so lucky…” The prodigy was also pale and felt his palms sweaty contrary to his rather celebratory mood.

He came to look for trouble back then after Li Qiye made some unsavory comments towards Spiritheart Emperor.

He was proud back then and didn’t think much of the guy. Fortunately, his golden eye noticed something right away, allowing him to run for his life. Otherwise, he would probably be dead right now due to his haughty nature without a chance to fight back. He started appreciating his golden eye even more.

Spiritheart took a deep breath and felt fear against this great existence. She thought that even the two current progenitors might not be as strong as him.

“Hmph.” An echoing scowl threatened all listeners.

“It’s Metalkin War God.” Someone recognized the voice.

They could sense the fury in this scowl and felt a little sympathy. His senior brother was killed by Li Qiye and he couldn’t stop it.

Two figures appeared on the horizon - Brightking Buddha and Metalkin War God. They were still extremely far away but the area was still engulfed by their auras.

“Amitabha, Amitabha.” Brightking Buddha loudly chanted and said: “Benefactor, your penchant for murder is the misfortune of Immortal Lineage…”

“Stop it, monk. Don’t put on that benevolent act, and stop calling yourselves Buddha and God too. Provoke me and I’ll kill you all the same.” Li Qiye waved his sleeve dismissively.

The listeners took him seriously by this point, no longer thinking that he was bragging.

“Fine, let’s fight to the death then!” The war god sounded ready for battle.

His ferocity impressed the crowd. They also knew that he had a deep love for fighting and was always willing to fight to the death.

“So be it.” Li Qiye nonchalantly accepted.

“Very well, in ten days then. I and Brightking will be waiting for a battle to the death at Sword Saint's place.” The war god said decisively with murderous intent.

“I’ll let you live for ten more days.” Li Qiye smiled and said.

“Count us in too.” An old voice suddenly sounded.

Winds and clouds immediately blotted out the sky with five figures within - five old men standing as proud as five mountains.

“Guan Yunsheng.” A spectator revealed.

“The five ancestors from Cloud Mountain. They have been gone for so long, why are they appearing again?” An ancestor murmured.

“You don’t know? Fiercest killed Guan Yunsheng’s son, they’re probably here for revenge.” Another quietly murmured.

These five ancestors used to be famous during their era. Even the progenitors back then referred to them as Dao Brothers. They finally showed themselves once more with vengeance in mind.

“Okay, doesn’t matter to me. In ten days, bring as many people as you can. I’ll deal with you altogether.” Li Qiye smiled and said.

The crowd smiled wryly in response. Fiercest kept true to his domineering style regardless of his opponents.

“Hmph.” Guan Yunshen didn’t like Li Qiye’s arrogant demeanor at all: “Prepare your funeral because your last days are coming soon. I will take your head as an offering to my son.”

He truly despised Li Qiye, wanting nothing more than to eat his flesh and drink his blood. This was understandable. He finally had one son during his old age and doted on the boy. Now, his child was dead.

That’s why he invited his four friends in order to have revenge. These invincible Everlastings have been reclusive for so long but they answered their friend’s call.

“We’ll see about that.” Li Qiye said indifferently.

“Amitabha. In ten days then.” Brightking Buddha accepted.

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