Chapter 3046: Easy Killing

“Crack!” Blood splattered everywhere from the pulverized prime minister.

“Ah!” He screamed in agony and regrets. 

Remember, he was an enlightened turtle that has reached the dao. His cultivation was impeccable and his shell virtually indestructible - capable of withstanding several blows from progenitorial weapons.

Unfortunately, Li Qiye’s stomp still annihilated this tough defense with an irresistible force.

The prime minister was nothing but a meat paste by this point. His true fate turned to smoke.

“Boom!” He then retaliated against the heavy sword technique with an all-destroying punch.

The invincible sword dao started crumbling even though it carried the weight of a million stars. The sword god was blown flying, vomiting blood and bloodied all over.

“Scram!” Li Qiye then delivered a galaxy-ending vertical kick.

“Boom!” The massive continent got split into two halves as a result. 

“Pluff!” Blood gushed like a spring as Shen Guzhan as Shen Guzhan’s body got smashed. Little pieces scattered all over.

“You too!” A deafening blast hurt everyone’s ears as Li Qiye unleashed a palm strike straight on the marvel’s golden sword.

“Boom!” The ocean of swords sent out numerous laws in the form of a palm in order to stop the incoming strike.

“The power of Luminous Master!” Many experts shouted in horror after sensing this aura.

Alas, this wasn’t enough to stop Li Qiye. He scowled and added more force to his palm strike, burying all the laws in the process.

“Ah!” How could the marvel alone stop his suppression? She immediately turned into bloody mist.

“Clank!” The golden sword exuded a blinding radiance that surrounded this bloody mist. It then pierced through space and escaped into another dimension.

Li Qiye watched this act without pursuing the issue.

“Not a single one knows how to fight.” He stood there calmly as his robe fluttered to the wind.

The entire world became silent; people lost the courage to breathe loudly.

Four experts lost in the blink of an eye. The prime minister became a meat paste and died instantly. Shen Guzhan and Semi-sword God had their artifact and body destroyed. Flying Sword Marvel was rendered into blood yet fortunate enough to be saved by her progenitorial sword.

In this entire process, Li Qiye used nothing more than physical moves.

Everyone trembled while smelling the stench of blood. One could hear the sounds of teeth chattering. Some dropped down to the ground, paralyzed.

The four losing combatants were considered invincible. Many considered their cultivation as a lifelong goal. Alas, most would never be able to reach this level. Now, all four couldn’t stop a single move from Li Qiye - one dead, three grievously wounded.

His casual comment still echoed in their mind. Though he didn’t have a single aura activated right now, he looked like the ruler of the world. Everyone else was nothing more than ants.

He did refer to them as ants prior but most didn’t agree and attributed this statement to his arrogance.

It felt so hard to breathe in this area now as if the oxygen level was low or there was an invisible hand gripping their neck.

Meanwhile, the bloodied survivors were as pale as can be, not just from blood loss but also from fear.

They realized that they have messed with the wrong guy who was a terrifying existence. Unfortunately, there was no medicine for regrets.

“Run!” The sword god and Shen Guzhan exchanged glances and decided to flee.

Famous experts normally cared about their reputation but now, this was a crucial moment between life and death. Reputation and honor no longer mattered. Staying alive was the most important thing.

“Too late for that now.” Li Qiye smiled and flashed into disappearance.

The two of them used all of their strength to run but this wasn’t enough. He stood before their path in the next second.

Another grim realization struck - he was far faster than them. Escaping was impossible.

“Take him down!” The two of them crazily roared. There was no other choice but to fight.

The sword god turned into a sword illuminating the area, large enough to shoulder the firmament.

Shen Guzhan became blessed and protected by the myriads gods and sages. His power soared to the next level.

“Foolish.” Li Qiye smiled and covered the entire sky with a palm strike.

“Rumble!” The world exploded; the mountains crumbled; the water in the river evaporated. 

“Crack!” Both the massive sword and the boosted state of Shen Guzhan started to disintegrate beneath his palm.

“Splash!” The grievously wounded duo suffered insane damage - blood splashed out as their flesh turned into powder.

“Stop!” A furious roar interrupted the battle with enough intensity to threaten the gods.

“Clank!” A whirling saber appeared from the distant horizon. It instantly appeared again above Li Qiye and cut down with full force. The stars were as soft as tofu and got obliterated in the process.

The saber energy rained down and would lacerate any target into nothingness.

“Metalkin War God!” Someone recognized the voice right away.

“Amitabha!” Next, a golden avatar of a Buddha appeared above as well.

The chant ended with this avatar forming a Buddhist palm strike crashing down on his head.

“Brightking Buddha!” Another spectator shouted.

Metalkin War God and Brightking Buddha made their move despite being extremely far away. These spatial-crossing attacks were still as impressive as ever.

“Hmph.” Li Qiye didn’t bat an eye and swung his hand in response - another showing of his domination.

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