Chapter 3045: Fardao's Continent

“Clank!” Semi-sword God pointed his sword pulsing with a cold glint straight at Li Qiye.

His figure exuded a sharp glow as if he was turning into a sword himself.

“Boom!” A visual phenomenon appeared behind the sword god - a floating sword dao reigning for an eternity.

The world seemingly got refined into a gigantic sword with enough immensity to crush the firmaments. He became ethereal, turning into a part of his sword dao - the same with his actual sword.

The only thing the spectators could see was a sword dao - one as majestic as a mountain and carried the weight of a million. 

“Crack!” The immense weight of this sword began to crush the spatial fabrics nearby just by simply existing. Space seemed fragile like glass and started cracking.

An unbearable pressure struck the crowd as if they had mountains on their back. They found it hard to breathe and even heard the sound of bones cracking ringing in their ears. This sword dao didn’t target anyone yet its pressure remained insane.

“This, this sword dao is so heavy…” A few experts couldn’t move at all. They felt that they would be reduced to dust if the dao were to move ever so slightly.

“This is his real power - a sword dao focusing on weight. His entire mind is bent on perfecting this dao and it allows him to be untouchable.” One ancestor praised.

This dao was also the reason for his title. No enemy nor weapon could handle the full brunt of his heavy sword dao. In another word, none could withstand an entire move, so his title became Semi-sword.

“Activate!” Shen Guzhan also didn’t dare to underestimate the enemy and opened a portal above.

“Rumble!” The world shook as a result along with loud explosions. Everything turned dark.

People looked up and saw a great continent floating above him. It poured down numerous heavenly waterfalls consisting of supreme laws, capable of locking all existences.

The continent was filled with an ancient aura as if a mighty existence presided there. Its descend could suppress the gods and devils along with all the daos.

Because of this, many felt their own grand dao letting out a feeble cry. Their vitality and energy disappeared from sight.

There seemed to be something blocking their meridians and hindering their movements.

“Fardao’s continent…” An Eternal took a deep breath, aghast.

“A legendary land left behind by Fardao with a suppression affinity.” A sect master felt the same fear.

“This is our progenitor’s land meant to seal evil!” Shen Guzhan used his vitality to lift this continent while looking down on Li Qiye.

He powerfully declared with pride. This also served as an intimidation tactic.

The weaker cultivators couldn’t help feeling fear because the continent was left behind by the mighty Fardao.

“Clank!” Flying Sword Marvel didn’t want to fall behind and took out a divine sword.

A progenitorial aura surged to the sky after a hymn and engulfed the entire area. It was as if one was here in person.

The spectators saw a golden sword in her hand, as new as can be. It pulsed with a golden radiance, seemingly just got out of the blacksmithing furnace.

They took a deep breath because the blessing of the progenitor seemed completely intact within this sword.

“Such an abundance of progenitorial power. Did Luminous Master craft this?” An ancestor wondered.

“Clank!” She pointed her sword straight at him and snorted: “This sword was made by Luminous Master himself, your blood will be the first thing it tastes!”

The crowd naturally became shaken. So after failing to buy Sword Saint’s personal weapon, she asked Luminous Master to make her a sword.

“We can’t afford to provoke this girl since she has too much help from a progenitor, first breaking through to the Everlasting realm and now, a weapon? He must really adore her.” Another elder shuddered and said.

Many agreed with this statement. She wasn’t the strongest among the young generation but couldn’t be trifled with due to her connection.

She looked like a sword god with energy rays oozing from her while possessing absolute confidence.

It wasn’t easy getting her brother-in-law to make this divine sword. This increased her power considerably to the point where she thought she could kill Li Qiye.

“Quite strong.” Many experts felt fear after seeing these three in full power, probably enough to challenge any contemporary master.

“Can Fiercest take them on?” They thought that Li Qiye was facing quite a predicament.

“Hah, we’ll find out soon enough. Too weak and he’s courting death. Strong enough and we’ll have a great show.” One expert smiled and quietly said.

This was indeed the case. If Li Qiye were strong enough to kill this group, he would be poking at many bee nests - Metalkin Divine Court, Border of God, and Immortal Bronze Mountain.

Facing these three systems at the same time seemed quite grim.

“Just a bunch of useless items. Make your move.” Li Qiye gave him a glance of disdain and smiled, not caring at all.

“Useless items?” The crowd couldn’t believe it. Did he call these progenitorial artifacts useless?

“Die!” The prime minister was the first to take action and revealed his true form - a massive turtle. [1]

“Boom!” The turtle seemed like an unstoppable grinder, spinning forward with sharp blades in an unstoppable manner.

“Heaviest Slash!” Semi-sword God roared and unleashed a celestial-destroying cut.

“Ugh…” A few weaker cultivators turned into bloody mists by the pressure.

“Shit!” Many frightened spectators ran away after seeing this power.

“Eternity Seal!” Shen Guzhan also cried out and sent his continent towards Li Qiye.

The dao powers nearby became sealed; everyone else became immobilized.

They could only watch the continent descend and crush them into a pulp.

“All-refining Blades!” The marvel made her move.

Numerous clanks could be heard as an ocean of sword appeared above. Everything in its path became specks of dust.

“Simply frightening!” Even ancestors at the Everlasting level found this impossible to stop and hurriedly moved backward.

“Haha, come!” Li Qiye laughed and took one step forward.

“Boom!” The ground seemingly got crushed as he appeared again on top of the turtle to stomp down.

The gigantic turtle slammed into the ground, causing cracks to emanate from the impact point.

1. Remember when I made a note about him and the turtle character? Looks like he’s really a turtle. But now, I don’t know if I should go back and add turtle to his title. Turtle prime minister sounds so strange

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