Chapter 3044: One Against Four

All four had an ugly expression by this point. They were world-renowned, standing at the peak in all aspects- whether it be their personal power or background.

“Li! You’re too conceited!” Flying Sword Marvel lost her patience and shouted since they already had a feud prior to this.

“Hmm, so what? Run before I get the urge to kill.” He smiled.

“I see, do you really want to take the four of us on?” Shen Guzhan finally showed some emotion - anger. A supreme existence like him demanded respect, and he has been shown none by Li Qiye.

“The four of you? There’s no difference between four ants and forty ants.” Li Qiye chuckled, making light of his opponents.

Both his foes and the spectators took a deep breath. Members of the latter exchanged glances.

Semi-sword God and the others were top experts in this generation yet Li Qiye claimed that he could kill forty of them with no problem. It was as if he had nothing but disdain for other experts in the entire world.

“No wonder why he’s called Fiercest.” One expert clicked his tongue and said.

Everyone felt that he was the only one who would say such a domineering statement. Only the two current progenitors would feel the same way.

Shen Guzhan and the others started thinking while having a murderous glint in their eyes. It was tough for masters like them to swallow this humiliation.

“You all going to fight or run?” The bull decided to aggravate the issue and laughed: “Just run if you don’t have the courage. Semi or whatever, run back to Metalkin Divine Court and tell them that the marriage pact with Garden of God is nullified.”

The prime minister and the sword god seemed to be on the verge of exploding after listening to the bull.

“No outsider can interfere with our business unless they’re ready to die.” The prime minister snorted and threatened: “There will be no place to hide and no grave for them, not even at the edge of the world.”

The prime minister’s threat wasn’t empty. He wasn’t only speaking to the bull either but to let the prodigy know to back off. Otherwise, he would antagonize the divine court and all the metalkins. This wouldn’t end well for him.

“I’m so scared…” The bull put on a frightened expression and ran to the back: “My old bones can’t handle this. Little girl, did you hear that? They say they want to destroy our Academy of Light. What should we do now?”

The troublemaker wanted to drag the academy down to the muddled water too.

Holyfrost has been standing to the side and didn’t interfere. Everyone thought that she was just watching. Now, some shuddered after hearing this.

Even Shen Guzhan’s group became startled. After all, Holyfrost was on the same level as Metalkin War God and Brightking Buddha.

“Your Majesty, Academy of Light is a sacred beacon in Immortal Lineage, please don’t mingle with these ruffians.” Flying Sword Marvel immediately persuaded: “This would bring trouble to the academy on top of ruining its reputation.”

The marvel was weaker than her allies but much more influential due to her relationship with a current progenitor.

Moreover, she had a good point as well. The academy was famous for being a beacon of light. Any mistake from Holyfrost Emperor could damage this golden reputation.

“The marvel is right.” Semi-sword God nodded: “Your Majesty, please think of the bigger picture and stop being friends with this man…”

“I don’t need you to tell me what to do. I’m perfectly aware of my own actions but if you wish to teach me otherwise, I’ll take on all four of you.” Holyfrost coldly said.

The crowd didn’t expect such a strong response from her since this was different from her normal demeanor. 

“Holyfrost Emperor is more aggressive than I thought.” One curious spectator murmured.

“What do you know?” An ancestor shook his head: “They’re not on the same level. She’s far stronger than them with more achievements. She doesn’t need them to tell her what to do.”

Many experts thought about it and accepted this reasoning. Why would a twelve-palace emperor need to listen to weaker cultivators? She was already nice enough by not slapping them right now.

The other group turned red after hearing this, especially Flying Sword Marvel who had an awkward expression.

All along, even stronger characters have treated her with reservation. This wasn’t the case here with Holyfrost Emperor who dished out nothing short of a verbal slap.

“Haha, little girl, well said.” The bull joined in: “You know, others are probably thinking that you’re a pushover since you haven’t done anything in so long. Go, give it a shot, see if you can kill them within five moves, let the world witness your murderous light. That was the old geezer Desolate Saint’s expertise.”

The other four became alarmed. They could probably take on Li Qiye four-on-one but with Holyfrost joining the fray? The situation looked disadvantageous.

In fact, the spectators became very interested. Everyone knew that Holyfrost had twelve palaces but very few actually saw her fighting with full power. It would be something to witness her in action right now.

“Stop causing trouble.” Li Qiye smiled and shook his head.

“It’s too late for you all to leave now. I will give you the chance to attack first so people won’t call me a bully.” He then walked forward and stared at Shen Guzhan before casually speaking.

His foes turned ashen with rage after being viewed as ants. They have fought and won numerous battles in the past, never being treated like this before.

“You’re really taking on the four of us alone?” The prime minister asked. His eyes darted once over at Holyfrost Emperor.

He was clearly telling Li Qiye to not let her help.

“You think too highly of yourself.” Holyfrost Emperor glanced at him and said: “Young Noble Li alone can take you all down in two or three moves. He doesn’t need my help.”

She was indeed telling the truth but others didn’t buy it. They felt that she was exaggerating his abilities.

They certainly didn’t like the comment but still heaved a sigh of relief. At the very least, that’s one less powerful enemy for them.

“Okay, the four of us will see what you got!” The prime minister shouted and winked at the rest.

“Now!” Shen Guzhan roared after coming into an implicit agreement with the others.

“One of us will die today!” The marvel gritted her teeth while uttering this common phrase.

She never got a chance to take him down as payback. Plus, she alone wasn’t his match either.

This was no longer the case today. They had enough confidence to take on a twelve-palace emperor with this group!

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