Chapter 304: The Brilliance Ancient Kingdom Is Nothing

Chapter 304: The Brilliance Ancient Kingdom Is Nothing

Although his life was in someone else’s hands, Gui Fushu was still so arrogant. This upset many students, especially those from the Grand Era Hall. However, after thinking about his backing, they could only helplessly sigh. At this moment, the smart decision would be to spare Gui Fushu. In the end, Li Qiye had already defeated him and won some reputation. Sparing him and not becoming enemies with the Ancient Kingdom was the wisest choice.

A Grand Era student spoke: “Brother Li, it is better to be friendly, it was just a spar.” He provided stairs for Li Qiye to easily step down on.

Since Li Qiye won honor for the Grand Era Hall, they were very united at this moment. Everyone knew that Li Qiye was riding a tiger, thus it was hard to get off without losing some face. If he killed Gui Fushu, then Zu Huangwu would ruthlessly kill him. In order to provide him an easy way out, the Grand Era students quickly beseeched and hoped that he and Chi Xiaodie could escape unscathed from this turmoil.

Another Grand Era student tried to convince him: “That’s right! Senior Li, everyone was just sparring, so why is there a need to fight to the death?” They tried to save Li Qiye some face.

But then, a Zenith Era student sneered and commented: “Haha, a group of lowly peasants still knows how to work together to find an easy way out.”

The Grand Era students were outraged by this comment, but they endured this anger and still tried to persuade Li Qiye. To them, the most important thing was to protect Li Qiye and get him out safely.

Great Child Yao Guang looked at Li Qiye and contemptuously spoke: “My patience is limited.”

Gui Fushu listened to the Great Era students who tried to convince Li Qiye. Although his life was within Li Qiye’s grasp, he was no longer afraid; he started to jeer: “Haha, you are finally looking for stairs to step down on now? Too late! Little animal, at the moment, it is time for you to apologize to me!”

“With just you? With just the Brilliance Ancient Kingdom? What about it?” Li Qiye leisurely smiled: “Not mentioning this Great Child whatever Yao Guang, even if your ancestor personally comes, I would still kill you!”

“Boom!” The nine suns soared and the refined sunfire covered the heaven and earth.

“No!!” As he was being burnt, he couldn’t believe that this was actually transpiring and screamed. Even with his senior brother here, Li Qiye still killed him!

After this loud scream, Gui Fushu became cinders in an instant as ashes flew from Li Qiye’s hand — not leaving even a corpse behind. The nine suns ruthlessly burned him; even the heavens would be incinerated, let alone a dead corpse.

At this moment, everyone froze. Zu Huangwu personally came with the Ancient Kingdom as his backing, but he still couldn’t save Gui Fushu. Li Qiye easily burnt him to ashes in front of everyone.

This was such a dominating action. Earlier, the arrogance Gui Fushu showed was not worth a coin compared to Li Qiye. Li Qiye didn’t care for Zu Huangwu nor the Ancient Kingdom even after the Great Child’s threat in front of everyone. This was a slap to the face for both Zu Huangwu and the Ancient Kingdom!

At this time, many people were still shocked while the Zenith Era disciples couldn’t help but become astonished.

“You want to die!” Zu Huangwu’s blood energy suddenly filled the sky. A divine light as sharp as a sword and universal laws started to ring under his one palm. This one palm then suppressed down from above and was capable of oppressing even kings!

“Omm--” Ten thousand miles became frozen. Immortal sword-like hails suddenly appeared. In just a second, pillars of gigantic glaciers stabbed out from the earth. These sword-like ice pillars that carried a powerful sword energy stopped Zu Huangwu’s giant palm.

A pleasant voice rang out: “So? Zu Huangwu, only your Ancient Kingdom can bully people, but other people cannot retaliate?” A girl stepped forward while swaying her paper fan. It was a girl that was dressed up as a man, a girl with a charming aura that wooed the hearts of countless girls. Who else could this be but Bing Yuxia?

Her sudden cross-dressing appearance and taking action to stop Zu Huangyu caused many students to look at each other.

Bing Yuxia — the descendant of the Ice Feather Palace. Even though the Ice Feather Palace always maintained its distance and low profile, no one dared to look down on it.

Li Qiye glanced at her and calmly said: “Little Girl, this has nothing to do with you. If other people want to cause trouble for me, then I will personally break their bones.”

Bing Yuxia glared back at him as she closed her fan to step onto the Dragon Arbiter Stage with a soul-stealing bearing, then she said: “Who said I wanted to help you? I only want to challenge the Brilliance Ancient Kingdom, nothing more!”

“Miss Bing, you may want to rethink it!” Zu Huangwu’s eyes shot out a frightening divine glint as if it could devour the mountains and rivers. Even his enemies had no choice but to acknowledge his amazing air.

Bing Yuxia collapsed her fan into her palm and freely said: “Zu Huangwu, what do I need to think about!? Everyone said that you cultivate arts from two emperors. Today, I want to see how you combine them together. I want to see if your emperor art is unbeatable, or is my Heaven Cutting Seal better!” [3. Seal here is hand/fist/palm, not a talisman seal.]

Bing Yuxia challenging Zu Huangwu caused many people to look at each other in amazement. However, thinking about it again, the Eastern Hundred Cities didn’t only have Zu Huangwu, Ba Xia, and Hu Yue. Regarding fame, these three were the most prestigious, and it often caused others to turn pale after hearing their names. Some people felt that this world would become their stage in the future.

But in fact, how could Bing Yuxia be any weaker than them! The previously mentioned three were always arrogant and didn’t put anyone in their eyes. They challenged many geniuses to show off their might. Today, Bing Yuxia wanting to take them down a notch was not a surprising matter.

Like Bing Yuxia said, was the Brilliance Ancient Kingdom the only bully in the Eastern Hundred Cities? And was no one else allowed to bully them back?

The Sacred Era students were also silent. Even though Bing Yuxia joined the Idle Era Hall, her power and style exceeded many Sacred Era geniuses.

Zu Huangwu was not afraid of a challenge and said: “Fine, I want to see just how formidable the Ice Feather Palace’s Heaven Cutting Seal is!” He became serious as his blood energy soared high above like a true dragon. He took one step forward and the stars began to move. The earth started to shake as if a divine beast was awakening. His mighty aura caused many disciples to shiver.

“Bang bang bang!” The heaven and earth started to shake. In the beginning, everyone thought that Zu Huangwu was powerful to the point where he could cause trembles, but the shaking became more and more severe.

“Boom! Boom! Boom!”

The earth cracked, and even the Dragon Arbiter Stage began to split as a huge gap appeared before everyone. Many students were witnessing this horrible scene where many mountains and ancient temples in the Heavenly Dao Academy began to collapse.

“What’s happening!?” At this moment, many students were frightened as they flew up high to avoid the sudden shattering of the earth!

“Clanggk!” Suddenly, a clear bell sound emanated throughout this heaven and earth. Countless immortal lights thrusted upward from the academy’s endless territory. In just a second, many grand dao universal laws as huge as the stars locked the earth and suppressed the changes underground to stop this cataclysm.

Without a doubt, while the heaven and earth were collapsing, the supreme dao foundation beneath the academy suppressed this sudden change.

“What happened?” Many students were in shock, especially those with a weaker cultivation from the Grand Era Hall and the Idle Era Hall; they felt that doomsday was approaching.

Many Sacred Era students’ eyes became deep as if they had understood something.

The Sacred Era Hall Master said in a serious tone: “Go back to your halls, it is best not to go out for the time being.”

Several students looked at the hall master, wanting to find out what happened, but the hall master said nothing and told the students to go back to their halls.

Zu Huangwu glared at Bing Yuxia, then Li Qiye. He no longer wanted to fight and turned around to leave.

Bing Yuxia then murmured: “It is almost time.” Then, she decisively left.

The uneasy students quickly went back to their halls and hoped that their hall masters would be able to make clear of what transpired.

Li Qiye also planned to leave, but the Sacred Era Hall Master came to him and said: “Young Noble Li, the ancestor wants to meet you.”

Li Qiye looked at him and told Chi Xiaodie: “You guys go back first, I will be right back.”

The Sacred Era Hall Master took Li Qiye deep into the academy. This place was detached from the five halls’ territories, and only great characters from the academy could enter.

Inside an ancient hall, Li Qiye saw Old Daoist Peng from the Everlasting Courtyard. Despite his unkempt look, he belonged to the ancestor level of the academy. The Sacred Era Hall Master took Li Qiye here, then he bowed and quietly left.

Old Daoist Peng looked at Li Qiye, shook his head, then he said right away: “I’m afraid the Realm God will not make it.”

Li Qiye narrowed his eyes and asked: “What do you mean? Is its lifespan corroding, or is it something else entirely?”

Old Daoist Peng said with a dignified look: “It’s not because of the lack of lifespan.”

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