Chapter 3034: Boot-licking

“The winds and sands are gone!” Someone inside the temple noticed a lack of commotion outside and shouted.

“Right, they’re gone now.” Others came to take a look and noticed that the evil entities have disappeared.

“Strange, why is it so short this time? It lasted for more than half a day the last time.” An experienced big shot came out of the temple and said.

“We gotta go, I heard people found an island in the fiery ocean!” An expert didn’t want to waste time and headed deeper into the land.

Meanwhile, Holyfrost Emperor and the bull exchanged glances. They were powerful enough to actually comprehend the level of the suppression earlier.

The other experts felt something akin to a dream - it came and left quickly, not leaving a deep impression. They weren’t strong enough to notice the temporal affinity.

This wasn’t the case for these two. The eternal suppression had been carved into their mind. Plus, they knew the source as well and why the evil entities were gone now - Li Qiye!

When they got out of the temple, they found him standing outside with both hands behind his back, looking calm as if nothing had happened.

They took a careful look but didn’t notice anything. Li Qiye didn’t seem like he had been in a battle or used his power to suppress the ages.

They would have thought that it was just a dream like the rest if it wasn’t for the indelible impression.

“What were those evil entities? They seemed unstoppable.” Holyfrost asked.

Given her power, she could have stopped and purified the wind and sand for a short while. However, they seemed endless and her holy power had limitations. She would have suffered the same fate as the victim eventually.

“Just a single strand of greed feeding.” Li Qiye said.

“Just one strand?” Holyfrost shuddered. That thing was extremely horrifying enough already; what about the actual being?

“Far more powerful than your imagination.” He could read her mind and said: “This strand of greed was released from a very long ago and in a casual manner. It can be so much stronger otherwise.

She took a deep breath, thinking that this being might be above their realm of comprehension.

The world believed progenitors to be the strongest. However, she knew better than that. For example, the three immortals!

“Did you see it, Sir?” The bull laughed and said.

“Just a glance.” Li Qiye nodded: “Even more cautious than expected, it’s going to be a headache. That’s why it hasn’t been found.” 

“I knew it, this piece of crap wouldn’t have left Uncrossable Expanse for no reason, same with the expedition ship. It’s an ongoing contest.” The bull laughed.

“Three Immortals is very lucky.” Li Qiye looked towards the horizon and said.

“Haha, it’ll stay lucky.” The bull added: “Because you’re here, Sir. It has no chance of escaping if you want to kill it.”

“Don’t be so quick to flatter me, I won’t be taking credit for this. It’s the hard work of your wise sages. They have paid a heavy price and are still trying.” Li Qiye shook his head.

“So have you.” The bull didn’t stop flattering: “And in the future, your battle will determine the fate of the universe. That’s the ultimate contribution, no one else can compare to you…”

It was truly shameless in this regard.

“Master, you’re making it too obvious.” Liu Yanbai got goosebumps after listening to her master.

“Little girl, you’re a frog under the well right now, I’m being very serious. You’ll find out later on.” The bull put on a rare serious expression and told its disciple.

This was her first time seeing this expression because normally, it didn’t give a damn about anything.

“Your master is trying hard in its own way.” Li Qiye chuckled.

Others would find the bull to be an unbearable sycophant. However, Holyfrost actually felt respect for it.

The bull wasn’t doing it for its own sake but rather everyone else in Three Immortals. This would end up saving so many living beings here.

Remember, the bull was a brilliant creature as well, extremely prestigious and noble. Alas, it threw away its pride in order to protect Three Immortals and its inhabitants. This realistic act was far more effective than the big shots who only spew false heroism and morality.

“Let’s go.” Li Qiye smiled and continued ahead. The bull laughed and carried his disciple right after along with Holyfrost.

“Will the wind and sand return?” Holyfrost stared at the calm sky and asked.

“That doesn’t matter since those things are only tiny branches. One strand of greed is nothing, it’s what coming after that’s terrifying, the important part of the play.” Li Qiye shook his head.

“Hmm…” Holyfrost felt a chill inside.

“The vanguard is coming very soon, that’s all I know. It’s hard predicting anything else because these beings are unpredictable.” Li Qiye’s eyes pierced through the ages as he answered.

She took a deep breath and nodded.

“Haha, everything will settle once you enter Uncrossable Expanse, peace will come.” The bull said.

“It’s not as simple as you say and I won’t be hanging at the expanse or too long. We’ll see how patient they’ll be.” Li Qiye smiled.

“I’m sure nothing but success awaits you once you’re there.” The bull had complete confidence in Li Qiye.

“I’m certainly excited since that is where I’ll reach perfection.” Li Qiye said.

Going to the expanse wasn’t on a whim for him. He had his own plans outside of being curious about certain things. Most importantly, it would serve as a training and polishing opportunity for his new system - a chance to perfect it.

The group eventually felt a roasting heatwave before reaching their destination, one far more direct than the previous. It was akin to having lava poured on one’s cheeks. 

A mortal would never be able to handle this. They would instantly be turned into ashes by this point.

The golden world wasn’t there for the group either, replaced by an ocean of lava as far as the eye can see. This scorching liquid painted the ground red.

They oozed out from the ground like a spring with immense intensity. This looked like a cataclysm - everything was melding away.

This was no lava but rather a type of flame ravaging the entire meteor.

“A terrible type of flame.” Everyone became cautious after seeing this.

Many experts could withstand high temperatures and avoid fire. They themselves possessed powerful true fires capable of refining everything.

However, they were still afraid of this true flame in liquid form. It was capable of burning Eternals once trapped.

“Don’t touch it or you’ll die without a grave.” A big shot warned those nearby.

Unfortunately, another had touched the lava with his shoe. The moment this happened, true flame gushed out of the lava.

It was just a spark but it instantly incinerated this person. He screamed in agony before turning into ashes scattering into the lava.

“Damn.” An Everlasting gasped, realizing that this flame was at the progenitorial level.

Fortunately, this was only a remnant of the actual flame left behind since a very long time ago. The actual thing would be insane.

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