Chapter 3033: Hidden Figure

Li Qiye stood outside, letting the winds and black sands engulf him.

The devouring process couldn’t hurt him in the slightest since he exuded a faint light.

It looked like a candle in the wind, on the verge of extinguishing. However, it was enough to render the barrages ineffective.

He gazed at the world and measured the realms. The vast fabrics of reality and the myriad dao were captured in his eyes.

Not a single grain of sand could elude his eyes. He clearly saw the outlines of each individual one. It was impossible to conceal anything from his all-seeing gaze.

He stood as still as a statue. This lasted for a while before he leaped to the sky with insane speed.

However, the world was still covered by the black sand so no one could actually see him.

He reached out in the next second and shouted: “Open!”

His palm sealed the nine heavens and ten earths. Everything came to a halt including the billowing sands and powerful winds. The only thing moving right now was Li Qiye.

“Buzz.” Space seemingly melted under his reach into a door.

The moment he reached into this spatial void, his hand came out in another area. It had crossed through time and space in order to figure something out.

The result of this attempt was the emergence of a gigantic wind tunnel capable of sucking in everything.

However, this wind tunnel turned out to be the source of the black sands. This didn’t scare Li Qiye in the slightest. He reached into the opening.

“Pop!” The wind tunnel tried to close under the control of a supreme power in order to stop the invader.

Li Qiye snorted; his eyes became fierce. Dao runes appeared, turning his palm into the hand of the high heaven - the ruler of all.

No one and no power could resist his reach. It successfully pierced through the defensive lines of the wind tunnel, aiming for the deepest location in there.

“Pop!” He closed his hand but didn’t get any item.

The wind tunnel gradually became transparent, seemingly wanting to disappear.

“Too late for that!” Li Qiye added power to his hand, allowing it to seal the past itself. This made it impossible for the wind tunnel to escape.

“Open!” He finally used his other hand and reached into the wind tunnel again. His fingers began calculating the source of it all.

“Buzz.” The wind tunnel became unstable, on the verge of exploding.

Unfortunately, Li Qiye stabilized and forced it back to its original form.

Transformations started happening - a boundless land, a flame engulfing the sky, endless void…

As he got closer to the end, its origin finally emerged. The wind tunnel was nowhere to be found now. Li Qiye was holding a boundless ocean with its own celestial and dao system. Numerous phenomena and strange spectacles could be seen.

“Uncrossable Expanse.” Li Qiye’s eyes narrowed as he uttered coldly.

“It’s not what I want.” He shot out peerless fiery rays from his eyes with unquestionable willpower - enough to subdue everything.

Even progenitors would tremble in fear. They broke through all illusions and forced the thing to show its true self.

“Pop!” The expanse suddenly turned into never-ending darkness just like a bottomless abyss.

The abyss would gaze back at anyone spying on it and begin devouring their soul, turning them into a part of the darkness.

However, Li Qiye’s gaze persevered and continued onward. Unfortunately, how could one get through a bottomless abyss? It seemingly had no end.

 Even if it did have a final destination, it was farther than the end of the world. One could see the latter but not the former.

“Hmph.” Li Qiye pulled back his hands and touched his forehead with one finger, and another finger on his heart.

He began chanting: “Let my will be done, break the ages and show the origin with my unbreakable heart…”

His chest unleashed a power capable of tearing everything apart. His dao heart finally made its entrance while his heavenly gaze became resplendent.

This allowed him to peer through time regardless of the era. Everything became as clear as pictures.

The past, present, and future have been suppressed by his dao heart. He could figure out everything during this investigation.

“What power is this?!” Meanwhile, everyone else in the world felt themselves being frozen.

The strongest emperors and the mightest progenitors took a deep breath, not knowing the source of this force. It seemed that someone was messing with the time flow by traveling freely through it.

“Someone’s passing through?” Even the progenitors were startled.

In history, no one has ever been able to truly cross from one era to another. Doing so with their true form would result in unimaginable destruction. The entire river of time would collapse and the intruder would also turn to ashes.

Meanwhile, Li Qiye’s dao heart was weakening the boundless darkness. He could see a figure hidden deep down there now. This place was unreachable and barely had any light.

The location of this figure was at the highest spot, impossible to be traced by anyone. Alas, Li Qiye’s dao heart had done the impossible.

The figure noticed this right away. In the next second, a pop could be heard and the image shattered like a broken mirror. It turned into bubbles and disappeared, same with the winds and black sands.

“Hmm, strong and cautious?” Li Qiye praised: “No wonder why the geezer said that it did a good job hiding. Looks like finding it again won’t be easy.”

He smiled and didn’t try again because he was too far away. Plus, this wasn’t his target anyway.

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