Chapter 3032: Black Sand

“Run!” Everyone ran in a panic, wanting to get to the temple.

“Hu-rrry! There’s one ahead!” Someone saw a temple ahead and ran as fast as possible, mustering all of his strength.

Screams resounded everywhere during the escaping process. Many didn’t make it to the temple or weren’t strong enough to stop the strange darkness. Only bones were left of them.

“Whoosh!” A devilish wind blew near Holyfrost and the others. Darkness instantly coiled around them.

“Buzz.” Holyfrost became shrouded in a holy radiance as if she was a divine lamp.

The darkness still overwhelmed her while missing strange noises. Fiendish entities came next.

These fiends were different from what she had seen before. Usually, they had the shape of a fog, not as tangible as the black sands attacking her this time around.

The black sands had mouth and teeth that issue grinding noises as if they could chew anything with life.

Some of her light was being crushed, akin to a field being ravaged by a swarm of locusts. However, she was still a twelve-palace emperor and finally got serious.

“Boom!” Her light erupted and went on the offensive.

“Pop!” Tiniest strings of light pierced through the individual black grains and instantly refined them into smoke.

“Whoosh!” However, the storm of darkness seemed unrelenting. More came to drown her out.

It seemed that her purification didn’t actually matter due to the endless amount of darkness.

“Blah, something sinister is at work here.” The bull had no heroism in its blood and instantly ran for the temple in the distance.

Its speed was insane as it got there and left the black sands behind.

Holyfrost saw her senior running shamelessly so there was no point for her to keep on resisting. She instantly entered the temple as well.

They saw that many people were crowding inside. These men were clearly experienced and got here before the start of the fiendish winds.

“Whoosh!” The winds continued ravaging the area along with the black sands.

They surrounded the entire temple but strangely enough, they couldn’t get in the wide-open entrance of the temple. There was no wooden door or anything blocking the way.

This protection stemmed from a faint glow, seemingly eternal. Someone has blessed this place with divinity before to block the darkness out.

“Zzz…” The sound of what seems to be a million ants chewing echoed outside. They eventually formed a gigantic jaw and continued biting. Alas, the temple stood strong.

This was a frightening experience for those inside. However, they realized that not even a single grain could get in and eventually calmed down.

The next course of action was to greet Holyfrost Emperor. After all, a twelve-palace emperor commanded respect everywhere, especially one with a light affinity in these dark hours.

If the temple were to fall, at least she was still around. This made them feel much safer.

“Interesting, very interesting.” The bull ignored the crowd and studied the temple.

The place was made from rocks piled up in a coarse manner as if the builders just picked whatever was available on the spot. There was no planning outside of stacking these rocks.

Moreover, no worshipping entity could be found inside, completely empty, and seemingly built as an asylum.

The bull once again proved its exceptional vision and wisdom. It could sense an eternal power despite the basic appearance of the temple.

A supreme overlord had left it here since the olden days. This power far exceeded common wisdom. Its eyes lit up, thinking about taking this temple away if possible.

“We’re so lucky that there’s a temple right here.” One cultivator patted their chest and heaved a sigh of relief.

“Don’t worry, they scatter on this path.” An expert who has been here for a while said: “And this wind and sand come at the right time each day. That’s why we just need to be in a temple at the right time then we can leave when they’re gone.”

“I see.” Many nearby felt much better.

“But what are those things? Why are they so damn horrifying?” This question came next.

The black sands could instantly devour someone. Not even powerful True Gods could withstand them.

Of course, no one here could answer. Some cast a glance towards Holyfrost because she was the most powerful and knowledgeable one here.

Alas, she wasn’t in a mood to answer because she noticed that Li Qiye wasn’t here!

In the beginning, she ran away with the bull and didn’t pay attention to Li Qiye. Plus, he didn’t need them to worry about him either. They only needed to take care of themselves.

Now, it looked like he didn’t follow them into the temple.

“Senior, the young noble isn’t here.” Holyfrost told the bull that was still investigating the temple.

“Don’t worry about him.” The bull didn’t care: “He’ll survive anything. He probably wants to do something, just don’t become his burden.”

It knew that this black sand wouldn’t be able to kill Li Qiye.

“I saw the young noble outside when we got in.” Liu Yanbai sitting on top of the bull revealed.

Holyfrost calmed down, thinking that Li Qiye must have had a reason for staying outside and that he should be strong enough to survive.

“Whoosh!” The winds and sands continued to engulf the world, blotting out the sun and moon.

Because of this, those standing outside wouldn’t be able to see their hands in front of them, destined to be devoured by the fiends.

So many big shots were overly confident and ended up dying after struggling for a long while.

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