Chapter 3031: Eat Your Dragon?

The empress could finally relax after hearing this. She bowed again and said: “Thank you for taking it easy on us, Dao Brother.”

“You should be thanking yourself for being smart and know who you can oppose or otherwise. It’s fine to be flexible and give up at times.” Li Qiye shook his head.

He was being quite direct but she took it very well with a smile. 

In actuality, it wasn’t easy for an Everlasting like her to accept defeat. In the eyes of many, someone like her conceding was humiliating.

Other Everlastings would never be able to do something like this. Some would rather die in battle. She was much more broad-minded in this respect, knowing when to be flexible.

“Haha, your court has a very good bloodline, very good. Of course, it’s still no match for mine, far inferior.” The bull laughed and said.

“Stop boasting, this girl’s bloodline isn’t that much weaker than yours.” Li Qiye stopped the bull.

“Hah, still not as good as mine, see?” The bull seemed immensely proud of itself.

Li Qiye only smiled since the bull’s bloodline was indeed incredible.

“I have heard of your tales before, Senior.” The empress cupped her fist in a humble manner towards the bull: “I hope you can guide me on bloodline evolution in the future.”

She utilized this opportunity to trap the bull into helping her.

“No problem, no problem.” The bull didn’t even realize it and happily said: “But Sir has been teaching me that there is no free lunch in this world. I can teach you but payments will be required. For example, this dragon of yours…” 

It pointed at the violet dragon and salivated: “I’ve eaten many things but not a dragon with a true bloodline. It’s not quite pure but should still be nutritious and tasty enough.”

Saliva started streaming down the corner of its mouth. It seemed to be imagining a plate full of dragon meat already.

“Raa!” The violet dragon could understand and roared back at the bull.

“You’re quite funny, Senior.” The empress didn’t know what to say. This was her first time experiencing the bull’s black heart.

“I’m not joking at all.” It smiled: “A pot of dragon stew is so delicious. I captured an 800,000-year flood-dragon in the past and it wasn’t bad at all. Yours should be even better…”

“Master, I thought you said you only ate grass…” Liu Yanbai suddenly jumped in.

“Of course, of course, but there are exceptions to everything. Just a little bit of extra nutrition by chance, you know? That’s the only way your master could live for so long…” The bull put on a righteous act.

“Only a villain can live for this long.” Li Qiye quipped.

“Gentlemen, I have other businesses to take care of and will have to leave for now. Our court welcomes you all as guests.” The empress suddenly said goodbye, afraid that the bull might actually eat her dragon.

After all, it didn’t look like it was kidding in the slightest.

“What a shame… my dragon stew…” The bull lamented after she left.

“Senior, you scared the lady away.” Holyfrost smilingly shook her head.

“Haha, the little girl is very smart, as smart as you even.” The bull said: “She’ll have a bright future for sure. It’s a shame that you don’t have the same ambition as her, no desire to become a hegemon.”

“I have plenty already.” She calmly smiled.

“It’s only authority.” Li Qiye shook his head: “The future is uncertain and even the greatest kingdom will fall, all one’s hopes and efforts can amount to nothing but vanity, can’t reach the apex.”

“True.” The bull agreed: “At your level, hegemony and authority are useless and ephemeral.” 

“Nonetheless, this girl has good prospects, a capable strategist and a good commander. Divine Dragon Court will prosper under her rule if nothing out of the ordinary happens.” Li Qiye looked towards the empress’ departing direction.

“That’s too bad, seems like I won’t be eating dragon meat any time later on.” The bull shook its head.

Holyfrost pondered for a moment. In terms of cultivation, they seemed evenly matched. However, she accepted inferiority when it came to ambition and influence.

Due to her peaceful temperament, she didn’t mind staying at Northern Academy to search for the dao forever. Taking over the world wasn’t on her agenda.

The group continued onward. This boundless golden land seemed to have no end.

They weren’t in a rush. Li Qiye and even the bull were trying to sense something.

“A battle happened here, at least five progenitors were involved.” The bull calculated the remnant traces and auras.

“This meteor is even older than expected. Stronger and older existences have come here; there are some seals left behind as well.” Li Qiye said.

“Right, extremely strong.” The bull nodded in agreement: “I’m sure that this is an ace card meant for Three Immortals now, that’s why it finally flew out of the expanse. Maybe everything was prepared for the incoming days.”

Li Qiye didn’t respond to this conjecture.

Holyfrost has also been studying the land. However, she couldn’t compare to Li Qiye and the bull so she stayed quiet to listen and learn more.

The sky slowly turned dark after a while. Dark energy flowed above - an ominous sign.

All living beings here seemed to be running back to their nest after this change.

The air became suffocating and tense, akin to the winds before a downpour causing people to be alarmed.

“Go, we need to get to a temple now!” The cultivators nearby noticed the black clouds and hurried up.

“Why? Is something the matter?” Someone who had only gotten here didn’t know.

“Don’t ask, we need to go or death awaits us.” A big shot shouted and ran as fast as possible.

“Whoosh!” An evil wind suddenly appeared in the horizon, as bizarre as can be. The sky darkened greatly, nearly turning into the night.

Thick, black clouds emerged, seemingly blotting out the entire world. People felt as if a black blanket was thrown over them.

“The darkness is here, we need to get to a temple now!” Another shouted.

“Fast, I know there’s one ahead!” One expert rushed forward.

“Whoosh!” The black clouds kept on lowering, very close to the ground now.

“Ah!” The clouds immediately swallowed everything like a locust plague. A weaker cultivator was caught and screamed. His flesh was completely devoured, leaving behind a white skeleton.

“What the hell?!” The first-timers shouted in horror.

“Go! Go!” One big shot warned the crowd.

A powerful True God became the next target of the darkness and was drowned out completely.

He was quite powerful and had defensive halos. Unfortunately, his barriers didn’t last long against the tides of darkness.

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