Chapter 3029: Violet Dragon Empress

Celestial Dragon Venerable was furious. Even the two current progenitors addressed him as “Venerable” whenever they visited the court.

His power and status commanded respect in Immortal Lineage. Now, a junior didn’t give a damn about him in the slightest.

“The world is full of crouching tigers and hidden dragons…” The venerable barked back.

“So what? They better not cross my path unless they wish to die.” Li Qiye interrupted him.

“You think no one else can stop you, that you’re unbeatable?” The venerable scowled.

He was being quite patient already. Anyone else would have rushed forward to avenge their fallen disciple.

“Indeed, but if there were someone capable of stopping me, it certainly wouldn’t be you.” Li Qiye retorted.

“You!” The venerable’s fury erupted like a volcano.

“I see, I see, I’ve roamed the world for thousands of years. This is the first time a junior dares to talk to me like this…” The venerable glared at Li Qiye with a smile stemming from anger and indignation.

Everyone sympathized with him, especially those who have met Li Qiye and his domineering style before.

“Why the need for this, why can’t Fiercest be more courteous to avoid needless fighting?” A spectator quietly said.

“Haha, he wouldn’t be Fiercest if he was more amicable.” An expert who had experienced this before said: “Plus, he’s so damn strong, why would he need to be polite towards anyone. You see arrogance but in his opinion, he’s only telling the truth, no big deal.”

“Well, people have different perspectives at different levels.” An elder from the previous generation said.

“Is he really that strong? Comparable to Orchid Sage and Luminous Master?” Many didn’t believe in his power.

“Who knows? In my opinion, he should be just as strong as Brightking Buddha and Metalkin War God. As for the two progenitors? They need to fight for us to know.” A big shot maintained a conservative guess.

“Come if you want to fight, bring your legion too. Stop wasting my time otherwise.” Li Qiye looked at the furious venerable and smiled.

The legion behind Celestial Dragon Venerable became angry as well. Many members glared at him.

First of all, they were individually famous as prodigies. Secondly, their legion had swept through the realms before in an unstoppable manner.

Now, Li Qiye treated them like some random hoodlums. How could they stay calm?

Of course, Li Qiye was telling the truth. It’s just that his truth seemed like rampant arrogance and disdain in others’ eyes.

“Very well!” The venerable laughed again: “This isn’t about personal feud today, I don’t care to avenge my useless disciple either. However, I will not allow you to insult the prestige of our court!”

“That’s right!” Many experts in the legion roared: “Honor over death! Our legion will raise our glorious flag today!”

“Fine, you got my interest.” Li Qiye smiled and stood up, waving his hand provocatively: “Work together now, let’s see how many moves your famous legion can withstand.”

“Clank! Clank! Clank!” The members unsheathed their weapons, ready to attack.

“We will not let this go until a victor is decided!” The venerable also stepped forward and released a majestic draconic aura.

“You may go first.” Li Qiye said freely.

“Boom!” Divine light erupted from the venerable in the form of halos.

He seemingly became one with the world and grew larger - capable of plucking the stars and palming the sun and moon.

The aura of an Everlasting swept through the area to the astonishment of the spectators. Weaker cultivators were immediately suppressed.

“He deserves his fame.” A few praised.

The guy was indeed mighty, far above other True Gods.

“Clank!” The legion members also activated their power in a dazzling manner. The area was drowned out by their boundless strength.

Some saw an illusion of themselves being surrounded by a great army; walls of steel blocked out any potential escape path.

“They’re doing it.” A spectator murmured after seeing the preparation.

“Let’s see how strong Fiercest actually is.” Others were eager to see Li Qiye’s might.

“We’ll see what you can do!” Celestial Dragon Venerable let out a roar that echoed across space.

“Stop!” However, a shout filled with authority detonated. Its imperial aura forced people to submit.

“Raaa!” A draconic aura came like a storm capable of destroying the celestials.

A great dragon descended from the sky. It had violet scales from top to bottom; its claws had a tinge of gold looking like two sabers.

One cut could sever the earth; another could crush a mountain.

Everyone shuddered after feeling this aura belonging to a supreme bloodline. People suddenly felt an animalistic instinct to bow before a dragon.

“A true dragon…” One expert blurted.

“A violet dragon! It’s the empress!” Someone looked up and saw a woman standing on top of the dragon.

She also wore a violet robe while being surrounded by purple clouds, making her look quite mysterious.

Her brows were black and well-defined. She didn’t wear an imperial robe nor a crown yet she looked as regal as ever, regardless of her current mood.

She wasn’t a True Emperor yet her imperial aura was inferior to none. She was born to be noble, destined to be a peerless ruler with full authority.

“Violet Dragon Empress…” A young cultivator stared at her, mesmerized.

She was the current leader of True Dragon Court and one of the greatest contemporary geniuses. Her fame was on the same level as Metalkin War God and Brightking Buddha.

She had entered the academy too, becoming a student of Dawn. She eventually created Divine Beast Legion, a force with numerous accolades.

“Your Majesty.” The members got on one knee to greet her.

Even Celestial Dragon Venerable got off his stallion to greet her despite being her clan uncle.

This wasn’t only because she was the current ruler but because she herself was a powerful Everlasting, even stronger than him.

This respect came from the heart, not out of fear regarding royal authority and status.

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