Chapter 3028: Celestial Dragon Venerable

Finally, the expedition ship stopped next to the meteor almost as if the latter was a dock - a returning home of sorts.

“Looks like this is the real destination.” Holyfrost murmured after seeing this.

“The biggest problem is always coming from home. Some dirty business was done in the past then covered up.” The bull laughed.

Holyfrost only sighed and didn’t wish to critique the ancestors. After all, she didn’t have any concrete evidence and didn’t want to harm anyone’s reputation.

“We’re going.” Li Qiye smiled and jumped off the ship with the group right behind him.

A heatwave greeted them as if something was burning on the meteor.

This meteor was massive beyond imagination, far bigger than some planets. Dao systems seemed tiny in comparison.

The heatwave emanating from the meteor made everyone feel parched. The land here became golden sand, seemingly the result of being scorched a very long time ago.

This temperature was ever-present despite a lack of a hot sun above or volcanoes on the surface. It resembled a specter that would never go away.

The bull squatted down and broke off a piece of the golden soil for a better look.

“Completely scorched but it’s changing a bit now. A true flame must have ravaged this place, turning the surface into clay. Very few people have access to this power.” It let the pieces scatter to the wind and concluded.

“So this meteor itself is a treasure since the mud is filled with the affinity of a divine metal. This meant that it used to be a massive mine in the past. The toughness of the metal still couldn’t withstand the flame at the progenitorial level.” It added.

“So why was this place scorched?” The emperor asked while thinking of the various possibilities.

“A battle of the top-level very far away. This place simply got struck by the fallout.” The bull looked forward and concluded.

“There’s something going on here, part of a long strategy. It’s why that piece of rock fell down to Sky Pass.” Li Qiye smiled.

“Right.” The bull said: “Anyhow, we know that the expedition ship is chasing after this meteor. It’s hard to tell what happened before this. Perhaps someone had changed their mind.”

Holyfrost started wondering about the mighty forces of the expedition. Alas, what happened to them now?

“So what powerful foe took down so many progenitors?” Holyfrost wondered.

“Haha, the foe is definitely powerful but I’m sure the real enemy is the heart of men. The easiest and fastest way to defeat a powerful legion is to destroy its unity from the inside.” The bull said.

Holyfrost sighed and refrained from pursuing this any further.

“Rumble!” Another great ship started floating in the airspace above.

Debris scattered everywhere as massive creatures landed and crushed the ground - fierce birds, devil bulls the size of a mountain, mixed-phoenix with sky-blotting wings, and armored leos…

Young cultivators rode these beasts. They had impressive auras and were clearly famous prodigies.

A primordial and beastly presence engulfed the land with their arrival. Everyone felt as if a stampede was on the way, capable of breaking everything.

“Divine Beast Legion!” A cultivator who had just got here shouted in astonishment.

“Why is True Dragon Court sending its legion here?” People started wondering.

This power was created by Violet Dragon Empress. Divine Beast Legion was an important branch there. Their appearance here naturally surprised the crowd.

The leader of this legion was an old man sitting on an auspicious beast - a fiery scaled lion. Its body seemingly made from ruby with a layer of flame on the surface.

He had a cold expression with a frightening flash in his eyes. One could hear the roars of dragons emanating from him as if there was a true dragon inside, ready to break out.

“Celestial Dragon Venerable.” Some were startled to see him here in person.

“Are they attacking this place?” An expert wondered.

Celestial Dragon Venerable was the royal uncle of Violet Dragon Empress, a noble of the court. Some believed that he was a grand-completion Everlasting or a peak one.

He rarely took action but when he did, it would end with the death of his enemies.

“We meet again, Fiercest!” He glared at Li Qiye and snorted.

They have met back in Sky Pass, or at least the venerable took notice of Li Qiye. He was there during the auction.

“Do I know you?” Li Qiye gave him a quick glance. He didn’t remember this guy at all since the auction was filled with people.

“Yang Chengli was my useless disciple!” The venerable revealed.

“Oh, I remember now, that archer or whatever. Yes, I killed him.” Li Qiye smiled.

“Looks like Fiercest will be fighting against the court.” A spectator from afar quietly said.

“Fiercest will do anything, including taking on True Dragon Court.” A big shot smiled wryly. He saw Li Qiye killed Master Dajue and the dao avatars of Brightking Buddha and Metalkin War God.

“Good, so you admit your crime.” Celestial Dragon Venerable couldn’t stay calm. 

He couldn’t do anything back in Arrogance Enterprise or Sky Pass since he didn’t want to offend their masters.

This was no longer the case. He could do whatever he wanted on this meteor.

“Of course. I’ve killed plenty of people so having one more or one fewer doesn’t matter. Come if you wish to avenge your disciple, I’ll only be adding another number to my list.” Li Qiye nonchalantly said.

“Such arrogance!” The venerable was infuriated. He actually didn’t wish to avenge his disciple.

After all, his disciple simply lost in a duel. It was his own fault for being weaker than Li Qiye.

However, the guy’s blatant disdain was ridiculous.

He was a powerful Everlasting and a noble of True Dragon Court with military power. Fear was not in his dictionary.

So many emperors assumed the role of juniors when speaking to him. Thus, he couldn’t swallow being treated in this manner by Li Qiye.

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