Chapter 3025: Seeing The Meteor Again

The group stayed on the ship and let it take them anywhere. They wanted to see its destination anyway.

They saw many miraculous phenomena along the way - things that couldn’t be seen anywhere else in Three Immortals.

One such occasion included a massive whale unlike any other whales found in the ocean. It consisted of numerous stars and nebulas gathered together to take on this bestial form.

The celestial whale made space tremble with every jump. One could also hear a splashing sound as if the spatial fabric around it was made of water. Ripples would emanate from the impact point.

It seemed to be playing around at home, leaping above then diving deep downward. Starry light trailed from its path, making the world look illusory and beautiful.

“It’s gorgeous.” Yanbai said with astonishment.

Of course, not everything was rosy in this place.

“Raaa!” A black shadow crossed by the area, looking just like the legendary gluttonous dragon. It opened its massive jaw and sucked in numerous stars before disappearing from sight.

Because of this, the ravaged area became utterly pitch-black.

“What was that?!” Yanbai shouted in horror.

“A monster that consumes stars.” The bull put on a serious expression.

However, this monster didn’t bother messing with Li Qiye’s expedition ship. It disappeared into the darkness in a silent manner.

The next thing they saw was an enormous golden city floating in space. One could see its bright radiance from far away.

Waves of wondrous sounds came from within as if it was a lost city from the realm of the immortals. However, as the ship drew closer, the city suddenly disappeared from sight as if it was nothing but an illusion.

“Was that real?” Yanbai couldn’t believe her eyes.

“No one knows.” Holyfrost shook her head: “Some have tried to find it before to no avail. Some believed that it is real; others say that it is only an illusion.”

“It’s real but it’s not actually in front of your sight, that’s why finding it is impossible with this method.” Li Qiye said.

“Haha, disciple, I’ll take you to it next time.” The bull said confidently.

“Sounds good!” Yanbai celebrated.

As they moved on, she kept on being wowed by the visual phenomena seen here. Meanwhile, this wasn’t Holyfrost’s first time here but she still felt the same astonishment after seeing certain things.

There were too many worthwhile places here in Sky Ruins, hence people’s ongoing interest for millions of years.

“So what does Uncrossable Expanse look like?” This made the emperor wonder.

These two worlds stood at the two extremes of her world. Thus, seeing the miracles here made her wonder about the expanse.

“Haha, do you understand why all the top progenitors and Everlastings would go to the expanse despite knowing the risk of never returning?” The bull laughed.

“Right, seeing this place here really makes people want to take the risk to go to the expanse.” Holyfrost had to agree that the expanse was too tempting for top masters.

They saw Sky Ruins and wanted to know more about the mysterious expanse with fewer travelers. Perhaps she would also make the same journey once she was strong enough.

The ship moved with extreme speed through this area. The group saw other cultivators along the way. 

These people traveled with various methods - ships, flying, vessels… However, they were too slow compared to the expedition ship.

It finally slowed down after a long while, eventually only drifting forward.

“We’re here.” Li Qiye looked ahead and said.

The group calmed down and saw a black shadow ahead like a monster blocking everyone’s path. This seemed to be the end of the world.

“The meteor!” Holyfrost blurted.

Yes, this was indeed the meteor from Uncrossable Expanse that nearly struck Immortal Lineage prior.

Everyone was scared out of their mind that day when seeing the shadow looming above them. They were lost in despair, thinking that a calamity was coming. Fortunately enough, the meteor just skirted by and went into Sky Ruins instead.

She didn’t expect to see it here again. It was massive - almost like a super planet. It seemed impossible to move forward without getting around it somehow right now.

There was numerous debris around it. Of course, this was only relative to the huge meteor. Each piece was as big as a continent as a star.

The meteor also had tassels of light fully wrapping around it.

“So this is the ship’s target. It left Uncrossable Expanse to give chase.” The bull murmured.

“Shit, this means that a supreme treasure must be inside, these fiends want it so they resorted to this drastic measure!” It loudly reacted.

Holyfrost knew that the ship didn’t have consciousness and wouldn’t move on its own accord. A dark power must have been using it to get here.

“So what’s inside?” She became curious.

Whatever inside was worth it to break the eternal precedence of nothing leaving Uncrossable Expanse. There must be a great secret at work here.

“Maybe something that can save the world?” The bull laughed: “Hear me out, the progenitors who entered the expanse have left their descendants something unmatched so that they can save themselves from a calamity.”

“That’s one possibility.” Holyfrost agreed with this possibility since none of this was a coincidence.

Perhaps their great sages have left behind an ace card for Three Immortals.

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