Chapter 3024: Blue Waves

“Rumble!” The nine elephants and the mountain disappeared into Sky Ruins.

“Why are they pulling that silver mountain?” Yanbai became curious and innocently asked: “And are they carvings or just a rock type?”

“Who knows, who knows?” The bull laughed, not knowing the exact reasons.

“So is that mountain a treasure?” She was curious about everything in this magical place.

“Not the mountain itself. The runes on the surface belong to a mysterious and ancient grand dao. It doesn’t belong to Three Immortals World.” Li Qiye answered since the bull couldn’t. 

“You’re right, Young Noble. Rumor has it that a progenitor had chased this mountain before for a very long time to learn about the runes. Alas, they were too profound and the progenitor lost consciousness. No one else found success later on either.” Holyfrost joined in.

“It’s that amazing?” Yanbai became startled. Though she was inexperienced, she still knew about how great progenitors were.

“It’s frightening.” The bull nodded: “Not to mention regular cultivators, even the most brilliant historical figures couldn’t figure out all the mysteries in there. Sky Ruins is on the same level as Uncrossable Expanse.”

“Yes.” Holyfrost agreed: “We still don’t know how vast it is. No one has been able to go through all the reaches so this place still has plenty of secrets.”

Yanbai listened to these two in amazement.

“Many years have passed since the start of time.” Li Qiye said: “Three Immortals World is rather new so it’s hard for its inhabitants to see everything in this place. The great era in the past has faded away.”

“Right, there are too many things to see here.” The arrogant bull admitted.

Some progenitors have tried to reach the ends of this place in the past. Keep in mind their speed - just one step is enough to cross through an entire domain. Alas, this task remained impossible so they eventually gave up.

Future generations considered the place to be boundless. Even the strongest wouldn’t be able to make it through this entire place.

This only played to Sky Ruins’ appeal. People kept on coming here for adventures in order to find the hidden secrets.

“Splash!” The group suddenly heard a splash.

A great wave emerged out of nowhere and covered the area above them. It was as if an ocean had just taken form.

Strangely enough, top masters like Holyfrost could easily avoid getting wet, repelling the water from touching them. This wasn’t the case here.

The water from this ocean seemed special and made everyone wet.

“Master!” Yanbai became scared and shouted.

It was also strange that they could speak normally while being underwater.

“It’s fine, it comes quickly and leaves quickly.” The bull consoled her.

“Splash!” Sure enough, another wave came by and took the ocean away.

Their clothes became dry right away the moment this happened. Not even a single drop of water was left behind.

“Splash! Splash! Splash!” They watched and saw this undulating wave happening in the horizon before disappearing altogether.

While watching this phenomenon, one would suddenly have the illusion that this azure ocean was actually a living being moving from one place to another.

“What was that?” Yanbai said in astonishment after the ocean was gone.

“Blue Waves.” Holyfrost said: “A miracle of Sky Ruins. Everyone can see it and be drowned by it for only a split moment before becoming completely dried. Some actually come here just to experience this phenomenon.” 

“How strange, a moving ocean.” Yanbai has never seen anything like this before.

The whole thing seemed like a dream. It felt as if nothing had happened after it was gone.

“It’s not an ocean.” Li Qiye smiled and elaborated: “It’s an ancient organism, very special. You didn’t get splashed earlier, only having entered its body.”

“Uh…” Yanbai found this disgusting.

“It’s actually very cool.” The bull laughed: “Many auspicious beasts and rare birds want to live inside. I heard that there was an immortal type of carp that lived here, it’s very hard to find now.”

It started salivating and the others could hear it swallow loudly. 

“You’ve eaten these carps before, Master?” Yanbai asked.

“No, of course not! Have you ever seen a bull eat meat? No, I only eat grass, yep, yep.” The bull denied this right away while putting on the look of an enlightened bull.

Yanbai remained skeptical while Holyfrost had a faint smile on her face.

“Don’t listen to your master’s nonsense.” Li Qiye didn’t hold back: “It’s a devil bull. In fact, it probably ate all types of meat, including humans. The only thing that it wouldn’t eat is grass.”

“Hey, please don’t harm my reputation, I’m not someone like that. I can swear with my dao heart that I have never eaten people before!” The bull shouted.

“So you have eaten other types of meat then.” Li Qiye said.

The bull looked dejected after losing the argument: “It’s not my fault… a progenitor needed a favor from me and brought several pounds of carp. Hehe, they were pretty tasty…” It smacked its lips after saying this.

“Master, a bull doesn’t have to eat grass.” Yanbai said: “You’re a divine bull that has reached the dao, it’s very normal for you to eat other things, no?”

“Well said, well said, my disciple is so sensible and intelligent, worthy of my love.” The bull was very satisfied with her comment.

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