Chapter 3023: Sky Ruins

Li Qiye looked at the bull without saying anything then glanced over at the broken city.

“Let’s go, we’re done here.” He eventually concluded.

The bull nodded, knowing that this place was the center of the expedition ship. There was no need to go any further.

Before leaving, Holyfrost Emperor took another look at the abyss with a worried expression. She found out too many ominous things today.

On the other hand, Li Qiye didn’t give a damn about the abyss or the dark figure and moved on.

On the way back, this minor world was completely peaceful, borderline silent.

Many experts have entered a while ago, resulting in a lively scene. However, the battle earlier scared the hell out of them so they retreated.

It felt as if they were the only ones left in this entire world - both the living and dead were gone now.

Holyfrost realized that this serenity had something to do with the battle earlier because that figure had escaped.

This didn’t mean that those undead creatures were done for. They have simply escaped and might return later - hence her anxiety.

The undead legions were insanely powerful and numerous. Moreover, the kings and war riders were once invincible existences, not to mention the dark figure in the cauldron.

They must have had a reason for leaving Uncrossable Expanse. Perhaps this was their expedition. But where to? She didn’t have a clue. Maybe Three immortals was the target.

As they left the minor world and returned to the deck, they found the ship moving on with great speed.

It crossed through space like a silent beam just like a ship from hell.

The floating pieces and ships that came before it started slowing down after reaching Sky Ruins. The power that moved them seemed to be gone.

On the other hand, the expedition ship soared faster and faster like a flying whale.

It wasn’t flying aimlessly either, clearly having a destination from the start. A massive force was moving it or perhaps something in Sky Ruins attracted it. 

“There’s a purpose.” Holyfrost said.

The other broken debris and ships might have other reasons for showing up now but this expedition ship had a clear target for leaving the expanse.

Sky Ruins was extremely far away from Uncrossable Expanse but the ship had a perfect path, not making a single mistake from start to finish. She didn’t know what kind of power was behind his phenomenon.

“So beautiful!” Suddenly, Liu Yanbai sitting on top of the bull blurted out and pointed ahead.

There existed a massive star. It looked quite strange - separated into two halves. The right looked like a sun with an endless flame burning for millions of miles.

The left side was extremely cold with a yin aura. Everything on that side was shrouded in a layer of ice. This ended up with a gigantic section of space looking like a crystallized glacier.

This star seemed to be slowly orbiting but this wasn’t the case. Its speed was fast enough to move from one side of Sky Ruins to the other.

Thus, the combination of fire and ice spanning for millions of miles could mesmerize any spectator.

“We’re in Sky Ruins now.” The bull laughed: “There are magnificent scenes here so don’t be surprised. Why? Because this is Sky Ruins.” 

“Sky Ruins…” Holyfrost murmured to herself while becoming slightly emotional.

Sky Ruins and Uncrossable Expanse were separated by Sky Moat, seemingly two independent worlds.

They were full of mysteries and unknowns, definitely worth taking a look.

However, there was one difference. Uncrossable Expanse was a place of no return regardless of how strong the cultivator was.

As for Sky Ruins, anyone could come back as long as they survived the danger there. They didn’t need to be at the progenitorial level either.

Moreover, a weaker cultivator could also pay to let someone else take them to Sky Ruins.

For example, Arrogance Enterprise had an escort service taking people there. Thus, even a weak cultivator could find something amazing in Sky Ruins, provided that they’re lucky enough.

For many cultivators, Sky Ruins was a heaven for exploration. The place was filled with danger, albeit a proportional level of fortune.

On the other hand, Uncrossable Expanse was meant for progenitors and top masters only.

Thus, so many cultivators went to Sky Ruins each year, including top emperors or unknown brats.

They had different goals for doing so. Some sought after fortune, others only wanted to broaden their horizons by witnessing the awesome sights here.

“Rumble!” Liu Yanbai was still in awe but some heavy noises interrupted her enjoyment.

Space trembled as a result. She looked over and saw a colossal mountain with a silvery light appearing in space. It had strange, flashing runes all over; they looked just like eyes open and closing.

It wasn’t moving on its own accord. Many elephant statues in front were pulling the mountain. Who knows if they were carvings or had this form from the inception? They looked quite animated regardless of the answer.

Coiled around their back were long and thick iron chains with the mountain on the other end. Their destination was deeper into Sky Ruins.

One could hear their loud footsteps despite being in space. Elephants looked clumsy normally but these were fast beyond words.

“One, two three… nine. Nine elephants.” Yanbai counted.

“Hmm, nine elephants pulling a mountain.” The bull was slightly surprised to see this.

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