Chapter 3022: The Bull’s Plan

Li Qiye didn’t answer; he set his gaze towards the horizon.

“Sir, I’m not one to spew doom and gloom, but just hypothetically, what if the calamity actually comes and destroys Three Immortals? How would you feel then?” The bull said.

“Psychological tricks won’t work. Three Immortals has its own fate.” Li Qiye looked at it in response.

“But what about some of the people in it?” The bull continued: “Of course, you wouldn’t care about an old bull like me…”

“Enough, I know what you’re trying to say, you wish for me to act.” Li Qiye shook his head and paused for a bit: “Well, let’s see how lucky Three Immortals will be then. If it happens before I leave, then I’ll sweep through the vanguard. A bit of training is fine.”

“Haha, I’m sure it will be very fun. You’ll benefit greatly too.” The bull laughed and started celebrating.

It knew that Li Qiye didn’t care much about Three Immortals. He might just sit back on the sideline and watch the calamity unfolds. However, he had given his words that he might do something.

It meant that Three Immortals still had a chance and Li Qiye would do more than just being an observer.

Holyfrost was ecstatic as well, aware that the bull had just saved countless lives in Three Immortals.

She chose to bow towards these two instead of wasting words on behalf of everyone in her world.

“Hmm, will there be a battle once you enter Uncrossable Expanse? I’m sure there will be enemies there.” The bull pondered for a bit and brought up another topic.

It could see that the meteor and ships from the expanse were only the beginning. The real threat still originated from there.

Something big had happened in that place and a storm would happen once Li Qiye got involved.

“Indeed, they will serve as polishing stones if they are foolish enough to cross me.” Li Qiye said while still gazing over yonder.

He smiled, knowing that his grand dao was complete and it was time to polish it in order to reach the next level of perfection. This was necessary in order to open a new epoch.

“Hehe, plenty of people are blind in this world.” The bull said: “Those fiends have no idea who they’re dealing with until it is too late.” 

It started gloating as if it could see that day already.

“Look at you, seems like you want me to go to the expanse and start killing everywhere. Or, in other words, you’re praying for me to be ambushed in there.” Li Qiye chuckled.

“No, absolutely not.” The bull put on a serious expression right away: “What I meant to say is that you need the right polishing stones so that place is a good opportunity. It’ll let you reach the peerless realm, helping you ascend into a true immortal.”

Though the bull was a big troublemaker and never seemed to care about a thing, the truth was that it truly cared about Three Immortals. Thus, it offered its assistance by baiting Li Qiye into joining. It hoped that Li Qiye could destroy the seeds of discord to guarantee Three Immortals’ safety.

“A true immortal, huh? Hard to say, what type of immortal? But anyhow, you should start praying if I do become one.” Li Qiye chuckled and stared at the bull.

The bull felt a chill because of this stare and took one step backward.

“Sir… your eyes are a little weird right now… and scary…” The bull understood the implication.

“That’s why such an ascension is not a good thing.” Li Qiye said.

“I’m sure you won’t become the dangerous type, only the most supreme one superior to the fakers. You will herald a golden age to all.” The bull immediately responded.

“Don’t be so sure. So many brilliant men and progenitors have made it that far, only to lose by one step.” Li Qiye said.

“Yes, a single thought can decide everything.” The bull murmured and knew the crux of the issue since it lived for so long.

“It has nothing to do with who is currently evil or is part of the light. After reaching that level, they might switch their stance, faith, and perspective for the future just like that. Everything stemmed from power and the heart.” Li Qiye’s eyes became profound.

“Yes, it’s the dao heart that you speak about so often.” The bull took a deep breath and said.

“Right. For example, you are living a carefree life right now, thinking that you can deal with potential issues later on. That’s why you are complacent and won’t try to take the next step forward. However, there might come a day where you feel helpless and weak, that’s when you’ll become an even more handsome and courageous bull. The key is whether you can stay yourself after gaining an increase of strength.” Li Qiye said.

“I will never change since I’ll always be the same handsome bull.” The bull pondered for a bit before claiming. 

“We’ll see about that.” Li Qiye elaborated: “You have seen him before, the guy far more brilliant and stronger than you with a better vision. In the end, he still made the other choice.” [1]

The bull became emotional after hearing this. Though it rarely gave a damn, it actually had an immense level of pride and confidence.

It believed that with effort, it could be comparable to any progenitor in the world. It had this ability thanks to its talents and bloodline.

However, would its dao heart always stay the same? Would it forget about its original aspirations and goal?

The bull fell into rumination. After a long while, it looked up and took a deep breath: “Perhaps my dao heart will falter one day and I will forget who I used to be, no longer being the same handsome bull. However, I can say with confidence that you will still be you, and that’s enough for me.”

“So much confidence in me.” Li Qiye chuckled and shook his head: “Don’t be so sure about anything in this unpredictable world.” 

“I trust in my insight, that I’m not misjudging you. Plus, believing in you is far better in believing in myself.” The bull took a deep breath and solemnly said.

Li Qiye smiled and didn’t respond.

“Do you not have confidence in yourself?” The bull became nervous and asked.

“Getting nervous now?” Li Qiye gave him the side-eye.

“A little bit, if even you can’t maintain your dao heart at that point, the world is over, and I’m not only talking about Three Immortals.” The bull honestly said.

“You can stop worrying then. I am me, in the present and in the future.” Li Qiye answered.

The bull heaved a sigh of relief in response.

“However…” Li Qiye made it worried again with this pause: “The heaven will crumble and the ages will shatter after the future battle. No one knows how it will end.”

“It’s better than everything turning to ashes, at least there’s a chance instead of being fish on the chopping board. No one will escape at that point either way.” The bull said.

“Yes, time for ants to show their fangs against the heaven.” Li Qiye chuckled.

The bull sighed emotionally and lamented: “It’s a shame that my cultivation isn’t enough or I would come with you to Uncrossable Expanse and wave your flags and shout battle cries for you.”

“You finally know you’re weak now? That you have wasted millions of years?” Li Qiye narrowed his eyes at the bull.

“... Hehehe...” The bull smiled wryly. It still had plenty of room to grow. Unfortunately, its heart was not in this.

1. I believe he’s referring to Desolate Saint here. Not very clear again

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