Chapter 3021: Mysterious Treasure

The aura of the city changed after the figure jumped into the abyss.

A while ago, people felt a mighty force permeating across this broken city. This was no longer the case. The flame engulfing the city was gone too.

The dark power filling the sky also disappeared now that the undead armies have jumped down there.

The broken city assumed its initial appearance - broken and crumbling - a scene as melancholic as the setting sun.

“Is it over?” Holyfrost murmured after noticing this.

“No, this is only the beginning, it can’t even be considered the prelude. What’s coming will come and it won’t be long from now.” Li Qiye said.

Her breathing skipped a beat after hearing this and her heart grew heavier. She stood among the upper echelon of Three Immortals in terms of fighting force.

However, she was far from enough to contribute at all. Everything she has seen so far was at the progenitorial level. A twelve-palace emperor like her couldn’t weather the storm.

She glanced over at him, hoping that he would change his mind about protecting this world. He certainly had the ability to do so.

Li Qiye only smiled and looked at the item in his palm - the thing buried in the charcoal earlier. 

That figure wanted to take him down the moment he touched it. This showed the item’s importance to warrant such a swift response from that being.

The group also stared at the item and saw that it looked like a small box made of jade. Perhaps this was a piece of jade carved into this shape.

However, it looked perfect from top to bottom without any nick or jag, no obvious way to open it either.

“What is it?” The bull couldn’t notice anything despite using its heavenly gaze. It has been concealed by an amazing method.

“It’s not bad and will be awfully useful later.” Li Qiye smiled.

“A peerless treasure, huh?” The bull’s eyes lit up: “Don’t tell me this is the key to open the mysteries of Uncrossable Expanse?” 

It salivated after saying this.

“You can have it if you want it.” Li Qiye saw the drooling bull and handed it over.

“Really?” The bull’s eyes became bright enough to illuminate the four directions.

“Really.” Li Qiye didn’t care at all about the item.

“Something this good should have a big origin.” The bull walked around restlessly while thinking about the item. However, its hoof was shaking as if the item was a hot potato.

Holyfrost was very curious as well. The figure clearly viewed this item with great importance, hence its panic earlier.

Unfortunately, she couldn’t see through the item at all, unable to see its usefulness. Her gaze was stopped outside by the great technique of someone.

This must be another brilliant progenitor or someone even greater. This concealment technique was beyond her means.

“Good, good indeed.” The bull threw the item up and down before concluding.

It was clearly tempted and as the saying goes - the older the ginger, the hotter the spice. Though it couldn’t understand the thing right now, it still knew how useful it was.

“Hmm, forget it, I’m not someone like this.” The bull eventually returned the item to Li Qiye and put on a heroic act: “I am righteousness incarnate and carry the wellbeing of the world on my shoulder. How can I monopolize this item? It’s best if you keep it, Sir.” 

Li Qiye smiled at its righteous act and didn’t say anything.

“Master, you really don’t want it?” Liu Yanbai was surprised. This was her first time seeing her master so heroic so she thought she was only seeing things.

“Of course, don’t you know that your master is a divine bull with an immortal bloodline? Personal gains mean nothing to me compared to the prosperity of everyone else.” The bull laughed proudly.

“You’re amazing, Master.” The inexperienced girl truly believed it and said with admiration.

“Don’t be tricked by your master.” Li Qiye shook his head: “He just doesn't want trouble, quite smart actually, not blinded by greed like other fools who eventually throw their lives away.”

“Ahem…” The bull coughed and immediately interjected: “Sir, I’m not that kind of person!”

Li Qiye only smiled in response. He knew everything about the bull’s treacherous way.

“This thing will really invite problems?” The bull eventually asked, seemingly not wanting to give up.

“Oh? Changing your mind?” Li Qiye smiled.

“That’s not what I meant.” The bull cleared its throat and continued: “I’m just afraid that this thing might cause trouble to the world, that’s all.”

“It can be problematic. Of course, its value is priceless too.” Li Qiye said: “Someone who knows its worth will pay any price for it.”

“Is that so…” Greed returned to the bull.

It wasn’t an idiot. It could see that Li Qiye wouldn’t care for regular treasure. The fact that he bothered to get it from that figure meant that the item should be valuable.

“I’ll let you keep it since maybe Three Immortals will need it one day. Hmm, but then again, perhaps it’s useless in your possession.” Li Qiye smirked.

“Sir, your words are truly hurtful.” The bull became unhappy: “I might not be invincible across the ages but I’m still a big shot. True Emperors and Everlastings are nothing compared to me.”

It was telling the truth. Even someone like Tai Yinxi was nothing in its eyes. One could see how strong it was from this.

“Not enough.” Li Qiye said: “Keep in mind the person who got that black rock out of the Eternal Abyss. Or, the person that Flame Emperor and his group met.” [1]

The bull’s expression changed after hearing this. It had only exchanged one move with the rock but it got a pretty good idea of the rock’s power.

It became clear that the person mentioned by the rock was above him right now. Only very few progenitors in history had a chance.

“Still want it?” Li Qiye smiled while tossing the item up and down.

“No, no, I was just kidding.” The bull laughed in response: “No one is more suitable than you to keep it, yes, yes.”

“A supreme treasure like this belongs to you, Young Noble.” Holyfrost chimed in. In her opinion, Li Qiye had the best chance of stopping any trouble.

“Little girl, don’t push this treasure on me.” Li Qiye understood her intent right away and chuckled: “I have no ties to Three Immortals.”

“I’m sure that there will be people and things worthy of your remembrance here.” Holyfrost smiled.

1. A bit vague here, the former and the latter might be the same person but Li Qiye isn’t being clear here

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