Chapter 3020: Heaven Suppression Fist

A single penetrating glance could kill True Emperors. The flames emanating from it were the harvesters of souls. 

This existence was utterly insane. Only a handful of people in the history of Three Immortals could actually defeat him.

Of course, Li Qiye didn’t bat an eye, only a smile could be seen on his face as he stood unmovingly.

“Zhang!” The guqin floating in the air began another offensive with a torrent of sound slashes - akin to a cavalry rushing forward with their spear straight at the figure.

The thrust had enough power to split heaven and earth apart to reveal the primordial chaos. Everything turned to ashes. The gods and emperors could only await their death before this unstoppable move.

The figure snorted at the sudden ambush and decided to annihilate everything nearby. He spread his palm and grasped both the yin yang and karmic cycle, ready to reverse life and death.

The palm and the thrust collided. One could only hear the rustling of the stars while everything else turned silent.

Every expert in this minor world was scared out of their mind.

“Which masters are fighting?” They couldn’t stand straight due to the pressure.

“Zhang!” The next song made the guqin resplendent, looking like it was made from crystal.

A series of notes rushed to the air and turned into a supreme musical scroll. It blotted out the sky just like the palm of a great lord, capable of crushing time and the myriad dao.

The figure snorted again and took one step forward. The entire world moved with its rhythm.

He swung his hand down towards the chapter, treating it as an axe. One could see the start of the world from the impact of this move.

“Boom!” The palm and the chapter competed, nearly destroying the area completely. This paralyzed most people in the minor world, sweeping them off their feet.

In this split second, Li Qiye took action. Even his group standing behind him didn’t notice how he moved.

When they realized that he was gone, they saw him standing on top of the cauldron named Phoenix.

He reached into the charcoal to take the item inside.

“Boom!” An explosion capable of moving the ages erupted. The figure stopped attacking the guqin and moved back.

It appeared next to Li Qiye right away. It was as if the two of them got there at the same time. It unleashed the same vertical cut again.

No emperors were mighty enough to stop this move, not even the most brilliant of them all.

“Die!” Li Qiye roared and activated his grand dao.

His peerless power also erupted. The world melted as a result and within this illusory image, the true Li Qiye stepped out.

It was as if he has been slumbering the entire time until now. His true power has finally awakened.

“Boom!” Heaven Suppression Fist - severing the timeline itself and standing above the high heaven!

Who could ever contend against this technique?!

“Shit!” The bull shouted in horror, unable to stabilize its stance.

Li Qiye’s power erupting was too much to take. Even the bull dropped to the ground.

Holyfrost gasped then stood there in a daze. She also got forced to the ground while thinking that this punch could annihilate any existence, rendering them into a bloody mist.

“Another master?!” The experts in the minor world became frightened even more by the appearance of this new combatant.

“Boom!” The figure was blown out of the cauldron; its figure dimmed down. Even its fiery horns broke down and extinguished. 

This figure took one last look at Li Qiye before jumping back into the abyss and disappearing from sight.

“Boom!” The cauldron followed right behind; its flame disappeared as well deeper down there.

An even stranger thing happened next. The thousands and thousands of undead creatures hurriedly jumped into the abyss to follow the figure.

Holyfrost and the others were amazed at this sight.

A while later, the supreme powers dissipated and the regular world returned. Everyone managed to heave a sigh of relief. Earlier, they lost control of their body and felt as if there was an invisible hand gripping their throat.

“Fuck, let’s leave now!” They decided to leave the minor world after calming down.

They could see that there were terrifying existences in this place. Just one wrong move and they would turn to ashes.

Even the strongest emperors among them had no chance of stopping these existences.

“I’m outta here!” The pale intruders ran out.

Some realized why someone as strong as Supreme Emperor ran from that ghost ship earlier. These floating ships had things beyond their level within.

“Zhang.” The floating guqin played a friendly tune, seemingly greeting and thanking Li Qiye.

Li Qiye looked at it and smiled without saying anything.

“Zhang!” It rushed to the air and also went to an unknown location.

“That’s an amazing imperial guqin.” The bull murmured: “I wonder how its master is doing? It’s so unpredictable now. Who knows what the future brings?”

The bull enamored with chaos and the suffering of others had a different thought this time.

“Yes, the world is unpredictable, the heart of men? Even more so.” Li Qiye said.

Holyfrost was still absorbing the impact of that single punch earlier. She understood how inferior her vision was compared to the bull now that she had a good idea of his power.

She also realized that Li Qiye was only playing around when killing Goldtypha and the others, not utilizing his real strength.

This punch of his made her understand why the bull viewed Li Qiye as a world savior and why it treated him with such respect.

“Whoa, that was dangerous earlier, almost scared me to death.” The bull patted its chest and didn’t look surprised at all despite its comment.

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