Chapter 3019: Summoned Soul

“Rumble!” The flame inside the cauldron seemingly exploded during the climax of the ceremony.

It rushed up and stretched out like a cocoon as if there was something inside, ready to break out. The cauldron had a hard time containing this flame.

Meanwhile, the flames on the undead creatures also became stronger as they entered a state of frenzy.

This was truly a bizarre ceremony, capable of frightening any spectator.

“Zhang!” The guqin also played faster to release more murderous melodies. Each sound resembled a divine slash.

However, the powerful undead lords beneath used the drum to stop the incoming soundwaves.

The sharp cut from the former was met with the thick barrier from the drum. The latter was as vast as an ocean with waves capable of stopping the guqin.

The offensive potential of the guqin against the flames waned, eventually failing to stop the ceremony.

“Looks like the guqin lost…” Holyfrost murmured.

“The drum formation is also an extraordinary ancestral treasure.” The bull commented: “It’s a shame that the guqin’s master didn’t leave behind his murderous dao. The guqin alone can’t exert its full potential.”

“They’re all invincible masters too…” Holyfrost gently sighed while looking at the drummers.

She knew who they were but just didn’t wish to reveal their name and background.

After all, they were quite famous in Three Immortals in the past. Numerous people have worshipped them before.

If their descendants were to find out about this, they would be greatly stricken with grief.

“Boom!” The world seemingly exploded as the cauldron became resplendent.

The flame erupted like a volcano in a magnificent manner.

“Rumble!” Space itself started trembling. The rocks on the field moved around chaotically.

A supreme power suppressed the area. Everything else could only prostrate on the ground while being overwhelmed.

A gigantic figure emerged inside the cauldron. It was the source of the flame which poured down from it like tassels.

“Bang!” The undead creatures immediately got on their knees to show their subservience.

It exuded the aura of a supreme progenitor. Just this figure alone felt as if one was here in person. The individual strands of auras emanated across this minor world, taking the breath away from all existences.

“Who… who is he?” Holyfrost shuddered. 

This figure was clearly a progenitor, and not just an ordinary one. This person should be a historically great figure.

Though these words escaped her lips, she had a faint guess of who it was.

“Boom!” The figure suddenly turned around and caused the world to spin with it.

Many felt as if they were blown flying, jolted from the shock. This power didn’t need to directly target anyone and could still make people faint.

The group couldn't see its appearance before its eyes sent out unending flames. This wasn’t a regular type of true fire. It had black rays coiling around it, as nefarious as hellfire.

Any spectator would feel as if their soul has been reaped from their body. They would drop to the ground as a result.

“Poof! Poof! Poof!” The undead creatures had the same type of flame appearing in their eye sockets. This looked like the fire of their soul, allowing them to be brimming with power.

“Their power is coming from him, looks like he’s the controller of death here.” The bull murmured before laughing while staring at the figure inside the cauldron.

“Ga, ga, ga…” A bizarre noise resounded like a blade scraping the bones. The figure’s head had two fiery horns slowly protruding outward. They were awfully sharp, capable of piercing the blue firmament.

“Boom!” Its power increased to the next level. This seemed to be its true awakening.

It didn’t hold back on letting the world know of its terrible might.

“Screech!” Meanwhile, the flame in the cauldron turned into a phoenix and started flying around in the sky.

However, the thing trailing from its wings wasn’t a red flame like the mythical beast but rather a dark glow.

This wasn’t an immortal phoenix but a dark phoenix from hell!

“Rumble!” Everyone in the minor dimension of the ship could feel this invincible power. Many dropped to the ground, unable to get up because of the pressure despite being millions and millions of miles away.

Holyfrost herself had a hard time withstanding this power. In the beginning, her holy light shielded her from this pressure. Alas, after the horns appeared, she became completely suppressed.

The bull laughed and moved behind Li Qiye instead of trying to go against the supreme power. Holyfrost saw this and also copied the bull.

She knew that she had no chance of resisting this mighty progenitor. Perhaps one could count those stronger than this progenitor with their fingers in the history of Three Immortals. That’s why it wasn’t shameful for her to concede in the slightest.

“Buzz.” Li Qiye chuckled and activated a barrier to stop the pressure.

Those hiding behind him heaved a sigh of relief. This was another showcase of Li Qiye’s impressive abilities.

The figure in the cauldron took note of him because of this and instantly sent out waves of flame from its eyes.

This figure’s glare could pierce through heaven and earth, enough to kill numerous emperors at the same time.

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