Chapter 3016: Ruins

Li Qiye picked up the black stone after the seal had dissipated.

The group got closer to take a better look. The stone was much smaller now but it didn’t have any visible damage despite the scorching from the dao flame earlier.

It became clear and beautiful with a dazzling glow - a black jade of sorts. The black glow no longer had the frightening dark energy and power prior.

It looked simple enough like a rock that could be found by anyone deep in the forest and mountain.

“It’s far weaker now.” The bull analyzed and said.

“It’ll need many years before recovering.” Li Qiye nodded: “The person who refined it is too strong. Fortunately, its origin is amazing, so saving it was still possible.”

Li Qiye burned away two-third of the rock’s form in order to bring it back to its original state. This also reduced its cultivation by two-third or so.

If he had a single mistake with his flame control, it would have turned to ashes.

“I can do whatever I want to it now, including crushing it.” The bull put on an evil expression.

Alas, the rock didn’t respond, seemingly deep in slumber.

“Still isn’t that easy even if it’s smaller than before.” Li Qiye smiled and shook his head.

“Hah, I have plenty of methods, there must be one capable of crushing it.” The bull laughed.

“You’re greatly underestimating it.” Li Qiye said: “A divine stone like this one is extraordinary.”

“Hmph, I’m definitely more extraordinary.” The bull said: “I was born in an immortal family with a supreme bloodline. How can this little pebble compare to me?”

Li Qiye only smiled and put away the black rock. On the other hand, Holyfrost became curious about the bull.

“Which clan are you from, Senior?” She asked.

The elders of the academy all knew that the bull was special. Alas, they didn’t have a good idea about its background since it was far older than any of them.

Strangely enough, it always lingered around Sacred Mountain and seemed like part of their system.

“I can’t say, keke.” The bull laughed, acting mysteriously.

Holyfrost couldn’t press the issue so she stopped asking.

Li Qiye didn’t bother commenting on the bull’s background. He looked up and said: “Let’s go, the good stuff is waiting for us ahead.”

“Really?” The bull became excited with flashing eyes: “There must be something going on for the undeads to travel there. Hmm, an expedition ship becoming something like this, Fire Ancestor can’t escape the responsibility.”

Li Qiye didn’t reply and flew up to the sky while Holyfrost’s heart grew heavy. A shadow loomed in her mind, making it hard to breathe.

After all, Fire Ancestor started the expedition back then. He was indeed responsible for whatever had transpired here.

This news, once spread, would deal a great blow to Three Immortals.

No one spoke along the way so the atmosphere became a bit tense. They moved quickly, traveling millions of miles in the blink of an eye.

The landscape only consisted of broken sites, whether it be the fabrics of time and space, mountains and rivers… Death and carnage seemed to pervade this area from the great battles back then.

Also, one couldn’t help thinking about the miraculous nature of this ship. This minor world might not be as large as Immortal Lineage but was still impressive enough.

As they delved farther into the land, the broken sceneries started to change. They saw dilapidated walls and crumbling citadels along with remnants of floating palaces.

They also saw corpses of varying sizes - regular size or some as large as mountains. However, all of them had one thing in common - death couldn’t bend their back.

Even at the very last second, they still stood upright with their chest arching forward. Some propped themselves up with their weapons, still looking forward despite having one knee on the ground. Their unyielding spirit could still be seen millions of years later.

The bull and the emperor couldn’t help feeling respect for these fallen combatants.

“Not giving up in the slightest, their spine still stands upright.” The bull said: “This is what Three Immortals needs - the real pillars and protectors!”

Holyfrost chose to bow deeply instead of saying anything in order to show her highest reverence. Indeed, they were the pillars of Three Immortals.

Though she had no idea what happened here in the past, she had some good guesses.

On this ship, the undeads were separated into two camps. Some were turned while they were still alive while others became undead after their death.

However, these fallen combatants didn’t turn into dead creatures because they had an unyielding spirit and firm dao heart. Dark power couldn’t corrode their soul and take advantage of their greed and desires. This saved them from becoming eternal puppets.

Thus, these great beings were worthy of respect despite losing the devastating battle.

“Look over there!” The bull pointed ahead after another long trek.

The group looked over and saw a massive floating city. It exuded an air of holiness.

It had the form of a pavilion with numerous floors. The highest floors were propped up against the sky.

The spatial fabrics around it were crushed into the void. The walls suffered great damages as well. One gate had a huge hole. Inside the city were broken buildings and palaces.

The cruelty of war had ravaged this city. Alas, it still remained standing with a powerful aura as if a supreme ruler was presiding within.

One could sense an invisible flame jumping around, seemingly protecting the place. Perhaps this was the abode of a fire god.

This aura was exceedingly mighty. Others couldn’t help wanting to prostrate.

“So strong!” Holyfrost became shaken after sensing it.

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