Chapter 3014: Do The Three Immortals Exist?

“That has nothing to do with me since I’ll keep living quite well even if Three Immortals is finished. However, Sir is here so anything coming out will only be obliterated.” The bull laughed.

“Him?” The rock stared at Li Qiye.

This wasn’t a look of disdain but it still said: “Haha, I’m not underestimating him. It’s just that there are things beyond your imagination and he is alone. He might not be able to save himself, let alone worry about anything else. A tiger will still die to a pack of wolves.”

“Is that so? That’s why you’re just a rock without any knowledge, unable to fathom Sir’s true abilities. Don’t worry, everything is fine with him around.” The bull smiled, still as confident as ever.

The rock focused up even more, extremely animated and expressive despite its current form. It was as if they were speaking to a living person.

“Little calf, you’re only saying this because you haven’t seen it.” The rock uttered coldly: “The terror is too much to take. Hehehe, plus, you won’t be able to tell friends from foes on that day. Perhaps the ones troubling Three Immortals the most are none other than its so-called protectors.”

“That’s an issue of you lacking confidence but then again, how can a rock know what an invincible dao heart is? That’s why you were turned evil. I won’t comment on others but Sir will be the destroyer of the ones you speak of. I have zero doubt in my mind about this.” The bull said.

Strangely enough, the rock didn’t retort this time like before.

“Three Immortals have its own fate and it doesn’t need the protection from a passerby like me. It has protectors already and I won’t get involved unless instigated.” Li Qiye shook his head.

“Who else is strong enough to do so but you?” The bull didn’t like this response.

“A calamity is coming. Will you be leaving, Young Noble?” Holyfrost changed her address, thinking that he was the only one who could stop the incoming problems.

“No need for that, have you forgotten about the name of this world? It has protectors already.”

“The three immortals?” The group exchanged glances and thought about the legends.

“They really exist?” She hesitated before speaking softly.

Despite the name of their world, many inhabitants didn’t believe in the existence of the immortals. None has seen them or proved the validity of their tales before - a clear lack of evidence.

The two sides of the debate have always contested each other.

Li Qiye only smiled in response.

“You’re talking about the three immortals?” The quiet rock jumped in.

“You, a little pebble stuck under the abyss, know about them? I doubt it.” The bull said with disdain.

“A wild calf like you is the real country bumpkin here. I have seen things you never have in your entire life, including the three immortals.” The rock scowled in response.

“You’ve seen them?!” Holyfrost was startled.

In history, no one would dare to make this claim outside of the braggers who wanted to show off.

“Most likely one of the three.” The rock mused for a bit before replying: “If this world has three immortals, that woman has to be it.” 

“Look at how unsure you are, you have no idea what you’re talking about.” The bull laughed.

The rock didn’t respond, seemingly occupied with recalling the previous meeting.

“What kind of person is she?” Holyfrost was filled with curiosity about these legendary beings.

“Strong, insanely strong.” The rock said with certainty while stretching the last words.

She was shaken and found hope. This was definitely the blessing of her world if the three immortals really existed.

“How does she compare to the person who got you out of the abyss?” The bull seemed amused and curious.

This was a tough question since judging strength at the top level was considerably difficult.

The rock carefully thought about an answer then looked at the bull: “A calf like you doesn’t understand the intricacies within. It’s not about strength to become the ruler of the world, it’s all about the destination, the end result.” 

“Yes, I truly don’t understand any of that. What I do understand is that all of this crap doesn't matter to Sir. The key point is that he will annihilate anyone standing in his way. It’s not too late to talk about abstract things afterward.” The bull nonchalantly said and started guffawing afterward.

The rock took another look at Li Qiye. It became a little curious and asked: “What’s your pursuit? Say, you’re capable of doing all of this, what’s your end goal? Immortality? Or to protect everything?”

“A battle to the very end, that’s more than enough. I will continue on being myself.” Li Qiye chuckled.

“Being yourself?” The rock quietly repeated, digesting the implications.

“What about you? Are you still you, the pebble from the abyss?” The bull laughed: “Or are you a mere hound? Nah, even more wretched than that, just a trapped dog right now.”

The rock actually answered seriously this time instead of fighting back: “This is only a choice. One day, you will also make a similar choice.”

“No, I’ve made my decision already.” The bull said: “I chose to follow my heart, don’t you see? That’s why I’m on Sir’s side.” 

“Don’t be so sure. You might change this decision and abandon all of your previous convictions. This isn’t a rare occurrence in the slightest.” The rock said.

“That’s their choice, not mine. Their dao heart was simply not firm enough, or maybe that’s their original nature anyway. Their light and attempt to be protectors were only an outward layer of pretension.” The bull sneered.

“We’ll see if you can keep this act up when that day comes.” The rock snorted.

“I’m perfectly confident in myself, don’t you worry.” The bull smirked.

The rock didn’t buy it, evident by its disdainful expression.

“You’re still you, you just don’t know it right now. It’s time for you to return to your original self.” Li Qiye interrupted with a smile.

“What do you want?!” The rock had a bad feeling about this.

“Just lending you a hand, that’s all.” He smiled.

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