Chapter 3013: I Am A Supreme Rock

“Pah!” The bull didn’t appreciate being called a junior and immediately barked back: “I am the ultimate divine bull born in a land of immortals. My bloodline is peerless as I walk through the ages. A tiny pebble like you dares to assume seniority over me? Eat this!”

“Rumble!” It raised its hooves and stomped down right away.

The rock didn’t relent either and shot out a black halo to stop the incoming hooves.

The impact shook the entire mountain - a testament to the power of these two combatants.

“Divine bull my ass!” The rock scoffed in response: “I was born in the abyss of Uncrossable Expanse since antiquity. I am the devourer of all, destined for greatness and invincibility - a supreme rock, to say the least.”

The rock was obviously just as arrogant and confident while staring down at the bull.

It was still very animated while being fully suppressed, seemingly looking at the group with disdain.

“Please, so what if you were born in Uncrossable Expanse? You’re still just another pebble stuck in this place forever.” The bull retorted.

“Wait till I’m outside, I will start the ultimate storm and ascend to become a supreme true immortal. All of you will be nothing more than insects, mere specks of dust scattering to the wind.” The rock really believed that it was number one.

“Keep on dreaming then, you will never be able to get out, not in this generation or the next. Yeah, I suppose all you can do is dream.” The bull gave it the side-eye.

“Insignificant calf, you will be my first target once I’m out.” The rock became infuriated.

The bull retaliated with more stomping but the halo of the rock successfully stopped it.

“You dare to boast, little rock? I will destroy you right now, no need for you to crawl outside!” The bull threatened.

“You can cultivate another hundred generations and still won’t be able to teach me, you’ll be nothing more than a worm that can’t reach the apex…”

The bull and the rock kept on going at it while spewing out sharp insults like crazy men.

Holyfrost didn’t know whether to laugh or to cry. Of course, she heaved a sigh of relief because this rock didn’t seem that evil despite its dark affinity.

“One of you is a big piece of charcoal, the other is a little black stone. You two might as well become sworn brothers.” Li Qiye interrupted the two.

“Bah, who would ever do that?!” The two disagreed at the same time, clearly looking down on the other.

“You’re from Uncrossable Expanse?” Li Qiye asked.

The arrogant rock dared to look down on the bull but it became quiet this time. It pondered for a bit because it had tasted Li Qiye’s power.

“Yes, I was born in the Eternal Abyss of the expanse, matchless in terms of fortune and creation.” It eventually answered.

“Yes, yes, a divine stone…” The bull sarcastically mocked.

“My origin is a hundred times stronger than yours.” The rock retorted.

“How did you get here?” Li Qiye asked.

“Someone pulled me out of the abyss, hence my coming into being.” The rock revealed.

“Who was it? Fire Ancestor?” The bull became curious.

“No, this person is strong, extremely strong.” The rock replied in a serious manner.

Its tone seemed as if Fire Ancestor was no big deal, that it would still be haughty before this progenitor. On the other hand, whoever took it out has earned its respect. There was a hint of dread or even fear in its voice.

“How strong?” The bull laughed but still took it seriously.

Holyfrost couldn’t believe it. She knew just how strong this rock was after their previous exchange. Now this rock was talking about another master using this grave tone? Just how powerful could this being be?

“Perhaps, stronger than you.” The rock replied in a careful manner.

Of course, the “you” here was referring to Li Qiye, not the bull.

“Haha, I doubt it.” The bull said: “You haven’t seen Sir’s real power or you wouldn’t be saying this. He is unfathomable.”

The rock didn’t bite back against the bull this time around. It contemplated for a moment before answering: “This person is also... unfathomable.” 

Whoever this person was had clearly left a shadow in the rock’s mind.

“A meeting would be nice.” Li Qiye didn’t become angry or competitive.

“He’s in an unknown location at the expanse.” The rock answered. [1]

“That’s fine, I’ll be heading to the expanse anyway. I hope he is as strong as you’re making him out to be.” Li Qiye chuckled.

The rock clearly trembled after hearing this.

“Haha, if he dares to conspire against Sir, an amazing battle will break out. Of course, my money is on you, Sir. No overlords can take you on.” The bull was completely confident in Li Qiye.

“He’s an elusive master, you might not be able to see him.” The rock answered. Its tone made people think that it was shaking its head.

“Whatever.” Li Qiye didn’t mind. He wasn’t going there to fulfill his ego in the first place: “He took you out of the abyss and made you evil. This is an act of betrayal, intending on causing chaos.”

“It’s not my fault. Nothing would have changed anyway even if I wasn’t here. The result was predetermined.” The rock said.

“So you snuck onto the expedition ship and did all of this.” The bull glared at it.

“No, Fire Ancestor invited me here. I had nothing to do with anything else.” The rock coldly uttered.

“What?!” Holyfrost blurted out, feeling something ominous.

“Where is he?” The bull immediately asked.

“He left before I was suppressed in order to hide from someone.” The rock revealed.

“Hide from someone? The one who imprisoned you here? No, he’s one of the Decemvirate and shouldn’t be afraid of another top-ten progenitor.” The bull speculated.

“His master.” Li Qiye answered instead.

“His master? Who is Fire Ancestor’s master?” Holyfrost asked.

Fire Ancestor was a mysterious one. People didn’t know about his background and he had never mentioned his master before.

Li Qiye didn’t answer her but seemed to know everything judging by his expression.

“Yes, he never returned here afterward.” The rock nodded.

“Shit.” The bull understood everything now about this event and said: “There must be a reason… this can’t be.”

“The reason is very simple - this is the nature of men.” The rock snorted.

“True…” The bull took a deep breath: “Damn, it’s over. No one can withstand what’s about to come.”

“Yes, Three Immortals is finished. Run as far away as possible if you want to live or it’ll happen to you too.” The rock coldly said.

1. Unknown location here can be a title of a place. We’ll see with more context

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