Chapter 3012: Strange Rock

The new dark lord of this world finally finished devouring the jaw, not leaving a single piece left.

Its power was incomparable and dreadful. The strongest masters all felt insignificant and couldn’t reach the apex while facing him.

Holyfrost had chills all over. This darkness was enough to entice the greatest genius.

“...” She took a deep breath, feeling her hair standing on ends; her palms filled with cold sweat.

She never expected him to have such frightening dark power.

“One thought to become a devil; another to become a Buddha.” The bull looked at her and said: “Both light and darkness can take form in an instant in his mind. Little girl, there is an immense difference between you and him.”

The emperor pondered quietly. Her pure light could chase away the darkness and purify impurities.  However, this dao heart of light required years of accumulation.

On the other hand, the fierce light and the terrifying darkness only required a single thought from Li Qiye.

The bull was right. The disparity between the two of them was insane. She finally realized how far she was from reaching his level and power.

A while ago, she knew that he was far, far stronger. Alas, a sad realization struck her at this second. She could try for a lifetime and never be able to catch up.

After the jaw was gone, the remaining darkness was frightened and ran back into its lair with haste.

Earlier, it was unstoppable and nearly defeated Holyfrost. Now, it ran for its life before Li Qiye’s darkness.

Li Qiye didn’t bother pursuing and recalled his dark power with a smirk on his face.

Holyfrost heaved a sigh of relief after seeing this. Though Li Qiye didn’t actively suppress anyone, it was still too suffocating. People would get lost in that darkness, never to see the sun again.

“There’s a mountain over there.” Yanbai relaxed and said.

The darkness earlier had shown its true from - a mountain not too particularly wide or tall.

Nevertheless, it still felt quite imposing with numerous glyphs. They didn’t exude light, just a rippling effect like soundwaves.

From the distance, it felt as if soundwaves struck the mountain and eventually turned into runes. 

One could see the faint hint of an immortal song, echoing for an eternity around this mountain. This song actually served as an eternal seal. Even the strongest devil wouldn’t be able to get out from beneath the mountain.

Whatever creature below tried to struggle but the song would play again. Each tune struck like a sword, weakening its prisoner in the process.

“An apex seal, which master left his supreme melody here to imprison this thing?” The black bull said.

“There aren’t many progenitors versed in music.” Holyfrost said.

“Versed in music? No, this is taking the dao of music to the extreme. The bull said: “It’s not a simple suppression song. Each tune would slowly destroy the prisoner until ash is the only thing left.”

“Amazing indeed.” Li Qiye smiled: “Very few people in Three Immortals can do this. A person capable of this should be part of the Decemvirate.”

Holyfrost was shaken after hearing this possibility since everyone knew about the Decemvirate.

Li Qiye entered the mountain with the group behind him.

They could feel the suppressive ripples within. It was strong enough to crush the spine of the mightiest existence and take their breath away.

Holyfrost felt suffocated even though the power wasn’t directed at her. From this, one could easily imagine the pressure felt by its prisoner.

A twelve-palace emperor would be crushed in no time at all if trapped here.

“So the devil is that dark jaw earlier?” The bull looked around and didn’t notice the thing earlier.

The two girls also tried to find it, thinking that it should have been easy.

After all, the dark jaw came from the tablet and should be the thing stuck in here. It should be big enough to spot.

Alas, they didn’t notice anything, not even the frightening aura earlier.

“It’s here.” Li Qiye gently pushed out a stack of hay to reveal a rock.

The others hurried over for a look and saw a rock half-buried underground.

“Hmm?” All three were surprised.

“This is it?” Holyfrost’s pretty eyes widened in disbelief.

The rock was only the size of an egg, looking like an onyx jade. One would find it hard to imagine that this tiny thing was the real form of the dark energy prior.

Li Qiye removed the mud around it to reveal the actual situation - numerous dao laws from the mountain looking like everlasting chains were wrapping around the bottom half of the rock.

They were extremely stretched - a testament to the rock’s numerous escape attempts.

“So this little brat is it? It actually has such a powerful technique.” The bull murmured.

“You’re the little brat! Same with your entire family!” A voice retorted. It came from the rock.

“It can speak?” Liu Yanbai didn’t expect this.

Holyfrost confirmed that this was indeed the dark jaw earlier after hearing its voice. Alas, the contrast was considerable.

She assumed that the true form suppressed beneath this mountain should be a great devil with three heads and six arms, not this tiny little rock.

“Quite magical indeed.” The bull couldn’t figure out the rock’s materials and essences.

It was extremely knowledgeable and has seen plenty of divine metals and ores. This was its first time seeing this type of rock.

“Hmph, I am a supreme divine rock. Little juniors like you can’t comprehend my existence.” The rock proudly said.

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