Chapter 3011: Who Is The Darkness?

The dark entity wasn’t that furious while being suppressed by Holyfrost’s light power. However, the hoof from the bull resulted in rage from the humiliation.

This was understandable after having its head nearly knocked off by the bull.

“Raa!” The stars in the sky trembled before its roar. Everything was on the verge of crumbling.

“Shit, it’s getting serious.” The bull shouted and didn’t care for its heroic image.

It had no intention of fighting this darkness and ran back behind Li Qiye.

“Sir, it’s up to you to deal with this monster now. I’m just too weak.” It shouted and got even farther away.

“Raaa!” The dark energy formed a jaw once more - large enough to devour the sun and moon. It looked like a whale that could swallow the gods.

Li Qiye’s area became the next target of this gaping jaw.

Of course, the bull activated a movement technique to run a million miles away from the impact point.

Holyfrost wasn’t a coward but after seeing the bull’s escape, it was fine for a junior like her to get the hell out as well.

Only Li Qiye remained still as if he didn’t see the incoming jaw. The area around him was finished but he had no intention of faltering.

The others watched from the distance and saw his robe fluttering to the wind. His surroundings were engulfed by the jaw in no time at all.

Time came to a halt as if it had devoured everything and it was time for digestion.

The bull was still smiling, unlike his worried disciple.

“Will the young noble be okay?” She asked.

“Disciple, you should be worrying about the dark jaw instead, it’s very unlucky.” The bull said.

Nevertheless, Yanbai remained nervous while looking at the dark jaw.

“So do you know what it is?” Holyfrost had a serious expression as well.

She fought against that thing earlier but still had no idea what it was.

She used her powerful light to reveal its darkness but this wasn’t its true form. Of course, the master of this dark energy should be the real thing to worry about. Unfortunately, she couldn’t bring it out.

“You’ll find out soon enough, haha. It’s about to start.” The bull’s eyes lit up.

“Rumble!” Next came a series of explosions that made the minor world tremble then creaking noises as if something was being pulled up.

The explosions came from the dark jaw. It shook violently and the explosions became louder.

“Pop!” Finally, a powerful force tore apart the jaw.

Majestic light exuded from within, akin to the opening of a world of light. It had materialized enough to take on the form of flowing mercury.

“Boom! Boom! Boom!” The jaw was being lifted to the sky.

“Look, the young noble!” Yanbai saw clearly and shouted.

Inside the majestic light was Li Qiye. His light was different from Holyfrost’s.

His was as fierce as possible like numerous blades. They cut the jaw without showing any mercy and didn’t resemble the light affinity at all.

A while ago, Holyfrost had domineering tidal waves but they were still as quite like the rain of spring - something akin to the water affinity.

This wasn’t the case for Li Qiye. His light had no intention of saving people and the world. It was a weapon meant for drawing blood in a tyrannical manner.

This brutality didn’t match the light affinity in the slightest. However, it just felt so right coming from Li Qiye - a being seemingly born for the sake of massacre.

Holyfrost was in awe while watching this other form of light. She has never seen or heard of it before despite growing up in the academy and learning about this affinity.

The bull, on the other hand, wasn’t surprised in the slightest: “He’s the one who can bring out Desolate Saint’s light to the extreme. You, are on a different path, the true destination of the light.”

It didn’t explicitly state the change of her dao right now. She was no longer following the path of Desolate Saint but rather, the old tree demon’s light dao.

“Raaa!” The dark jaw roared while being lacerated by Li Qiye’s sharp dao.

It soared towards him like a frenzied ocean of black. Alas, it couldn’t move his sharp light dao at all.

“Rumble!” It was completely under his mercy.

“Darkness, huh? I’ll show you what real darkness is.” Li Qiye chuckled and decided to play with it.

In the next second, his chest seemingly opened, and out came an aura of darkness. The previous light power disappeared entirely.

Despite his dao’s sharp and brutal nature, Li Qiye still resembled a messenger of the light prior. Now, only a boundless dark affinity hovered around him, capable of swallowing everything.

His chest became an abyss - the origin of the darkness.

“Buzz.” In this exact juncture, a sacred light instinctively shielded Holyfrost along with light mantras.

She felt a terrible threat coming from him since they were currently of the opposite affinity. Her light power viewed him as a mortal enemy, this crownless king of darkness - the origin of the darkness.

His dark power also turned into a colossal jaw and began devouring its prey, finishing half of the thing in the blink of an eye.

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