Chapter 3010: Hidden Darkness

“Boom!” The flood of light slammed into the golden tablet in an unceasing and merciless manner. 

The tablet was drowned out completely like a rock beneath the ocean. Alas, it remained immobile regardless of the waves.

“Rumble!” The power of the light roared with explosions.

The waves then turned into a frightening storm. One could hear thunderous rumbles within before lightning arcs started to form. Magnificent bolts then struck the tablet directly.

The scale of this contest was a sight to behold - perhaps the most impressive scene some would see in their lives.

The bolts of light illuminated the entire region and had enough power to crush all evil and darkness into smithereens. 

People would gain a new impression of Holyfrost Emperor after seeing her offense.

Many thought of the light as a sacred affinity. Plus, she herself exuded an aura of serenity. No one could connect this dominating and relentless attack to the emperor without witnessing in person.

Alas, the insane torrents of light still didn’t do anything to the tablet.

Her expression became serious; her mind slightly waved. This tablet’s power clearly exceeded hers.

“Activate!” She didn’t give up just yet and decided to change her method.

The light suddenly became gentle, no longer resembling an attack. It felt like the sunlight pouring down during winter and chasing the coldness away.

This soft aura was comforting and warm. Others would become drowsy after sensing this.

The power wasn’t refining or attacking this time around. It simply permeated in all nooks and corners, seemingly pitying all living beings and wanting to make life better, taking away all pain and suffering.

It could infiltrate anything, whether it be the toughest being or the hardest-to-reach location.

This was the strongest aspect of the light - its omnipresent ability. It drowned the tablet and began infiltrating everywhere.

“Zzz…” The tablet began losing its golden light.

A while ago, it looked like the ruler of this area due to its overwhelming radiance. Now, the power of the light was weakening it.

The radiance slowly disappeared and the tablet revealed its true form.

Its imposing and holy aura was no longer there. The tablet itself was gone now, leaving behind billowing darkness like a bottomless abyss.

This dark affinity could devour anything dumb enough to get close. Escaping was futile.

“This is the strongest profundity of the light.” The bull sentimentally said: “That old geezer always spieled crap about saving all beings and subduing evil, that’s only his own thought in my opinion. The power of light should be comforting like this.” 

“Can’t you see? This is a transformation. The light isn’t a power, just a form of expression. This has nothing to do with Desolate Saint. Academy of Light is just transforming, same with its dao source.” Li Qiye smiled and said.

“The old demon!” The bull’s expression changed.

It naturally didn’t like the demon and always competed against him. However, it must admit that the tree demon was able to change the dao of the system.

Its progenitor was still Desolate Saint - everyone in the world knew this. Alas, after millions of years, the old demon’s effort was gradually changing the system.

Eventually, it would become the demon’s legacy, not Desolate Saint’s.

Li Qiye only smiled in response without elaborating.

“Goddamn it, he’s really doing it. Inferior to Desolate Saint in the past but he will certainly surpass him in the future.” The bull murmured.

Li Qiye ignored the bull and told Holyfrost: “Be careful.”

“Zzz…” The omnipresent power of Holyfrost continued to infiltrate the darkness, wanting to reach the center before starting the purification process.

“What is that thing?” The bull wondered while looking at the abyssal entity.

“Boom!” The dark energy rushed to the sky and seemingly devoured everything like a primordial beast.

It opened its jaw and licked heaven and earth in a creepy manner. This jaw resembled the largest black hole in existence and its prey was Holyfrost Emperor.

She hurriedly gathered her holy power. This resulted in her wings growing to an immense size and posing in front of her like an impregnable gate. All of the power of the light has condensed into the wings. It became difficult to look straight at her radiant state.

“Boom!” The jaw bit her defensive barrier without showing any mercy.

“Crack!” The crystallized barrier began to crack as a result.

Next, the dark energy crazily surged as if a great devil king was descending. It began to assault the region.

“Crack!” More cracks appeared on the barrier due to the increased amount of energy.

Her expression dimmed, aware of how strong this dark power was.

“Eat this!” The bull joined the fray and leaped up for a stomp.

Don’t be quick to underestimate the bull. This stomp had enough power to turn the sky vault over or leave a hole in any system.

“Boom!” The abyssal jaw was blown flying far away - truly a magnificent spectacle.

Holyfrost retreated behind Li Qiye with haste at this second.

“Raaa!” The dark energy became enraged and roared. Its power became heightened to the next level.

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