Chapter 3009: Dao Derivation Canon

They crossed through the damaged space and found a boundless golden radiance from the distance.

“What’s that, Master?” Liu Yanbai pointed forward.

They saw a colossal tablet ahead, seemingly cast from gold and capable of piercing the sky.

It suppressed the entire area and gave off a majestic presence. The world itself felt insignificant in comparison.

The tablet had boundless strength that exceeds all else. It seemed capable of shouldering the myriad realms - truly a sight to behold from a distance.

Gold runes moved on the surface - ancient and powerful. They were formed naturally, not carved by someone.

A strand of spirit energy seeped within the runes, one that could be from the past and travel through the river of time to get here.

To the top were two massive characters that could be seen from far away - Dao Derivation. The runes below seemed tiny in comparison, resembling countless spirits dancing around.

“Dao Derivation, the legendary canon?” Holyfrost became startled.

“Looks that way.” The bull’s eyes widened as well: “These two characters are immensely profound. Probably not fake.”

“Who would have thought that we would see this legend here?” Holyfrost was still amazed despite having seen many dao laws before.

“What is it, Master?” Yanbai asked the bull.

“According to the legend, Emperor Xi of the Three Immortals left behind a dao explanation with the name Dao Derivation. It explains the myriad dao and mysteries of the three worlds. Many actually originated from this canon. However, very few people actually saw the actual thing.”

“Let’s go take a look.” Holyfrost became excited: “This canon is only one portion of the text but it contains incredible profundity. Just understanding a little bit of it is enough to make one a peerless progenitor.”

She couldn’t help wanting to learn from a source of the dao in Three Immortals. So many masters have dreamt about this despite possessing numerous merit laws and techniques.

“No rush, keep on waiting.” Li Qiye raised his hand to stop her while shaking his head.

“Hmm…” Holyfrost calmed down and thought that Li Qiye wouldn’t stop her for no reason.

“Something is strange.” The bull became alerted and opened its third eye. This one was even larger than the other two.

The emperor shuddered and took a deep breath. She then activated her heavenly gaze and derived the dao to take a closer look at the towering tablet.

Unfortunately, its blinding brilliance rendered taking a closer look at the runes impossible.

Nevertheless, she began to see that there was something wrong. Something might be hidden beneath the golden light.

Li Qiye stood there with no intention of coming over. The rest felt the same way.

A while later, a group of experts with halos rotating outward has arrived. Their strength made it obvious that they were at the ancestor level. They also noticed the bright tablet from the distance.

“Dao Derivation Canon?!” One of them got a closer look and shouted.

These famous ancestors knew their stuff and immediately recognized the two characters.

“Looks like this risk was worth taking, we found the legendary Dao Derivation, a supreme text from one of the three immortals.” One of them said.

“Come, let’s take a better look and take it down!” Another lost his patience and flew over.

The others didn’t want to fall behind and rushed towards the tablet. It wasn’t long before they were the bottom.

They looked up and carefully read the runes: “Amazingly profound, this has to be the real thing.”

They became entranced and inadvertently moved closer to the tablet because the runes were too tiny. They eventually made contact with the tablet.

In this blink of an eye, the tablet activated like a beast opening its jaw and instantly tried to swallow the ancestors.

“Shit!” They shouted in horror and quickly retaliated.

Alas, it was simply too late. The tablet was powerful enough to nullify their offense and swallowed them whole.

“Ah!” Quiet wails along with grinding noises came from inside. The tablet’s base started moving for a bit, akin to chewing.

A while later, it stopped moving again, still looking as sacred and bright as ever. No one would be able to imagine that it just had devoured several powerful ancestors.

“A fiend…?” Liu Yanbai became afraid.

“Haha, definitely nothing good for sure.” The bull laughed.

Holyfrost trembled inside. She would have been tempted by the runes as well if Li Qiye didn’t stop her earlier. Perhaps she would be inside its stomach as well.

“What is it?” Her heavenly gaze couldn’t see its true form.

There were two possibilities stemming from this. First, this was its actual form, or, something far stronger than her has assumed this form.

She was a twelve-palace emperor on top of possessing the purest holy affinity. However, this monstrous entity could still shroud itself against her. She realized that this was a powerful foe, most likely above her current abilities.

“You can try, haha.” The bull said.

“That’s what I’m thinking.” She nodded, wanting to give it a shot even without the bull’s egging.

“Buzz.” Her holy light became resplendent and illuminated the sky.

Her pair of light wings also spread and opened a world of light. Each feather seemed to be a gate pouring out boundless light affinity. A bright tsunami instantly drowned out the region.

Her current appearance of being shrouded in this affinity was very comforting. The darkness receded instantly; the mortal coil became bearable.

“Big Sis is so pretty.” Yanbai became amazed.

She didn’t know that she would be on her knees right now, unable to lift her head if it wasn’t for the bull’s protection.

“Buzz.” She took one step forward and channeled her light straight at the tablet with the unceasing force of a primordial flood.

“Boom!” Alas, the tablet’s golden light remained with the same intensity.

“Rumble!” She didn’t stop there. One flood came after another in an unending barrage!

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