Chapter 3008: Perseverance

A gaze belonging to a supreme of the ages. Even a twelve-palace emperor like Holyfrost found it unbearable.

This was a progenitor at the immortal level. Thus, he was frightening even after death. This affinity didn’t hinder his power and divinity in the slightest.

“I’m no longer alive and can’t see through many things. I won’t stop you if you must enter.” In the end, he withdrew his gaze and sighed.

He undoubtedly couldn’t fathom Li Qiye despite his immense power. Of course, this would still be the case if he were alive.

“Thank you.” Li Qiye cupped his fist and smiled, completely unaffected by the previous gaze.

“May I ask why you are here, Fellow Daoist?” The old man asked.

“Haha, for treasures, of course, to see if there’s anything good here.” The bull made up an excuse.

“Only danger awaits, not treasures.” The old man shook his head.

“I’m sure you don’t believe it yourself. Your expedition ship carried numerous heavenly treasures, same with your group of progenitors. This dimension alone is already an extraordinary treasure.” The bull shrugged.

The old man opened his mouth but only a sigh came out. He sentimentally said: “Tempting treasures have killed so many people.”

“But what moved your group’s heart isn’t treasure.” Li Qiye said, not messing around like the bull.

The old man’s eyes flashed as he said: “Fellow Doist, what thing do you think moved our heart then?”

“The overarching momentum.” Li Qiye answered: “That’s the reason for the current situation, not treasures.”

“Right you are. Unfortunately, we couldn’t meet when I was still alive.” The old man sighed with disappointment.

He paused for a bit before asking: “Fello Daoist, what is your goal?”

“Just going to take a look and follow my heart.” Li Qiye smiled casually.

The old man remained silent while Li Qiye went on: “There is nothing here truly worthwhile for me, maybe that meteor is different but it’s not part of my plan. Of course, Uncrossable Expanse is still worth a trip.”

“You wish to go there?” The old man became interested.

“For certain.” Li Qiye said leisurely. However, nothing would ever be able to force him otherwise.

“Fellow Daoist, you are incredible and shouldn’t go there. Three Immortals need someone like you to protect and lead.” The old man said.

“I’m only a passerby and has nothing to do with Three Immortals. There are others to lead Three Immortals, like your group for example.” Li Qiye smiled.

The old man didn’t say anything after hearing this.

“What is the expanse like?” The bull investigated.

“Impossible to describe, boundless and profound.” The old man answered the bull: “But it is no longer peaceful, danger has infiltrated.”

“What danger?” The bull went on. Even a character of its level wouldn’t tread that place recklessly.

The old man hesitated for a bit before answering: “It’s best for you not to go there.”

“We just need to slay it, that’s all.” Li Qiye chuckled.

“Can you do it, Fellow Daoist?” The old man’s expression changed. He remained skeptical.

“I won’t care if it doesn’t provoke me but if it does, I will show zero mercy. No exception.” Li Qiye said. This murderous and domineering comment was unquestionable.

The old man remained worried: “Fellow Daoist, this is a great danger. We and Fire Ancestor’s group…”

He stopped speaking.

“And?” The bull jumped in.

The old man had an expression of disappointment: “The path towards the heavenly dao is dangerous but it doesn’t compare to the heart of men. Take care.” 

With that, he turned back towards the mountain range.

“How come you have yet to close your eyes?” The bull shouted at the old man. This rude comment actually made a lot of sense.

After all, the guy had died for so long yet still lingered in this place. It had nothing to do with him still “barely surviving”. It was because he still had lingering sentiments and grudges after suffering an indignant death.

The old man paused and turned around. He mused before speaking: “I’m waiting for someone to come back. They need to give me and the dead souls here an acceptable answer.” He kept on moving after saying this.

“What happened back then? Where is Fire Ancestor?” The bull remained unsatisfied with the answer and continued onward after realizing a few possibilities.

Alas, the old man was long gone now.

“Haha, I won’t pursue this any further and uncover his pain.” The bull shrugged and said, aware of the right answer.

“That’s Divine Moon Progenitor…” Holyfrost Emperor quietly said.

She recognized the old man and his wondrous legends. Alas, this immortal-level progenitor had fallen in this place.

“Indeed.” The bull nodded: “He was amazing back then, heaven-defying to say the least. Unfortunately, still dead right now. In my opinion, he died an indignant death, thus he is still lingering around this world.”

“They’re all dead anyway, just forget about it.” Li Qiye shook his dead.

“Not necessarily. I don’t care since it has nothing to do with me but as you can see, an immortal-level progenitor dying indignantly? This wouldn’t happen if he died to a stronger foe in battle. He would have been aware of this from the start. Therefore, use your imagination, hehehe, regarding the reason for his indignation. What happened back then? What made this invincible progenitor die with his eyes still open, his intent still roam the land for generations to come. I don’t think he’s waiting for his lover but the ones who did this to him!”

This was the most discomforting and darkness speculation. Nevertheless, it made a lot of sense.

A progenitor had experienced numerous storms and tribulations. Being killed in battle was fully acceptable - not a big deal at all. Alas, this wasn’t the case here.

Holyfrost felt a chill after hearing this, wondering about the possibilities. She only knew that this secret was purposely hidden or that the world should never find out about it!

“Let’s go, let the dead deal with their mess. We’re still alive.” Li Qiye said.

“I wouldn’t give a damn if I was an undead either way. I’ve seen plenty of treachery in the past already.” The bull laughed.

Holyfrost remained silent. She didn’t wish to comment or criticize the wise sages back then.

The group crossed through this great mountain range under Li Qiye’s guidance, delving deeper into the land.

They found the next area to suffer an even higher level of damage versus the previous. The battle must have been fiercer and brutal in this place.

Black holes occupied the sky along with chaotic spatial flows. Time itself was broken in multiple parts.

Traversing this place could easily end with death. Monsters didn’t need to be here; just the terrain alone was dangerous enough.

Of course, Li Qiye’s powerful group had no problem dealing with this.

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