Chapter 3007: Progenitor

“Let’s go take a look.” Li Qiye smiled and headed towards the drums.

“Finally, let’s see what they got.” The bull laughed and followed right behind Li Qiye.

Holyfrost Emperor hesitated for a moment before floating in the air to follow these two.

The hesitation had nothing to do with fear of facing the darkness. She was afraid of revealing the truth since it would be a great blow to Immortal Lineage.

Li Qiye took one seemingly slow step forward but this was enough to cross through numerous domains. The sceneries before him changed continuously - from one great plain to a raging lake or majestic mountain range…

As they traveled deeper, these beautiful sceneries became sparse.

One could see the marks of war now - ancient battlefields falling to the ground; the earth being scarred into valleys; scorched land for miles and miles; mountains being rendered to hardened lava…

Delving farther resulted in even more shocking scenes. The ground completely penetrated, leaving behind a great abyss along with tiny continents floating in the air. Some areas had irreparably damaged space so they became lasting black holes…

Pieces of stars were floating too. The celestials weren’t spared from the great battles.

Liu Yanbai who has never seen such grand scenes became pale. The powerful Holyfros took a deep breath. She could imagine the wondrous moves being exchanged here for such immense destruction to take place.

The bull smelled the air and murmured: “A battle between progenitors, and many at that. Quite impressive enough. Arrogance Enterprise is something else, this ship is truly tough. No wonder why it took up so many resources. Their precious metals and stones must have been expended…”

“Hmm, perhaps Fire Ancestor was ambushed by evil entities?” Holyfrost had a serious expression.

She recognized that this was indeed a battle at the progenitorial level judging by the remnant damages.

“Haha, little girl, you can keep on hoping, I don’t think it’s that simple.” The bull laughed.

It maintained the most offensive speculation. After all, it had reasons for believing this and its vision and knowledge were incredible as well.

Holyfrost’s heart grew heavy and became nervous about the grim possibilities.

“Don’t worry, everyone makes their own choice. It’s only victory or defeat; their descendants don’t need to bear the responsibilities.” Li Qiye chuckled after seeing her expression.

“You’re right, Dao Brother.” She nodded in response.

They made it to a mountain range and saw the land as ravage as can be around it. However, this mountain range was still there.

It had many broken with spots entirely crumbled. Nevertheless, its general outline remained, looking just like a dragon in the distance. The boundless aura here demanded respect and fear.

The undead army and powerful lords took a long way around instead of crossing through this mountain range.

“Such a powerful presence.” The bull stopped once they got close and praised.

“Yes.” Holyfrost felt the same way. This aura far exceeded anyone she has seen before.

“Indeed, still here after millions of years.” Li Qiye nodded approvingly and had no intention of bypassing this mountain range.

“Dao Brother, stop. Just go back.” The place suddenly flashed and its aura intensified - akin to a dragon opening its eyes.

This voice was timeworn and sonorous on top of being sincere.

Li Qiye stopped and gazed deeper into the mountain range.

“Show yourself.” The bull laughed and shouted.

Holyfrost was excited because this was her first time hearing a living person in this minor world.

An old man emerged from the mountain range. He wore a crescent robe that didn’t have a single speck of dust on it.

He emitted a lunar radiance, looking like a moon god during his slow approach.

Time had left its mark on his skinny face. However, not in an aging sense but rather, it made him look even more profound thanks to its polishing.

He didn’t exude his aura yet still gave off an uncrossable aura as he stood before the mountain range.

“Go back, Fellow Daoists.” He cupped his fist. Just this gesture from him was enough to move heaven and earth. This was a top-level existence.

“He’s…” Holyfrost recalled a legendary progenitor. This person matched the descriptions perfectly.

Alas, she shuddered upon closer inspection because this old man didn’t have a single sliver of life force in him.

In other words, this progenitor was another undead!

“Just an undead.” The bull became disappointed.

There was one thing noticeably absent from him, unlike the ones they have seen so far - the power of darkness!

“Fellow Daoist. I will cross this path.” Li Qiye bowed his head in response.

The old man’s eyes were still spirited. Others would certainly mistake him for a living person.

“Danger looms ahead, don’t make this mistake.” The old man returned the gesture, still polite despite being a progenitor.

“Mistake? What kind?” Li Qiye smiled.

“Losing your life, or, falling to the evil path from now on. Fellow Daoist, you have achieved so much. Just go back and perfect your strategy.” The old man put on a serious expression.

“How many of you have fallen to the evil path then?” The bull laughed.

The old man’s expression changed for a bit before becoming normal. “Pureness comes from the heart; darkness can be all around and it still doesn’t matter.” He said.

“Your heart is firm indeed, quite commendable.” Li Qiye nodded.

“It’s beyond salvaging.” The fact that he still looked like a living person was a testament to his power.

“What happened here back then?” The bull asked curiously. 

“Leave this treacherous path. Come again once you have a perfect plan.” The old man ignored the question and repeated.

“I am the perfect plan.” Li Qiye said.

“That’s right, Sir is indeed the perfect plan. Everything will be fine with him around.” The bull laughed.

The old man turned towards Li Qiye and sent out a radiance with enough intensity to suppress the myriad ages.

Holyfrost Emperor trembled as a result. This power far exceeded her station.

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