Chapter 3006: Movements

“Boom! Boom! Boom!” The drumming echoed across the entire minor world.

“Where is it coming from?” Everyone looked around in confusion.

“Rumble!” Explosions came from a particular ocean - seemingly the opening of a gate.

Incredible tsunamis ravaged the areas. A great army emerged from these waves and rode towards the drums.

They wore black armors from top to bottom while being shrouded in mist. The leader was an armored crab, looking quite gallant and majestic. 

The spectators became surprised upon closer inspection. This army also consisted of dead creatures that were no different than if they were alive. Their murderous intent remained.

“So many undeads.” Many cultivators took a deep breath.

Even the ones that wanted to attack Holyfrost Emperor turned around and soared towards the summoning call without any hesitation.

“They’re different.” She murmured.

“Yes, the ones attacking you and the ones from the ocean are different, same with the marching army earlier.” The bull’s big eyes were fixated on these creatures.

“Just a different type of death, or rather the transformation process.” Li Qiye said: “For example, the marching army or the underground ones joined the darkness while they were still alive. The oceanic ones joined the darkness after death.”

“They have become puppets?” She became startled.

“These stories are full of twists and turns but in the end, it came down to the heart of men.” Li Qiye smiled.

“Creak-” Another divine mountain suddenly opened and out came a brilliant light.

This gained the attention of the crowd. They looked over and saw an internal dimension inside spewing out the light.

One could hear galloping noises before a chariot flew out from the internal dimension with enough force to crush the void. It also answered the drum call.

Everyone saw an old man sitting on top, resembling a supreme emperor with a righteous aura. He had a crown with pearl tassels covering his face.

Nevertheless, he still gave off a dignified and imposing presence, always ready to take over the world. This mighty old man had no trace of life, also an undead like the rest.

“He… he looks a lot like…” An ancient True God watching from the distance thought about someone else with uncertainty.

“Boom!” Another armored rider appeared from the void, looking mighty and merciless. His weapon of choice was a sun-moon sword hanging on his waist.

Half of his armor was broken from a previous battle but he was still as domineering as ever. His steed galloped towards the drum call.

“Another master…” Many shuddered after seeing him.

They could tell that he was definitely a monster when he was alive - capable of easily slaying lords like them.

“Rumble!” Next came a great ship with a golden radiance.

A keen spectator saw a bronze statue towering at a thousand meters. His hand could grasp the celestials above. 

Everyone shuddered after seeing the flash of his eyes. They were filled with darkness capable of penetrating the soul.

“Isn’t… isn’t he the master from Immortal Bronze…” A True Emperor became startled. He was knowledgeable despite his young age and immediately thought of a legend.

“Dao Brother, tread carefully.” An older Eternal next to him reminded.

The emperor took a deep breath and no longer spoke needlessly.

A matter like this, once spread, would ruin the golden reputation of a master and his race. A storm would start right away.

“Shit, all of the emperors and Everlastings from the previous expedition are undeads now?” The bull didn’t give a damn at all about his words, unlike the others.

This wasn’t a baseless comment either. The bull had lived for a long time and knew the crew of Fire Ancestor’s expedition. Thus, its words carried a lot of confidence.

Many nearby heard this unbridle comment and became emotional. Some started staring at it intensely.

Remember, many systems and sects had wise sages and powerful combatants participating in the previous expedition - some progenitors too.

Now, their great ancestors have become undead? This news would turn Immortal Lineage upside down.

“What you looking at? Think I’m making things up?” The bull glared back at them.

The descendants of the expedition participants were naturally unhappy with him. Nevertheless, they could see the hints of this and simply chose to keep quiet.

In just a short time, mountains opened and palaces flew up. Unbeatable generals and kings emerged from all eight directions. They began heading towards the drum call.

Many became afraid, wondering about their destination.

“Should we take a look?” One person wondered.

“You want to die? These undead creatures might attack us there, you’ll be torn to pieces in no time at all.” A powerful Everlasting reprimanded.

Those nearby immediately dropped this idea.

Some of these foes were insanely strong, enough to kill regular cultivators. They weren’t that afraid of Holyfrost Emperor’s incredible light either, still wanting to attack her.

They would never survive going to that place. 

Some people started blinking at their friends. A few were smart enough to understand why and quietly retreated.

However, they weren’t leaving this minor world. Their goals were the divine mountains and independent dimensions along with the treasures inside.

“Let’s take their treasures while they’re gone.” The crowd became smart enough to realize what was going on.

Since the masters of these places have answered the summoning call, their actual abodes were left open.

The ones from outside had the chance to enter now in order to steal some treasures. No one cared for the drums anymore.

Of course, Li Qiye had no interest in doing so. His focus was solely on the horizon with the drums.

“Hmm, this devious place might be the lair of evil now.” The bull laughed and said.

“But it’s the ship of Fire Ancestor.” Holyfrost remained hopeful.

“So what?” The bull continued: “No one can be sure. He might be powerful but that doesn’t mean that his dao heart remains the same.”

“A dragonslayer might become a dragon one day.” Li Qiye looked at her and said.

“...” She felt a chill after hearing this.

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