Chapter 3005: Power Of Light

The experts became crazy and rushed forward for a harvest. They opened the seal of the garden, ready to take everything.

“Rumble!” Unfortunately, skeletons and corpses got out of the ground during their frenzy.

They got out of the mud, also cloaked in black from top to bottom. It looked like they didn’t allow anyone to see their real appearance.

“The dead are attacking!” The harvesting cultivators shouted after seeing the awakening.

‘Boom!” The dead began their attack, catching them off guard.

One of the corpses summoned a treasure cauldron that sent out a massive flame towards one of the experts.

This was a type of black flame looking just like smoke, filled with the power of darkness.

“Ah!” This expert was instantly turned to ashes after being engulfed.

“Take them down!” The cultivators finally reacted and took out their weapons.

“Clank! Clank! Clank!” Sounds of battle echoed across the valley with no sign of stopping.

These dead creatures were still as strong as when they were alive. Most importantly, they felt no pain despite being pierced by weapons and continued to dash towards the enemies.

Moreover, their number only increased with time. Escaping was too late for the cultivators since they were surrounded.

This puts them at an obvious advantage. One particular corpse was extremely powerful.

It wore the armor of a general - black and fully concealed from top to bottom. Black smoke hovered around its spear, looking just like a general from a realm of the dead.

It rode a stallion and attacked with lightning speed - killing one combatant with each fatal thrust.

‘Ah!! Ah!” One after another cultivator fell to this dead general, pinned to the ground.

“It’s over…” The survivors lamented, unable to make a path despite several attempts.

“They’re so strong.” Of course, the loud commotion attracted others. More cultivators came and observed from the distance without trying to help.

They didn’t know the victims so there was no point in risking their lives.

The ones stuck inside recklessly tried to make a path but they kept on losing and dying. The disparity in power was obvious.

“Back off!” A shout interrupted their moment of despair.

A person descended from the sky and her light illuminated the entire area.

“Zzz…” The dead had black smoke oozing from them - the result of being refined by the power of the light.

They fell to the ground and turned to dried corpses - truly dead this time around.

“Holyfrost True Emperor!” The lucky survivors shouted, ecstatic.

“The emperor saved them.” The faraway spectators were surprised to see this.

She didn’t use any technique, only a holy radiance emanating from her. This supreme affinity made people want to kneel.

The dead found this light dreadful and retreated. Even the powerful general rode his stallion to the side.

“Her light is so strong.” The spectators praised after seeing her instant victory.

“Strong indeed, when strictly talking about the light, I don’t think there’s anyone on her level right now.” Another emperor said: “Such purity and flawlessness, this power is definitely at the source level.”

“Holyfrost is a special talent who had inherited the legacy of Desolate Saint.” An older Everlasting admired her pure light.

Everyone knew that she belonged to the orthodox branch of the academy. Violet Dragon Empress and Brightking Monarch were also students but this was only temporary. They only understood the very surface of the grand dao of the light. 

Thus, their light power was far inferior. After all, she basked in the light since birth and cultivated in this dao her whole light. 

Her power was very close to the original force for this affinity. Therefore, just her light alone was enough to threaten the undead.

“Leave this place now.” Holyfrost only used her light to chase away the dead creatures and didn’t launch and offensive.

The lucky survivors hurriedly fled, going as far as losing their shoes in the process.

“The girl is far better than Desolate Saint. She’s still pure, not a hypocrite who puts up a righteous act like him despite having only nefarious attempts.” The bull said.

“Desolate Saint has flaws but don’t put him down so much.” Li Qiye gently shook his head.

“Haha, I know exactly what is there in his mind so I do not accept his light.” The bull laughed.

Li Qiye smiled - there was no changing the bull’s prejudice against Desolate Saint.

Although the cultivators have escaped, the corpses and especially the general glared at her, seemingly wanting to attack.

Everyone could see that they were afraid of her holy power and stood no chance. The emperor was too strong in comparison. Nevertheless, they were still eager to give it a shot.

“Light and darkness do not co-exist.” An expert from the last generation understood this logic.

The darkness in their bones demanded a match.

“Rumble!” They gathered into a grand formation akin to troops on the battlefield.

Black smoke gathered together with haste and the power of darkness intensified. Eventually, it took the shape of a black dragon with a majestic momentum.

“So what kind of dark power is this? They’re virtually the same as living beings.” Many became afraid of these smart creatures.

After all, normally, the reanimated undeads were moving corpses at best even after being revived by dark power.

This wasn’t the case here. They seemed to have their own consciousness and capable of performing high-level tasks. 

Nevertheless, Holyfrost remained calm with no intent on attacking first. Her holy power was as unyielding as ever; nothing could ever move her.

“Boom! Boom! Boom!” Suddenly, drummings came from the distance. These were war drums, not ordinary ones.

The orderly beat struck everyone like a smack to the chest. People felt the urge to answer its summon, ready to kneel on the ground while obeying all orders.

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