Chapter 3004: The Cause

“Buzz.” Her holy light intensified with dazzling rays capable of piercing Three Immortals - enough to illuminate the age and save all existences.

“Gaa!” The skeleton cried out again. The flames inside its eye socket extinguished - they were clearly the driving force of this creature.

Moreover, this flame had the power of darkness. Thus, the purification property of the light turned it to ashes.

The skeleton crumbled after losing its empowerment and scattered to the ground in pieces.

Holyfrost Emperor heaved a sigh of relief after seeing the pile of bones. This skeleton was still purifiable - meaning that it wasn’t a supernatural phenomenon, just the power of darkness at work here.

“Poof!” A flame came out from the opening during her distraction and slither forward like a serpent. It engulfed the pile of bones, seemingly intending on burning it.

Holyfrost and the others watched the massive flame and started thinking of the possibilities.

Suddenly, the flame flicked a bit and a strange development occurred. The man earlier crawled out of the opening, still shrouded in black smoke.

He didn’t attack Holyfrost Emperor as if he didn’t know what had happened. He sent out gale once more in order to empower the flame beneath the pot to heat up the boiling water.

“Hmm?” The bull was startled, not just the emperor.

“Master, it’s alive again.” The inexperienced Yanbai thought that this was magic.

“Understand now? The problem isn’t coming from this man.” Li Qiye said.

“So it’s from the strange flame itself.” Holyfrost had a serious expression as she stared at the flame.

It seemed to have its own life, whooshing back and forth. She focused her attention on the flame instead of the man. The latter was only a tool. 

She then noticed that this strange flame was filled with the power of darkness. The skeleton would only come back to life with the flame’s power.

“The dead army has flames in their eyes too. They’re not the ones doing anything, just the flame.” She concluded.

“You’re half right.” Li Qiye smiled while staring at the man in black.

“This place is so strange. Maybe the flame isn’t the source, this whole place is filled with dark power too.” The bull mused.

“True as well.” Li Qiye looked around and said: “It’s not an issue of which power is causing this but rather, where the heart yearns.”

“Where the heart yearns?” She didn’t understand the comment.

It wasn’t due to a lack of intelligence but because she had a heart of light, never thinking about nefarious matters.

“Damn! No way!” The bull was the opposite. It always had a sinister mind and believed that others were the same. Thus, it understood the implication right away.

“The expedition… the strongest group in history… completely annihilated.” It murmured.

“Really?” Holyfrost remained skeptical: “Fire Ancestor is exceedingly strong, there are four other progenitors with him and numerous other experts, what in the world can defeat them?”

Remember, Fire Ancestor was part of the Decemvirate.

There have been many progenitors in Three Immortals but only ten made it to this list. This was indicative of Fire Ancestor’s abilities.

This was before taking his comrades into account. This group should have been unbeatable, hence her disbelief.

Of course, she wasn’t naive enough to not think about this worst-case scenario when she got on the ship. However, optimism was her choice.

After all, if Fire Ancestor’s group was annihilated, then how could Three Immortals ever hope to stop the incoming calamity?

“Haha, because they’re too strong.” The bull realized something and laughed. [1]

“This is looking grim for Immortal Lineage.” Holyfrost became dejected, thinking that Immortal Lineage wouldn’t make it through this.

“Haha, that’s why we need someone like you to save us, that’s the only way for Immortal Lineage to survive.” The bull began flattering Li Qiye.

Holyfrost turned towards him as well.

“There is no savior.” Li Qiye shook his head: “Or at least I’m not one. They need to rely on themselves and stop thinking about a savior. A savior of today can become the destroyer of tomorrow.”

“Why is that?” She instinctively asked.

“Just the way it is with the heart of men. It’s all within a single thought, so it’s better not to have a savior. Perhaps a lack of one would result in not having a destroyer.” He looked straight at her with this response.

She shuddered and reflected on her experience. As a wielder of the light, she shouldered the hope of many. That’s why she became cautious and thought that she needed to improve her dao heart.

“It’s good to be cautious. Looks like you’ve realized it and will be preparing sufficiently.” Li Qiye smiled and nodded.

She took a deep breath and nodded in return.

“Ahhh! Ahhhhh!” Suddenly, screams echoed from the distance. They were miserable enough to give people goosebumps.

“Something’s happening.” The bull glanced over and said.

“Let’s go take a look!” Holyfrost instantly soared towards the horizon.

“The girl has a kind heart, still wanting to save people even after becoming an emperor. Very rare.” The bull commented after seeing her eager departure.

“It’s good if she can reach the apex with one. However, a dao heart like that, once damaged, will become a terrible weapon.” Li Qiye said.

“There is good and bad in all things.” The bull agreed.

The two then soared towards the direction of the screams as well.

The location was another valley surrounded by a mountain range. Experts who have boarded the ship found an amazing alchemy garden left behind by a big shot there.

It had plenty of precious alchemy materials and grass. They have been growing for millions of years.

These experts were ecstatic at this sight, of course.

1. Not sure which group he is referring to, intentionally vague

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