Chapter 3003: Boiling Army

Holyfrost Emperor hasn’t thought of this before because she wasn’t strong enough.

Suddenly, the bull further ahead shouted: “Come, look over there!”

Liu Yanbai also audibly gasped. The two behind heard them and increased their speed.

They were standing at the end of the army now and saw a massive valley. One could feel a heatwave beforehand.

This wave was hot enough to dry someone’s skin. It carried a dense presence of steel.

One would see a bizarre scene after coming inside - this was no valley.

It was actually a massive pot spewing out bubbles, hence the far-reaching heatwaves.

The thing boiling inside was purified molten water, made from a mix of a dozen divine metals or so.

Even a fool could tell that this liquid was extremely rare and valuable. Using it would allow one to create a massive army of elites among elites.

It wasn’t the most shocking thing here. The dead soldiers took that spot.

They lined up and jumped into the pot in an orderly fashion. The pot seemed to be bottomless, capable of taking in a billion soldiers. They sank all the way down to the bottom.

This was quite a frightening spectacle. Holyfrost herself took a deep breath.

The dead army was purposely boiling themselves?

“What are they doing?” The courageous and knowledgeable bull still became slightly afraid with chills running down its spine. 

“Just what is making them go there in waves?” Holyfrost didn’t quite understand why they marched for so long just to get to this pot.

“Hmm…” Li Qiye stared at the pot in rumination.

“This is the mythical boiling torture in hell? People say that sinners would be thrown into a boiling pot after death. Their screams could be heard through all of hell.” The bull commented.

“Really, Master?” Yanbai shuddered after hearing this.

“Who knows? At least your master hasn’t done anything wrong before.” The bull shrugged.

“Right, never done anything wrong before yet your heart is as black as can be.” Li Qiye smiled and bullied the bull.

“Sir, you can’t slander me like this. I am innocent and pure.” The bull protested while being dissatisfied.

Li Qiye ignored the comment.

“Dao Brother, why is this happening?” Holyfrost couldn’t see any clue and resort to asking Li Qiye.

“They’re getting ready for war.” Li Qiye flashed into disappearance and appeared again on top of a cliff next to the valley. The group followed right behind him.

They saw flames dancing like dragons while looking down the cliff. If the valley served as a pot, then this bottom played the role of a stove. There were fiery openings shooting out fierce flames to increase the heat.

In front of these openings was a man shrouded in black smoke. He created a powerful gale to fan the flames, adding more intensity as a result.

“So you’re causing trouble here!” The bull shouted and stomped down.

“Boom!” This man got blown into the fiery opening and into the flame.

“Poof!” The flame burned more powerfully and engulfed this man.

“Haha, that’s the end of you.” The bull was very happy with its display of might.

“Master, he’s crawling out.” Yanbai interrupted its gloating moment.

The bull looked over and saw a man on fire crawling out of the opening. The flame instantly extinguished and the guy continued to fan the fire. He didn’t bother looking at the bull or the others once.

“We’ll see about that!” The bull roared and did the same thing again.

The man was knocked inside but this didn’t matter. He climbed back out and resumed his task.

“He’s not alive.” The bull finally realized: “This is a ghost, no, a puppet. The same as the dead soldiers.”

“So what’s happening here?” Holyfrost thought that she had seen too many strange things today.

“Go take a look.” Li Qiye smiled.

The emperor took a deep breath and shouted: “Show your true self!”

Sacred light emerged around her. It wasn’t in the form of an overwhelming flame but was still extremely pure.

She seemed to be the source of the light, wielding its mightiest force. Darkness instantly had no place to hide, just waiting to be refined.

“Buzz…” The smoke shrouding the man dissipated, revealing the skeleton beneath with flashing flames in its eye sockets.

“So powerful and pure, the girl truly inherited the legacy of the academy.” The bull praised after seeing the emperor’s light power.

“Gaa!” The skeleton screamed while being purified by her holy power.

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