Chapter 3001: March Of The Dead

“We’re going this way.” Li Qiye shook his head at the peddling merchant and told the group.

They continued onward in this minor world. However, its vastness far exceeded their imagination - most likely larger than any system in Immortal Lineage. This meant that the ship was carrying an entire system across Uncrossable Expanse. 

Some people began to understand why these top masters never returned. Just imagine, they could continue further in such an amazing world. This lessened their likelihood in wanting to return to Immortal Lineage to an extent.

Everyone noticed a clear lack of damage after entering this world at first. The mountains, rivers, and stars were all intact.

Meanwhile, Li Qiye’s group began crossing a snowy mountain range. After making it through, they finally saw a chaotic mess - cracks on the ground, empty rivers, and broken hills.

“So powerful, this is where a battle took place.” The bull took a deep breath.

This battle had happened so long ago but it could still sense the ever-present remnants.

This minor world was tougher than any system yet it still got broken to pieces - a testament to the destruction found here.

“This is a progenitor-level battle.” Holyfrost became startled and commented.

“Indeed, and not at the ordinary level either. This is at the very top.” Li Qiye nodded: “The barriers here were completely broken. Remember, they were refined by more people than just Fire Ancestor.”

“Fire Ancestor was a member of the Decemvirate, an extremely brilliant being. I guess you can say that this ship is his dao system. What the hell happened here?” The bull became serious.

Remember, this minor world could actually be considered the greatest system in existence. It had five progenitors, more than ten peak emperors, and another hundred Everlastings or so.

“Rumble!” They suddenly heard noises, not too loud and actually quite orderly.

“What’s that sound?” The bull’s ears moved.

“You’ll see soon enough.” Li Qiye’s eyes narrowed as he moved forward in a hurry.

A while later, they saw a shocking scene - a marching army. This was indeed unexpected on this seemingly-haunted ship.

The army consisted of only the dead, not a single living soul could be found.

They had died in battle long ago but the majority of their armors and weapons were still looking new, albeit damaged. Their armors were made from the finest black celestial steel; their weapons the best type of divine metal.

Arming this army would have depleted a system’s treasury. Nonetheless, these great artifacts weren’t enough to save them.

Flames burned brightly in their eyes; their withered face still had a tough expression as if they thought they were still alive.

One couldn’t see the tail end of this great march. Who knows where they came from and where they were going to?

They marched with great speed and knew nothing of fatigue, still hellbent on completing their mission.

“What are they?” The bull didn’t expect this.

“An army from hell? Hmm, they’re not war puppets.” Scouting rays shot out from Holyfrost’s eyes. She eventually concluded.

War puppets were a legion created from an evil method, turning living warriors into the dead. This made them a lot more effective and dangerous.

“Right.” The bull said: “This is a legion created after death. Wait, that’s not right. No, they were already a legion beforehand, death didn’t change anything.”

“So how did someone do this?” Holyfrost asked.

Death should have been the end. Even an emperor wouldn’t have been able to keep a legion around in this manner. 

“A certain supreme overlord didn’t want to give up, not willing to accept death.” Li Qiye concluded.

“So are they good or bad?” Liu Yanbai on top of the bull asked.

“There’s no good or bad for them. There is only one thing in their mind - completing their mission.” Li Qiye said.

“What the hell?!” More experts have finally arrived and noticed the dead army.

“So many fiends…” Another said.

“How can they still march like this? What power is controlling them? This is nothing short of a miracle, we should capture one for research.” An Eternal became curious.

He actually took action and reached for one of the soldiers.

“Pluff!” Five soldiers from the army broke off to form a small formation. Five spear thrust towards the Eternal with lightning speed.

“How impudent!” The Eternal summoned his treasures to attack the five.

Alas, he was still underestimating the group. The five spears instantly pierced through his defensive lines.

“Ah!” He had five new holes in his body. Blood dripped down the cold spear tips.

“Boom!” His corpse fell down. The ground became stained with his blood while the five soldiers returned to their position.

They continued marching just like before. The entire killing process was automatic, precise, and swift. They were clearly made for war.

“So strong.” The crowd was intimidated.

“Just those five are enough to kill all of you in the blink of an eye.” The bull gave them the side-eye.

“Let’s go!” They turned pale and decisively left this place.

“What a legion. I think it is stronger than Sky Pass Legion.” Holyfrost commented in astonishment.

“Yes, Sky Pass Legion is no match in an all-out brawl on an open field. The wall is the key there.” Li Qiye said.

“It's over for Immortal Lineage without the wall…” Holyfrost had this realization.

This dead army must have a reason for being here. If they were to march against Sky Pass…

“The dead can’t take down Sky Pass so no need to worry about that. You should be afraid of the living instead, only powerful living beings can take down the wall.” Li Qiye shook his head.

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