Chapter 3000: Liu Sanqiang Again

The speaker was a merchant - Liu Sanqiang.

“How do you know all of this?” Someone asked since he looked weak and insignificant.

“Haha, I, Liu Sanqiang, am good at three things - eating, doing errands perfectly, and being trustworthy. Gentlemen, would you like to buy an embark pass? This is a rare opportunity, don’t miss it.”

“Embark pass? First time I’ve heard of this. What is it?” Many ancestors were interested.

“It is exactly what it sounds like, hehe, but to put it frankly, it is used for running. For example, when you wish to get off this ship, we can set up a time, or not, it doesn’t matter. Basically, when you want to leave, I will be there to take you away. Of course, the price is negotiable, relative to the level of danger.”

“Embark pass, huh…” People liked this name since it sounded better than “escape pass”.

Naturally, some didn’t believe him due to his appearance, thinking that he was a scammer.

Thus, not a single soul bought a pass from him.

“Embark pass, only one for sale today so please hurry, there’s no second chance. Don’t miss this opportunity and be filled with regrets in the Yellow River.” Sanqiang shouted as loud as possible.

“Look, Fiercest is over there.” Something else was attracting everyone’s attention.

It turned out that Li Qiye’s group didn’t get far. They seemed to be going on a stroll, not scouting this expedition ship.

“Hey, brat, come over here, now!” The bull heard Sanqiang and gestured for him to come over.

Sanqiang’s expression soured after seeing this group. Alas, he had no choice but to acquiesce.

“What’s going on, Sirs…?” Sanqiang had a smile that was uglier than if he were crying.

Of course, only the bull bothered to tease him. Li Qiye focused on feeling the ship instead.

Sanqiang was right. This expedition ship acted as an independent world with its own celestial system.

Thus, Fire Ancestor wasn’t just riding a ship into Uncrossable Expanse. They controlled an entire world to get there.

“Brat, aren’t you selling an embark pass? How much?” The bull smiled deviously.

“Sirs, I only have one, just one. It’s not right for your group.” Sanqiang still had the same painful expression.

Li Qiye took his entry ticket last time and didn’t pay him a single coin.

“What? You think we can’t afford it?” The bull glared at him.

“Of, of course not! Your group is as wealthy as can be, paying a billion isn’t a problem, a completely insignificant amount. I would never dare to think of such a thing.” Sanqiang immediately flattered before murmuring to himself: “But still didn’t pay for the ticket last time…”

“What did you say?” The bull said aggressively as if wanting to make mincemeat out of Sanqiang.

“I didn’t say anything.” He replied with haste.

“Okay, stop bullying him.” Li Qiye shook his head and joined in: “You got enough from me already, be content and stop selling tickets.”

“You’re right, Sir, my mistake.” Sanqiang seemed more respectful towards Li Qiye than the bull.

“Brat, are you treating him differently because he got money? You’re looking down on me?” The bull became unhappy.

“Of course not, my respect for you is as unending as the current of a great river. You are the king of Sacred Mountain, the lord of the ages, no one can compare to you…” Sanqiang immediately went to work.

The bull seemed satisfied and nodded repeatedly. It eventually said: “However, I am buying this ticket of yours.”

“Sir, you don’t need this ticket at all. Just one stomp of yours is enough to move anywhere. Nothing can ever hold you back.” Sanqiang begged for forgiveness.

“No, it’s not for me. It’s for my disciple.” The bull gestured at the girl sitting on his back.

“Well…” Sanqiang stared at Liu Yanbai and hesitated.

“Sir, aren’t you here? The lady will be perfectly fine under your protection and won’t need a ticket.” He smiled wryly.

“Haha, you didn’t specify a time limit to the ticket. She can use it in the next three million years if she wants to.” The bull laughed.

“Sir, I’m afraid I will be nothing more than dust after three million years.” Sanqiang didn’t expect this.

“That’s okay, your clan will still be around to carry it out. Name the price now.” The bull said.

Don’t underestimate the bull. It was probably richer than any dao system.

“...” Sanqiang didn’t dare to say the price.

“Make it free.” Li Qiye chimed in again.

“Fr-free?!” Sanqiang started stammering in response: “Sir, that’s, that’s funny.”

“I’m not joking around, it will be free.” Li Qiye asserted.

“Sir, remember, I have family members to take care of. We’re barely getting by with my little earning, giving it for free will starve us.” Sanqiang put on a pitiful expression.

“That’s fine, starve then.” Li Qiye said: “Business is always about making a profit but there are exceptions where morality comes into play. The stonecarvers contributed greatly to Immortal Lineage, and Bao Pu, in particular, is the first vanguard who blew away the fog and mist. This is a merit that should never be forgotten, so look at this girl again, should the ticket be free or not? Do the right thing to not ruin your shop’s reputation.”

His voice was calm but this definitely was a criticism.

Sanqiang stood in a daze, unable to respond.

“Brat, did you hear him? The bull became serious, no longer messing around.

Sanqiang regained his wits and took a deep breath. He bowed towards Li Qiye and said: “Thank you for your guidance, Sir. I’ve memorized these words and we will not forget about morality even when doing business. Please forgive me for my shallowness.” 

Having said that, he took out an old badge and presented it to Liu Yanbai with both hands: “This badge is a token of my sincerity and can be considered the embark pass. You can use it whenever you want.”

His solemn expression indicated the preciousness of this badge.

Liu Yanbai didn’t dare to take it. She glanced over at Li Qiye then her master, waiting for their direction.

“Take it.” Li Qiye nodded.

“Mmm, that’s more like it, brat. At least you still have a little conscience and know where to stop.” The bull agreed.

Yanbai finally accepted the badge from Sanqiang.

“Let’s go.” Li Qiye waved his sleeve and stopped picking on Sanqiang.

“Sirs, remember, I’ll be around if you ever need an errand boy or have some business to do.” Sanqiang smiled and ran away with haste.

“Haha, the brat learns quick.” The bull shook its head.

“Embark pass, just one! Don’t miss this chance!” Sanqiang started advertising to the other experts.

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