Chapter 2998: Expedition Ship

Supreme Emperor’s clothes were ragged; his hair a disorderly mess. Some blood stained his upper robe, who knows if it was his or someone else’s?

He clearly fought a fierce battle on that ship. Moreover, his foe was strong enough to put up more than a good fight.

This made people take a deep breath. Everyone knew about his power.

Some said that he had eleven palaces; others said twelve. Moreover, he came from High Sun Pavilion and should have incredible treasures. This meant that he should be far stronger than his peers at the same cultivation level.

Nonetheless, he looked so beaten after just a short battle and needed to escape. Just how powerful was this enemy?

Fear, curiosity, and wild imagination occupied the crowd’s mind.

They stared at him, hoping to hear an answer.

“Dao Brother.” Holyfrost Emperor came over while remaining prudent, afraid that the thing inside the ship might come here.

Strange enough, it retreated to the hold as the ship continued to drift away.

“It’s not looking good. I need to see Sir Yinxi and prepare for the worst.” Supreme answered vaguely before running off to see Tai Yinxi.

He was a disciple trained by several masters in High Sun Pavilion. Thus, his knowledge and power far exceeded ordinary people. Alas, the thing inside still instill dread upon him.

“Activate all lines of defense on the wall.” After their conversation, Tai Yinxi sent out another official command for all units to man their post.

Sky Pass entered a state of war with a permeating fierce atmosphere.

“Something big is happening.” Everyone knew that Sky Pass was the first line of defense for Immortal Lineage.

In the case of invaders or something else from Uncrossable Expanse, Sky Pass would be the first place attacked.

They haven’t mobilized for so many years. Thus, this battle-ready state indicated the gravity of the situation.

“So what was inside?” The crowd stared at the ship from High Sun with great curiosity and fear.

Unfortunately, Supreme Emperor didn’t want to reveal this and went to see Tai Yinxi instead.

Of course, it must be something dreadful to intimidate these two.

Many big shots started leaving Sky Pass. They needed to prepare for the worst as well. Their system and sect must have the right strategy, just in case.

“Haha, the calamity is coming. Run now when you still have time. Of course, it’s all meaningless anyway.” The bull laughed and gloated at these big shots.

People noticed that it was standing on the wall with a girl on its back. These two were staring at the floating wreckage.

The bull seemed to be amused, not worried at all. It was one of the few capable of escaping the calamity if necessary.

As for the inexperienced Liu Yanbai, she didn’t know how serious it was just yet. Her eyes brimmed with curiosity while staring ahead.

Of course, everyone knew this bull by now. It was together with Fiercest and wasn’t one to be trifled with. Thus, no one dared to talk back despite their annoyance.

“Master, is the thing on that ship very powerful?” Liu Yanbai asked.

“It’s not much. Far weaker than your master, far weaker, haha!” The bull laughed.

It didn’t care for these floating ships and only paid attention to the depth of Uncrossable Expanse. A flash of anxiety could be seen in its eyes.

It knew that the monsters on these ships were nothing. The real threat was coming from deeper inside Uncrossable Expanse.

A few thought that it was bragging about its power but kept their mouth shut out of fear towards this petty beast.

“Senior, do you know what is happening?” Holyfrost came over and bowed her head.

The bull naturally enjoyed being revered by a high-status emperor. It looked at her and said: “What else can it be but a calamity? Little girl, run back to Academy of Light. Ninety percent of Immortal Lineage will fall but not your academy. You’re lucky enough to have a protector.”

It kindly pointed out the right path for her, a rare showing of kindness.

“I’ll keep that in mind, what about Dao Brother Li?” She looked around and didn’t see Li Qiye.

“Haha, I got no clue where the brat is but don’t rely on him though. He’s not interested in your academy and will leave eventually.” The bull shrugged.

Holyfrost sighed and didn’t say anything else. Nothing could be better if Li Qiye were to preside in their academy as a lord. Unfortunately, their humble abode couldn’t keep a dragon like him.

Just imagine, powerful cultivators like Metalkin War God, Brightking Buddha, and Violet Dragon Empress were willing to join the academy as students. They might not learn that much at the academy due to their already high level. Nonetheless, they still accepted this status and stayed in her system.

This wasn’t the case for Li Qiye. In her opinion, he didn’t give a damn about the academy in the slightest.

“Look, another large ship!” A spectator noticed something during this ominous time.

People stopped pondering and looked up. They saw a massive ship among the floating wreckage.

“It’s huge.” Someone said with astonishment. It was so many times larger than the ones from Sky High and High Sun.

“It looks so familiar.” A person thought that he had seen it before but couldn’t remember the place.

However, someone stared back at Sky Pass and screamed: “Isn’t, isn’t this the auction house of Arrogance Enterprise!?”

“What?” Everyone looked over and sure enough, the auction house over yonder was still there. It didn’t move an inch from the spot.

However, this gigantic ship looked virtually identical.

“What’s going on, why is Arrogance Enterprise floating out of Uncrossable Expanse?” Confusion struck the crowd.

“I can’t believe how similar they are.” Another thought they were seeing things.

“It’s not the auction house, it’s the expedition ship of Fire Ancestor.” An older ancestor turned pale and murmured: “Damn it all, damn it all… even Fire Ancestor’s ship is floating back…”

“Fire Ancestor’s ship? What’s going on? Did Arrogance Enterprise build this ship?” A youth became curious.

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