Chapter 2997: Ghosts In The Ship

The warship from Skyhigh quietly floated like a specter in space.

The atmosphere became solemn due to the bizarre circumstances. People could only watch the ship and the nearby wreckage move towards Sky Ruins.

In the back were more broken ships but none was on the same level as the one from Skyhigh. They were heavily damaged in comparison.

Even a fool could see that they weren’t abandoned and eventually floated out here.

They have suffered terrible onslaughts, eventually crumbling - the signs of a monstrous battle.

Remember, the ones riding the ships used to be progenitors, emperors, and Everlastings.

They were nowhere to be found now. Were they killed in battle or did they successfully escape?

The latter was acceptable but people didn’t even dare to think about the former possibility due to the terrible implications.

“It’s not looking good.” Holyfrost True Emperor spoke.

The mightiest group in Sky Pass observed with a heavy heart. They could feel a storm rising soon enough.

“So there are ghosts in there?” One spectator wondered after hearing the screams earlier.

Everyone felt a chill coursing down their spine.

“Ghosts don’t exist. People only mistake a few bizarre phenomena or grudgeful intents as ghosts.” A powerful Eternal scowled.

Nevertheless, the crowd still felt unrest. Something seemed to be bothering them and there was no way to calm down.

“Look, another large ship!” A spectator pointed upward.

Sure enough, another ship comparable to the previous appeared.

This one was even more perfect with very few damages on the hull and still had flashing runes. Though this defensive barrier has been broken through, it still managed to protect the ship.

The ship looked relatively new compared to the previous ones. There was a big difference between this one and the one from Skyhigh.

The latter was clearly a warship meant for battle. On the other hand, this one looked like a royal ship with towering pavilions on deck - looking splendorous and noble.

A ship like this should be used for an emperor traveling across his kingdom.

“That… that’s a ship from High Sun Pavilion…” The emblem on the side was finally recognized.

“Impossible!” The first reaction was disbelief.

Once the ship got close enough, the weaker cultivators finally got a good look.

“Yes, he’s right… it is from High Sun.” One ancestor confirmed.

No one could refute the clear evidence any longer. This ship was indeed from this great power. None was stupid enough to pretend to be them.

The group near Supreme Emperor started staring at him. He has been watching the entire time as well.

His eyes flashed with great divinity; the rays materialized into something tangible. This was an attempt to search the ship.

People had trouble breathing now as if their heart was being gripped.

All in Immortal Lineage knew of High Sun Pavilion. It wasn’t a system but still plenty strong enough. No other systems would dare to provoke it.

In fact, it didn’t have many members, and even fewer masters were allowed to use its emblem. Even Supreme Emperor didn’t dare to say that he was a disciple from there. He only said that he was taught by a senior from that place.

Thus, whoever had a ship with this emblem clearly had a high position in High Sun Pavilion.

“Is it Gao Yang?” This question popped up.

People became afraid, not daring to face the answer. They waited for a response from Supreme Emperor.

He stared for a long time before speaking with a grave expression: “Yes, this ship is from High Sun Pavilion.”

The listeners felt as if there was something stuck in their throat - a very uncomfortable sensation stemmed from anxiety.

“However, this isn’t Gao Yang’s personal ship. It belongs to another senior.” Supreme Emperor pondered for a bit before revealing with confidence.

Everyone heaved a sigh of relief in response.

Gao Yang was one of the most brilliant progenitors in history, a member of the Decemvirate. In fact, some believed that he was among the top five.

Just think about it, even a being of this level couldn’t make it? It meant that no one else in the world could take on this danger looming in Uncrossable Expanse.

Unfortunately, some still felt the same dread. High Sun Pavilion had extremely stringent rules about those able to use its ships or emblems. Only a few masters could do so in history.

“Buzz.” Supreme True Emperor took out an imperial cauldron.

“Boom!’ A noble energy encompassed with grand dao billowed in the air.

He took one step forward and the world seemed tiny in comparison. The ones nearby felt suppressed by his pressure.

Just one step was all he needed to appear on the ship. He disappeared from sight after entering the cabin. [1]

Everyone became attentive, not wanting to miss a thing. 

Nothing seemed to be happening, not a single sound. The tension rose again as they prayed for him to find an answer.

“This cannot be!” His voice finally came from inside.

“Boom!” The entire ship shook back and forth after a loud explosion.

“Break!” The emperor roared and his aura soared upward like a True Dragon ravaging the nine firmaments.

“Rumble!” Multiple powerful forces drowned out the region.

“What’s going on?” Everyone could tell that a great battle was happening inside that ship.

“Boom!” Something broke a hole on the side of the ship. Debris flew everywhere. A second later, Supreme Emperor leaped out from the hole.

In this split second, everyone saw a massive shadow through the hole - one that could be described as a frightening devil king.

Strangely enough, this shadow didn’t chase after him and receded back to the ship hold.

The spectators tried their best to calm down while Supreme Emperor was returning.

He landed in Sky Pass, looking to be in a sorry state.

1. I actually don’t want Supreme to die. He seems like a chill guy

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