Chapter 2996: Ghost Ships

The ships and broken pieces definitely belonged to the top masters who have entered Uncrossable Expanse in the past.

This realization frightened the crowd, causing them to think about the possibilities.

They had no idea what happened to these masters or their experiences in the expanse. However, the worse outcomes seemed more likely given the appearance of these broken ships.

“Where are the progenitors?” One person quietly asked.

None here could answer him. All had a look of confusion. The creepiest thing that not a single master could be seen, not even a corpse.

“This is truly bizarre.” An older Eternal shuddered.

Just imagine, there’s a chance that something bad has happened to these top masters. Ordinary folks like them would stand zero chance.

“So what’s actually inside Uncrossable Expanse? Could these dangerous things come down to our world?” An expert broke the silence and made it even worse.

The first meteor seemed to be a sign of what to come - the dangers looming in Uncrossable Expanse.

So many emperors and progenitors have fallen to them, or so it seemed. Could the current Immortal Lineage muster enough force to stop it?

People weren’t so sure, not even the Everlastings.

Supreme, Holyfrost, and Tai Yinxi had a solemn expression. They knew that a calamity might descend at any moment now.

“Don’t be nonsensical.” An older ancestor said: “Progenitors are invincible. So many brilliant warriors have gone there - Gao Yang, Sword Saint, and the ultimate army of Fire Ancestor. Even the legendary Zither Empress has done so as well. The dangers there couldn’t have stopped them. In fact, let’s not even bring the emperors and Everlastings into this. Just the progenitors alone were enough to sweep through the ages. The first of them all, Bao Pu, the brilliant Gao Yang, or the miracle of the ages, Five Element Progenitor. Then we got top masters like Sacred Spirit Ancestor and Sword Saint too.” 

“Just think about it, how could these progenitors be stopped?” A different senior immediately chimed in.

These comments seemed to calm people down.

Unfortunately, these seniors themselves didn’t believe their own words too much. They simply didn’t know if the progenitors were actually alive there.

“Look! Look at that ship!” Another person shouted.

Everyone saw a massive ship coming out of Uncrossable Expanse. It was an actual complete ship unlike the damaged ones before.

It clearly had powerful defensive blessings and barriers before. Unfortunately, they have been taken down. It had holes and visible damages as well despite maintaining the general frame. It seemed to still be operational.

Numerous more broken pieces floated out alongside this ship. It looked like a mountain floating in space in a silent and creepy manner just like a haunted ship.

“That’s a battleship from Skyhigh.” A keen-eyed spectator noticed the ship’s insignia.

“Really?” Most couldn’t tell because it was from so long ago.

“Yes, this warship is indeed from Skyhigh, it should be a first-generation ship.” An old Eternal took a careful look and confirmed.

“Elder Du, is that your system’s warship?” A big shot from this system just happened to be in Sky Pass.

Skyhigh was a powerful system with a long history in Immortal Lineage.

“Yes, a first-generation ship.” This ancestor named Du nodded after taking a look: “According to our records, our progenitor entered Uncrossable Expanse with three True Emperors, six Everlastings, and more than one thousand True Gods.”

“That’s a mighty team.” Many exchanged glances after hearing this.

Nervousness returned to the spectators since the mighty team was nowhere to be found, only their warship.

“Where is the progenitor?” Someone said softly. Of course, everyone was wondering about the same thing.

“Come, let’s go take a look.” The ancestor from Skyhigh leaped to the sky along with his fellow disciples.

“Will there be anything inside?” A curious soul asked while watching.

Everyone stared at the warship with bated breath, wanting to know the answer.

“Not good!” A cry came from inside the warship along with battle commotions.

“Ahh!” Screams emanated before a deadly silence took over.

“What the hell?!” Someone on the ground shouted while using their heavenly gaze.

The ship continued to float without any new development.

The rest exchanged glances, not knowing what happened inside that ship.

“What is in there…” Those who knew that this ancestor from Skyhigh was very powerful. Alas, the guy appeared to be dead now.

“I refuse to believe this. Let’s go.” An Epoch Eternal finally took charge and roared.

Several other Eternals followed suit and landed on the warship.

“Rumble!” Battles ensued within.

“It’s fucking haunted!” A loud cry on purpose could be heard back all the way back to Sky Pass.

“Haunted?” The listeners on the ground didn’t understand.

“Ahhh!” Waves of agonizing screams came again before silence ensued.

“Shit! Shit! What’s actually happening?!” Panic took over.

Two groups have entered the warship but not a single person has returned, only screams. 

Sky Pass became silent, overwhelmed with confusion and anxiety.

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