Chapter 2995: Things From Uncrossable Expanse

Sky Pass was peaceful while Li Qiye was inside its source to refine his weapon. Many big shots were still lingering around, such as Supreme and Holyfrost True Emperor.

Unfortunately, this peace was short-lived.

“Look, over there, what the hell is that?” An astonished person pointed towards Uncrossable Expanse.

The crowd nearby became alarmed and followed the direction of his finger.

In the beginning, many didn’t see clearly at all. Some didn’t notice a thing.

“There’s nothing, what are you shouting for?” One complained.

“Look carefully, it’s flying out of Uncrossable Expanse. Don’t you see the black dot?” The one issuing the warning pointed again.

Many activated their heavenly gaze and finally saw it - a plank that has been cut into two halves. Only one side was floating towards Immortal Lineage; the other side seemed to be gone.

“It’s only a plank, why act so shocked?” A few people didn’t think about the implication.

However, one big shot nearby immediately said: “Only a plank? How many things have left Uncrossable Expanse outside of that meteor before?”

This reminder woke everyone up. They started glancing at each other in confusion.

The guy was right, nothing has ever come out of the expanse outside of the previous expanse. This seemed to be a special occurrence. The nervousness from the previous ominous event still remained.

So many powerful beings have entered in history, only to disappear and never to be seen again. No person or item ever came out of this place.

Common sense from experience eventually dictated that nothing would come out from Uncrossable Expanse. However, the meteor that nearly smashed into Sky Pass broke this belief.

Right now, the broken plank also instilled the same fear.

“Something else will happen?” One Eternal said with a heavy heart because of this ominous sign.

“Look, another thing is floating out!” Another person shouted.

Sure enough, the crowd saw more debris flying out from the expanse - broken planks and random pieces of metals…

No one could tell what they were right away due to the damage suffered and the archaic styles…

However, after a long while, some still came up with different conclusions.

“This, this looks like a shipwreck…” A half-step Everlasting claimed with uncertainty.

“A wreck?” People exchanged glances.

“Hmm, many emperors and progenitors used ships to go there, right?” Someone quietly said.

Everyone’s expression sank after hearing this. Remember, so many powerful beings have entered; their fate unknown.

Now, the debris from a potential wreck was floating out of Uncrossable Expanse. This certainly made minds wander.

“Maybe it’s a ship from one of them?” Another said.

This filled the crowd with dread even more. In history, these powerful beings rarely traveled alone into the expanse.

Even some progenitors came with groups - not with their legions but their most powerful generals or other emperors and Everlastings.

In short, these expedition groups were extremely powerful, certainly strong enough to sweep through Immortal Lineage.

If the speculation was true, then what happened to these powerful masters? Where were they right now?

“Don’t be so shocked.” One crowd member said: “A ship will eventually break after being overused. And, it’s just a ship. They can’t use one ship forever.”

“Right, maybe they made it to shore and abandoned these ships. They floated out of Uncrossable Expanse by themselves, broken.” A different expert added.

This deduction made sense as well. However, it seemed optimistic as if they were trying to make themselves feel better.

Alas, more and more people became unrest and filled with doubts.

“Look, more!” A shouter attracted the attention of the crowd.

Numerous pieces were flying out now. They were large enough for the spectators to tell what they were - the keel or a side of a ship.

“There, a complete one!” A smaller-sized boat finally came out, seemingly torn asunder by a powerful force, evident by the uneven rifts and broken spots.

More and more debris continued to leave Uncrossable Expanse. Meanwhile, the crowd held their breath; their mind overwhelmed with darkness.

These broken pieces didn’t flow down to Sky Pass. They were heading for Sky Ruins.

All the big shots in Sky Pass have noticed this event, including Supreme True Emperor and the young geniuses.

Commander Tai Yinxi received news and climbed up the observatory for a better look. His expression became serious.

“All units, return to your position. Recall the members on holiday.” Tai Yinxi immediately sent an official order.

“So what the hell is going on?” Everyone in Sky Pass became tense by this development.

As time passed, the bigger ships could be seen now. Some had the same outlines as the past.

“That one over there… it looks like it is from Eight Treasure System.” An Eternal quietly said.

This ship was large enough to accommodate hundreds of people. Alas, only one-half of it remained as if someone had severed it.

“What makes you say that?” One spectator didn’t notice anything.

“Look closer at the railing, there’s an insignia that looks like the one from Eight Treasure.” The Eternal elaborated.

There was indeed a faint insignia carved there but since so much time had passed, they couldn’t really confirm.

“In the past, Eight Treasure had an amazing Everlasting reaching the Fardao level. He led a group of masters into the expanse.” A cultivator versed in history said.

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