Chapter 2994: Refinement

These runic flames were as far as the eye can see. Perhaps this species originated from this place alone. Their squirming and wiggling were truly creepy, especially those right beneath one’s feet. Who knows how long this thick layer extended down below? 

The sensation of standing on a million worms could be too much to take for the weak-hearted. Overwhelming nausea and trembling would take over.

However, after getting used to their presence, people would feel especially comfortable.

This flame species was extremely rare and to a certain extent, also very domineering.

Alas, they didn’t give off a hot temperature in the slightest. It felt as if people were walking on a nice, sandy beach instead. 

The soft and refreshing sensation made a stroll very comfortable. These flames seemed so tangible, unlike other fire species. A soft elasticity would bounce each step back.

Li Qiye enjoyed this feeling the whole way. He seemed to become one with this “dead” land. It didn’t take long before these runes covered him from top to bottom.

This special type of flame was actually alive. They could sense animosity and distaste, staying far away as a result.

However, when someone actually liked them, they would also become very familiar and stick to that person. Li Qiye was a good example of this.

Of course, they didn’t linger on him forever and came in waves instead. They would climb up the front then go down on his back. From the distance, it would look like red mud was flowing around him. 

Say, if this land was a river, then Li Qiye was an immovable rock at the bottom - taking in the currents for ages.

From a near perspective, it would look like worms were crawling around him. This was enough to make one's hair stand on ends.

In this process, Li Qiye didn’t hate the flames and vice versa. They didn’t consider him an outsider or an invader.

This process was harmony incarnated, fusing to be one grand dao.

He walked for a long time before reaching his destination - a massive mountain with flames crawling down.

After reaching the top, he found that it resembled a volcano. The flames gushed out of the mouth like lava - enough to drown out the entire world.

Naturally, the sight of worms crawling out of what seems to be their nest was awfully creepy. It also made people curious about the actual size of this volcano. How many “eggs” were down there? Perhaps the nest consisted of everything underground, hence the endless number of Squirms.

“This is the power source of Sky Pass. The runic flames empower the wall for many eras now.” Li Qiye said with a smile while standing at the top.

There was a reason why the ancestors of Immortal Lineage chose the wildland as the base for Sky Pass. The flame source here allowed for Sky Pass to stay the same across history.

Li Qiye sat down and released an item into the hole.

It flashed brightly as if something inside wanted to break out. The moment it fell down, numerous flames rushed upward.

It became covered with numerous layers of Squirms. This process showed no sign of stopping. It became larger and larger in the shape of a fireball.

“Buzz.” One could hear a burning noise. Perhaps it was melting away.

The actual content was being exposed and came the sound of gales and thunder along with a terrifying divinity.

This divinity actually came from the high heaven itself, capable of murdering the gods and emperors.

Li Qiye was satisfied with this aura since it was exactly what he wanted.

“Time to create a suitable weapon.” He smiled while watching the unraveling process.

This thing had a frightening origin and Li Qiye hasn’t refined it until now.

It was taken from the Jilin Clan, a black boulder that fell back down after the expedition of Nightfall Immortal Monarch.

Later on, the experts from the Jilin had no idea what it was. They researched it for a long time to no avail. However, they still knew that it would be very useful.

Eventually, Li Qiye took it away from the clan. He used a supreme technique to burn away the rocky layer of this thing to reveal its true form, still shrouded by a blinding radiance.

Unfortunately, to craft this thing required immense efforts and certain conditions.

Li Qiye came to this place in order to borrow the boundless runic flame of life to craft an ultimate weapon.

It was time for him to go so he needed a powerful and durable weapon - one that exceeds all else. This was no small feat but Li Qiye had complete confidence.

The melting process was near completion so Li Qiye took out his Myriad Cauldron.

“Poof!” He activated it and placed the thing inside.

Something miraculous occurred. The runic flames also crawled into the cauldron and turned into a regular fire in order to refine this thing.

A million volcanoes seemingly exploded at once inside as more and more Squirms made their way inside to strengthen the cauldron’s fire.

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