Chapter 2993: Runic Flame of Life

“Clank!” The tiny tiger tally suddenly changed into a shiny golden brick.

Most cultivators would mistake it for the gold currency used in the mortal realm. However, a meticulous spectator would see minuscule runes engraved on the brick, seemingly part of it since the start.

Li Qiye smiled and placed it into a gap on the wall.

Though this wall was high enough to reach the sky, it was still made of numerous rocks and boulders. Thus, it had plenty of gaps, more than enough to place this brick inside.

“Buzz.” The gap exuded strands of golden light, akin to the opening of a treasure grove. People couldn’t help wanting to crawl inside for a better look.

A heatwave also rushed out as if there was a cauldron inside intending on melding the golden brick.

However, the brick wasn’t the only thing being melted; so did the rocks nearby. The brighter the light, the higher the temperature. The rocks around this gap couldn’t handle the heat.

They glowed pink then eventually red like molten metal. Next came the liquefaction process. The rocks became liquid but didn’t flow downward, still maintaining their original shape.

Finally, the process was finished and the melted rocks slowly took the form of an arched gate.

One could still see the lava in the center as if through the gate was a world of lava. Entering would end up with the person being drowned and burnt to ashes.

Li Qiye smiled and walked into the gate. “Buzz.” Sure enough, the lava drowned him entirely.

Strangely enough, the lava gate cooled down at an unbelievable pace. The rocks then returned to their original shape. The gate was no longer there.

If one didn’t witness this transformation process, they would never know about the gate’s existence. 

Meanwhile, Li Qiye on the other side wasn’t burnt to ashes. On the contrary, he felt quite refreshed.

The moment he walked out of the lava, he saw a massive continent capable of shouldering three thousand worlds and countless galaxies.

One could still feel the immensity of the land despite standing on top - enough to shoulder all powers and weight.

Alas, the place seemed to be a barren land devoid of any vegetation. It had a dark red hue, seemingly scorched to nothingness.

The surface still had a high temperature almost like a street being assaulted by the sun for a long time. Walking barefoot would lead to injuries.

Li Qiye chuckled and continued slowly, attempting to feel the power of this land.

This was a pure power brimming with righteousness. It belonged to the affinity but didn’t possess its impetuous temperament. On the contrary, it felt quite gentle.

The ground beneath him actually moved. A few things started climbing up his feet.

Shock would be the first reaction after looking down. There were thousands of worms trying to climb up. The faster his movement, the more squirming and wiggling worms could be found.

It turned out that the entire place was covered with these creatures looking like millipedes. They were around the size of a thumb.

This continent spanned for billions of miles yet these strange creatures covered every inch of the land.

This was a world of millipedes. A coward stuck in this place would cower on the ground in fear.

“Quite substantial.” Li Qiye wasn’t afraid at all and was actually enjoying this, evident by a pleasurable moan due to the sensation beneath.

The layer of millipedes was actually quite deep - most likely hundreds of feet. Or maybe, this entire continent was made up of these creatures.

One made it to Li Qiye’s palm now. He chuckled and took a closer look.

It didn’t have flesh and blood and despite its grotesque appearance, it was made of flame. 

These creatures and their tentacles consisted of tiny fire runes. This applied for every single one found here. They seemed to be living as independent entities.

This mystical phenomenon broke the conventional characters of flames.

“Squirm.” Li Qiye placed this flame on top of his shoulder.

The thing wiggled around playfully. Meanwhile, its brethren beneath also felt something and hastened their ascension.

“Squirm” was the name of these flames - a type rarely seen in any other place. Only here would there be so many of them.

No one would think that this was a special type of flame after hearing “squirm” at first. However, they had another name - Runic Flame of Life. Of course, very few knew of this name.

Squirm was accurate because these things crawled around like little worms. As for the other title, it clearly indicated the special and peerlessness of this flame.

Sky Pass was built on the wildland and lasted so long due to many factors. For example, old and precious metals and stones on top of blessings from numerous powerful masters.

But these weren’t the most important things. The reason why it had such a powerful defensive property was due to the source of its power - these “Squirms”. This factor allowed them to withstand attacks from progenitors.

Inside this source were numerous flames of life gathering together. This resulted in an unbelievable level of power, allowing Sky Pass to last for so long.

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