Chapter 2987: No Free Lunch In This World

The destruction of the two dao avatars struck the spectators like a tsunami, leaving them speechless.

The death of Master Dajue was shocking enough. Next came the two avatars. The crowd became drenched with cold sweat. Those who threw insults at him earlier felt their legs trembling.

He didn’t mind antagonizing these two by destroying their dao avatar in the slightest. Remember, Metalkin War God had the divine court behind him in addition to his entire race. It wouldn’t be an exaggeration to say that they obeyed all of his commands.

As for Brightking Buddha, he had Lankavatara Temple and numerous worshippers of Buddhism. Moreover, his personal power was nothing to sneeze at.

This meant that Li Qiye was challenging two great powers at the same time. However, he still looked so nonchalant as ever. Was this indicative of his true power?

Many stood there in a daze; some thought that they were very lucky for still being alive right now. If they had attacked earlier, they would be ashes just like the rest.

Supreme and Holyfrost True Emperor had nothing to say. His power actually exceeded their already high expectation.

“As domineering as can be…” One older character murmured.

The majority realized that “domineering” was indeed the right word to describe him. He didn’t care who his enemies were and could instantly murder after a quarrel.

“He called himself Fiercest, right? Looks like the right choice.” Another master carefully pondered and eventually said while shuddering with fear.

“Fiercest” seemed to be superior to “Billionaire Li” in every way.

“Anyone else got a brilliant opinion?” Li Qiye pulled back his hand.

Judging by his expression, it was as if he had only killed a fly or two - nothing worth mentioning.

The crowd exchanged glances. None of them could say anything right now.

Even those who were annoyed at Li Qiye didn’t dare to voice their opinion. Brightking Buddha and Metalkin War God have been made examples.

“Haha, feel free to speak, I’m sure Sir is more than willing to listen and accept your suggestions.” The bull caused more chaos.

People here weren’t idiots and didn’t take it seriously.

“Okay then, I see that everyone is happy without any complaint.” Li Qiye smiled and nodded.

The only one unaffected was Rui Qingxuan. Even Tai Yinxi was shocked, aware that his full power wouldn’t have been able to stop Li Qiye.

Prior to this, Tai Yinxi was being considerate after seeing the bull and the goddess’ attitude towards him. He knew that Li Qiye should be extremely strong, the only way to earn the respect of these two. Nevertheless, he didn’t have an exact idea until now.

The guy had left a deep impression on him even though he was a Supreme Everlasting.

In his opinion, Li Qiye was definitely on the same level as Luminous Master or considerably stronger.

Just imagine, an unknown youth appearing out of nowhere with so much strength... Tai Yinxi was justifiably startled.

“Okay, Commander, let’s talk about this boulder now?” Li Qiye turned his attention towards Tai Yinxi.

“I’m all ears, Young Noble Li.” Tai Yinxi bowed again. This gesture came from the heart this time because Li Qiye was powerful. It had nothing to do with the goddess and the bull.

“It’s very simple. I don’t need this boulder and will help you open it. However, there is no free lunch in this world. I need something else from you.” Li Qiye smiled.

Of course, the crowd thought that nothing would be better if Li Qiye didn’t want this boulder.

“May I ask what it is that you want? I will not refuse if it is within my capabilities.” Tai Yinxi responded right away.

“No rush, I’ll let you know then. Just nod if you agree.” Li Qiye said.

“Well…” Tai Yinxi hesitated due to a lack of transparency.

What if he couldn’t give Li Qiye what the guy wanted? For example, his life, Sky Pass, or demands like this.

He turned towards the goddess, hoping for guidance.

“Commander, if Young Noble Li truly wants something, I’m sure he doesn’t need to negotiate with you since he can just take it. The fact that there is a conversation shows that he has no ill-will. This is his showing respect towards you.” She said.

Her comment woke him up. He realized that this was indeed the truth since he had no chance of opposing this unfathomable person.

“Well said, well said.” Li Qiye clapped while laughing: “So smart, I like you more and more.”

“Thank you, Dao Brother.” Qingxuan remained cool and elegant.

The geniuses no longer dared to say anything after seeing this type of flirting between these two. They could only let jealousy and envy churn inside while gritting their teeth.

“So? I’m losing my patience.” Li Qiye asked.

“If that’s the case, then please open this boulder for the sake of the world. I am willing to hand over anything you want with both hands.” Tai Yinxi took a deep breath and bowed. He was aware that this was the only course of action to take.

“You’re not too stupid.” Li Qiye chuckled.

“Thank you, Young Noble.” Tai Yinxi shuddered, realizing that Li Qiye would have taken it by force if he were to refuse earlier.

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