Chapter 2986: Easy Crushing

He rendered the crowd speechless and instilled fear upon them after staying true to his word - killing the monk in one move.

How many among them could actually do this? Maybe not even Tai Yinxi. The only other person was most likely Five Element Goddess.

Those who disrespected him earlier were more frightened than anyone else. They knew that they weren't close to being as strong as Master Dajue. Thus, the result was obvious if they had attacked him.

Xu Xiaojin sighed after seeing this. There was nothing she could do.

They were from the same branch and system. Moreover, Master Dajue had indeed inherited their progenitor’s grand dao. She naturally didn’t want a fellow sect member to die in this manner.

Unfortunately, he was courting death since Li Qiye had warned them before. Her senior brother was simply too stubborn.

She knew that everything was over once Li Qiye made up his mind. No one would be able to stop him; they would just be throwing their lives away as well.

“Monster!” The dao avatar of Metalkin War God interrupted the silence. Its eyes turned chilling with an explosion stemming from a hundred thousand suns. A terrible tsunami of energy rushed out of its eyes, assaulting Li Qiye.

Metalkin was one of the strongest emperors in contemporary times, also the most warlike!

The explosion of his grand dao intimidated the crowd. Just this dao avatar alone was impressive enough.

“You dare to kill here with wanton regards for the laws?! You are out of control!” He thunderously roared, resulting in numerous lightning flashes above.

He turned into a supreme arbiter, ready to deliver lightning bolts and judgment on any sinner.

“I am the law.” Li Qiye smiled in response, exhibiting a calmness contrasting Metalkin’s fury.

“Amitabha.” Brightking Buddha’s avatar placed its palms together and said: “Your penchant and love for murder do not benefit Immortal Lineage. Please drop your butcher blade and become a Buddha.”

“I am Buddha, so there’s no need to become one. As for you, nothing more than a fake monk with a kasaya on.” Li Qiye smiled.

“Such arrogance!” Metalkin War God became murderous: “Commander Yin, this ominous person will become a calamity! In my opinion, we cannot let him have this boulder! In fact, he should be punished!”

“Amitabha, I agree. This is for the sake of our world.” Brightking Buddha agreed.

These two wished to maneuver against Li Qiye while the crowd held their breath.

These were two influential youths right now - one emperor and the other an Everlasting. One call from them could garner a hundred answers.

If they wanted to kill someone, their target would have no place to go in Immortal Lineage.

“I’m afraid it’s not proper.” Tai Yinxi shook his head.

“You dare to run your mouth before me with mere avatars? Today, I will destroy them then your true form later. Make your move.” Li Qiye chuckled after listening.

Metalkin’s avatar was furious. He has been unstoppable in battle; numerous trembled just from hearing his title, let alone acting haughty in front of him.

“Benefactor, so ridiculous!” Brightking Buddha shouted.

A high monk like him wasn’t easily provoked but infuriating others was Li Qiye’s forte.

“Less blabbering.” Li Qiye said: “Let’s get started now.”

He reached forward in an attempt to suppress these two with his palm. Not many would attack Brightking Buddha and Metalkin War God without any hesitation like him.

“Boom!” The grand dao became void from his pressure.

The vastness of the world and the magicalness of the myriad laws suffered destruction with no place to hide.

“My Buddha is merciful!” Brightking Buddha chanted in response. He became resplendent and turned into a massive Buddha.

“Buzz.” An ocean of Buddhist affinity emerged before his chest, wishing to push up the incoming palm before drowning altogether.

At the same time, he formed a Buddhist seal of immobilization and sent it straight at his foe.

“Rumble!” This seal could suppress the gods and destroy the devils. 

The crowd took a deep breath. Just his dao avatar alone was already so powerful. What about the actual person? Few here could actually match him.

“Clank!” Metalkin War God summoned his spear. It radiated with golden shimmers. Just one thrust could destroy a star.

“Die!” The dance of his spear tilted the sun and moon; the stars started to fall like the end of the world. One thrust could mercilessly massacre a million.

His title wasn’t just for show. The spear seemed to be the source of a heavenly fire. As it clanked back and forth, it released waves of fire towards him.

Finally, the spear itself came forward like a golden dragon swimming in the ocean, tearing everything apart with its claws.

Even the strongest emperors and True Gods would be pinned to the ground, dead.

“So strong!” Some spectators became amazed at the attacks from these two.

“No big deal.” Li Qiye didn’t care about the incoming blows.

“Boom!” The great palm exuded boundless light.

The world was within his grip. It exuded a matchless divinity, rendering all else into insignificant ants - can’t reach the apex.

“Not good!” The spectators shouted in horror once the power within the palm erupted.

“Boom!” The immobilization seal collapsed first then Brightking Buddha’s hands, inch by inch.

“Clank!” The soaring golden dragon disintegrated next. The golden spear broke to little pieces scattering to the wind.

“Rumble!” Brightking Buddha and Metalkin War God were horrified and wanted to run with haste.

Alas, there was no place to hide beneath the great palm regardless of how vast the world was.

“Boom! Boom! Boom!” The avatar of Brightking Buddha turned to golden particles, scattering away.

“Ah!” Metalkin War God used his imperial dao to fight back but it wasn’t enough to stop the palm. He crumbled and turned to particles as well.

These two avatars scattered to the wind in no time at all, leaving nothing behind.

Back in Sky Ruins, the actual Brightking Buddha and Metalkin War God became alarmed.

“Damn!” They vomited blood as a result, aware of what had happened despite being billions of miles away. Their expression turned ugly.

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