Chapter 2985: Slaying With One Move

The looks in people’s eyes started to change after hearing this genius, especially those who previously disliked him.

“Haha, that does make sense.” One person hiding in the crowd fanned the fire: “So much flowery rhetoric only to hide the fact that he’s useless and will be exposed after a try.” 

Some didn’t like this type of insult, definitely unbecoming of a gentleman. Nevertheless, they still wondered if it was the truth. After all, there was some hint of logic there.

“If you have the ability to do so, open the boulder so we all can take a look.” A genius scowled out of jealousy.

Many thought that he didn’t deserve to earn the goddess’ grace. Now that an opportunity has arisen, they jumped on it in order to embarrass him in front of her.

“Not interested.” Li Qiye ignored the taunts.

“Just do it, it’s not a big deal. A man should be heroic and at least put a little effort into making the world a better place.” Shen Guzhan coldly uttered.

“Brother Guzhan, you’re making it difficult for him. He’s using the empty-fort strategy so don’t think he’s actually capable of opening this boulder.” Someone next to him joined in. [1]

“Stop embarrassing him now. It’s not very gentlemanly of you.” Another sneered.

Li Qiye still ignored them and stared at Tai Yinxi. The old man then bowed his head towards him and said: “Young Noble, please help.”

“Sir Yinxi, there are plenty of others in the world if he doesn’t want to help. He can’t do it anyway.” An older character told Yinxi.

Both the old and young here didn’t like Li Qiye.

“Well, the heroes of the world are gathered here and none can see through a single boulder. They’re pretty good at gossiping and throwing meaningless insults though. Just an idiotic, useless bunch.”

“You!” Many became irate at this comment. They were famous characters not used to such blatant disdain.

Supreme, Holyfrost, and a few others took it with a smile. There was nothing else they could do.

“You speak as if you know how to open it.” A genius said with contempt.

“It’s only a boulder, figuring it out is as easy as eating a meal. Only an idiot like you would fail and need to resort to running your mouth at me.” Li Qiye smiled.

“So haughty.” Many didn’t buy this so they glared angrily at him.

“Who do you think you are to speak in this manner?” A big shot said.

“Even Luminous Master couldn’t open it, what makes you think you can?” Shen Guzhan scowled.

“Because I’m stronger than you all, idiots.” Li Qiye smiled.

The crowd had enough of being called “idiots”. Some would have challenged Li Qiye if the goddess wasn’t there.

“Young Noble, please start?” Tai Yinxi focused on the important thing.

“Do it, show us that you’re more than just words.” Many clamored, eager to see him in action.

“There is no free lunch in this world. If I open it, the content inside is mine. Yes?” He simply told Tai Yinxi and ignored the rest.

“Well…” Tai Yinxi found this hard to accept.

“Commander, absolutely not.” Master Dajue stood up and spoke: “If my progenitor’s prophecy is true, we definitely can’t give it to him. The item might pertain to the fate of Immortal Lineage itself, handing it to this monster will have unimaginable consequences.”

“Fool.” Li Qiye glanced at the monk and said: “In one ear and out the other. Fine, I will give you a chance to fight. One move, that’s all I need to kill you.”

“Amitabha, Benefactor, I’m not aiming at you alone, I only care for everything else beneath the firmament.” The monk wasn’t afraid.

“Make your move.” Li Qiye had enough and got out of his seat.

The crowd watched with bated breath. They didn’t like Li Qiye but also recognized his power.

“Amitabha, then I will overestimate myself and try.” Master Dajue also stood up and chanted.

A golden bell covered with runes surrounded him entirely. It seemed to be blessed by the sacred Buddhas and holy monks. 

A Buddhist radiance engulfed the area with its dao right away.

“Golden Bell Cage, an ultimate art of Heaven Calculating Kingdom.” A big shot said.

“It looks like Master Dajue has perfect mastery with it, it won’t be easy to break.” One ancestor added.

“Yes, I doubt he can do it with one move.” A genius sneered.

“Not even a twelve-palace emperor can do it in one move.” An Eternal felt the same way.

“Excuse me then, Benefactor.” Master Dajue knew that he had no chance but still didn’t relent. He formed a mudra with both hands.

“Raaa!” He roared like a furious lion.

The roar broke the stars above the pavilions. Next, his massive Buddhist seal created from the mudra exploded and turned into a golden dragon soaring straight at Li Qiye.

“Lion’s Roar and Draconic Buddha Seal!” A startled spectator shouted.

Everything became suppressed. Even someone as strong as Supreme True Emperor became serious.

Master Dajue used the three top techniques of his kingdom - Golden Bell Cage, Lion’s Roar, and Draconic Buddha Seal.

“Boom!” Another majestic force aimed straight for Li Qiye. The monk looked like a furious warrior, ready to subdue evil.

Li Qiye didn’t bat an eye. His body flashed once as he raised his hand towards the air before swinging downward, treating it as an ax.

“Boom!” The dragon got split into two halves; the seal broken.

The chopping move finally struck the golden bell and the latter instantly crumbled.

“Poof!” It then rendered the monk into a bloody mist scattering everywhere.

“Buzz.” A ray shot out from the impact, wanting to escape. This was his true fate.

Unfortunately, Li Qiye moved with lightning speed and caught it in his hand.

“Such insignificant abilities, it’s fine for you to dress up as a god and play the devil with other people, but to display your slight skill before me? Simply courting death.” Li Qiye glanced at it before closing his palm.

“Ah!” The true fate got crushed into nothingness. The teacher of the state vanished into thin air just like that.

Everyone became shocked. So many gasped and turned pale.

Master Dajue was immensely powerful. Many big shots assumed the role of a junior before him. Now, Li Qiye took him down using a single move!

1. Empty-fort has been used before - Zhuge Liang vs Sima Yi

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